Babyji Sexy surprising and subversively wise Babyji is the story of Anamika Sharma a spirited student growing up in Delhi At school she is an ace at quantum physics At home she sneaks off to her parents

  • Title: Babyji
  • Author: Abha Dawesar
  • ISBN: 9781400034567
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sexy, surprising, and subversively wise, Babyji is the story of Anamika Sharma, a spirited student growing up in Delhi At school she is an ace at quantum physics At home she sneaks off to her parents scooter garage to read the Kamasutra Before long she has seduced an elegant older divorc e and the family servant, and has caught the eye of a classmate coveted by all theSexy, surprising, and subversively wise, Babyji is the story of Anamika Sharma, a spirited student growing up in Delhi At school she is an ace at quantum physics At home she sneaks off to her parents scooter garage to read the Kamasutra Before long she has seduced an elegant older divorc e and the family servant, and has caught the eye of a classmate coveted by all the boys.With the world of adulthood dancing before her, Anamika confronts questions that would test someone twice her age Ebullient, unfettered, and introducing one of the most charming heroines in contemporary fiction, Babyji is irresistible.

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      264 Abha Dawesar
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    About “Abha Dawesar

    • Abha Dawesar

      Dawesar is a Harvard graduate who was awarded a New York Foundation of the Arts fiction fellowship She currently lives in New York City.

    247 thoughts on “Babyji

    • This is the beautifully written and intriguing story of Anamika Sharma's sexual awakening. Anamika is in her final year at school, where she is Head Prefect, a position of honour and responsibility. She has passion for her studies, particularly physics, and draws analogies between her growing self-awareness and quantum physics.India is the first of Anamika's loves. (I knew then that I would always be in her grip, because like my other India, the greater India, she had a hundred different moods.) [...]

    • Half a star!!I might as well skip reviewing this, for I don't want to admit that I ever read this one. (But I won't, because we should speak of both best and worst). The worst book I've read till date! (IMO); the writing and the character is so surface-y, that you can easily skip through the Indian references just because they're so there-just-for-the-heck-of-it. Wow! I'm totally letting my emotions (disgust) get the best of me and making those grammatical errors. So the protagonist is a physics [...]

    • So I didn't actually review this novel.Of what I remember from this book is a failed attempt at Lesbian romance, a pedophile romance, a pervert classmate and another pedophile man.I didn't like this story because of the above reasons. I give it a ".5" star.

    • Intense, funny (sometimes laugh-out-loud funny), even a little harrowing at times. What an amazing novel about a sixteen-year-old girl who has affairs with a girl in her class, her maid, and a woman her parents' age. This is not a book most American publishers would accept! And it's not something that could be written by an American in the U.S.--this is very much an Indian story, and probably even specifically a New Delhi story. Dawesar is a talented and brave writer to tackle some quite controv [...]

    • I couldn’t put down this sexy slice of modern Indian life, narrated in first person by Babyji, as she is fondly called by one of her numerous lovers: her servant. Seducing her is only one of the many ways in which this rebellious high school student defies traditional Indian mores. She also seduces an older divorcee she befriends, who she nicknames Indian after her motherland, a classmate, Sheela, who is one of the most popular and sought after girls, and her best friend’s married father, wh [...]

    • This is not a good book. It has no character development, no forward movement for our protagonist, and no point to the story. In fact, there's no plot - all the conflicts that come up are resolved within pages. The main character is a 'Mary Sue', clever enough to get through every problem, and everything turns up roses for her. She's also cruel, manipulative, and severely self-absorbed. All these are serious flaws in the story. And yet I enjoyed it. These are problems I'd usually notice. My excu [...]

    • Great writing! This is a very honest and true account of the 16-year-old mind, but it goes beyond that to the complexities of self discovery amidst the search for meaning in a world filled with inequalities. The ability to connect this to physics and chemistry just heightens the experience. My only criticism is the very end. From a literary standpoint, I get it. I see the larger picture and I see how everything that has been built-up fits into all the final events. Yet, emotionally, I felt dissa [...]

    • I loved this one. I can see from the reviews that it's controversial read, and that's understandable. There is some non-consensual sex in the book: not cool. Many readers will find this sixteen year old narrator an amoral sociopath. I did not see her that way (or rather, she is no more that way than any other teenager): she is intense, hormonal, smart, ballsy, and spontaneous. She questions everything, acts badly sometimes, feels remorse, and has moments of transcendence. All in all, totally uni [...]

    • Friends of mine love this book. I do not. It had a little too much cynicism, a little too much bending of moral fiber, as if sleeping with women dismantles all of a girl's discernment between right and wrongor maybe I just didn't like Babyji's adolescence. A kind of Catcher in the Rye goes to India, you have to love a grouchy protagonist; unlike Holden Caufield, she lacks the charm to go with the griping.

    • Babyji is like a cross between Judy Blume and the Far Pavillions (minus the 600-plus extra pages!) and tells the story of a 16-year-old's sexual awakening as a lesbian. But it's more than some lesbian novel-- it's also about India itself, where Ms. Dawesar resided. India is a lush and beautiful country, like Babyji itself. Please get a copy! The girlfriend rules!!!

    • The book is captivating and highly worth reading. The protaganist is one of the most interesting characters I have ever encountered. However, the book is also a bit disturbing, and I think the author does a terrible job handling the issue of sexual assault- I don't want to give too much away but I'm happy to share more thoughts on this if you'd like.

    • This book was wildly entertaining. It was amazing to be immersed in the Indian culture and social ordinances through the eyes and spirit of a sixteen-year-old girl. Anamika was beyond her years in one way but to ahead of herself in others. The intricacies in her maturity and sexuality in her world and views of the world is unique.

    • I picked this book up at a local bookstore on a whim. Abha is an amazing storyteller, eloquent, lyrical. Anamika is the 16 yo that I wish I was. While being a typical self-absorbed teenager, She is also philisophical, mixing lessons in science with life lessons. I can't wait to finish it and read it again, then pass it on too all my friends. I also can't wait to get ahold of more of her books.

    • The border between erotic and distasteful may be blurred for some, but you have got to admit: this girl's vocabulary and sexual appetite are impressive. It's probably never going to win any awards but I enjoyed it. It refreshed me after reading a few glum books. Bravo.

    • I loved this story. It was very different to any I had read before - the Indian setting and culture really making that difference. The only problem was the ending. I had to go online and check various reviews and page counts to make sure my copy hadn't been missing the last page!

    • Questo libro non mi è piaciuto. Forse a causa della mia mentalità occidentale, lontanissima da quella indiana, forse perchè la storia mi è sembrata un pò insulsa, non mi ha mai preso.

    • Now that I read it, I'm bummed I missed book group for this one. Anybody want to meet and talk about it? Maybe Wed. 8/1/07?

    • The old ones the book which I read years ago, so don't remember much about it but just that it's a story of a girl who is something something something.

    • It's quite a feat on the part of the author that she managed to make a story about an Indian lesbian teenage Lothario pedestrian and boring.

    • This is interesting fiction narrative style by the school going girl Anamika Sharma and her adventures. Though she is in school she refuses to be treated as a child, for her maturity psyche.

    • Daring, sensual coming-of-age story of a teenage lesbian "Humbert Humbert" in Delhi--not a very sympathetic character but an intriguing, unusual novel b/c of the daring plot.

    • A sixteen-year-old lesbian with antisocial personality disorder takes Delhi by storm in this somewhat titillating, somewhat nonsensical novel.

    • A strong, smart, independent-minded teenage girl. many ways it is her actions more than reactions that drive the plot and that's refreshing to see in a girl character.

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