My Oedipus Complex and Other Stories

My Oedipus Complex and Other Stories This Collection of Stories includes the following The GeniusMy Oedipus ComplexFirst ConfessionThe Study of HistoryThe Man of the WorldGuests of the NationMachine Gun Corps in actionSoir e Chez une Bel

  • Title: My Oedipus Complex and Other Stories
  • Author: Frank O'Connor Julian Barnes
  • ISBN: 9780141187877
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Paperback
  • This Collection of Stories includes the following The GeniusMy Oedipus ComplexFirst ConfessionThe Study of HistoryThe Man of the WorldGuests of the NationMachine Gun Corps in actionSoir e Chez une Belle Jeune FilleJumbo s WifeThe Cornet Player Who Betrayed IrelandThere is a Lone HouseNews for the ChurchThe Mad LomasneysUprootedThe Majesty of the LawThe LuceysAfter FourteenThis Collection of Stories includes the following The GeniusMy Oedipus ComplexFirst ConfessionThe Study of HistoryThe Man of the WorldGuests of the NationMachine Gun Corps in actionSoir e Chez une Belle Jeune FilleJumbo s WifeThe Cornet Player Who Betrayed IrelandThere is a Lone HouseNews for the ChurchThe Mad LomasneysUprootedThe Majesty of the LawThe LuceysAfter Fourteen YearsPeasantsThe Bridal NightA Thing of NothingMichael s WifeA Bachelor s StoryFish for FridayA Story by MaupassantIn the TrainThe CorkerysOld Age PensionersThe Long Road to UmmeraThe WreathThe Mass Island____________________________________________The story of the title, My Oedipus Complex deals with a little boy named Larry and his feelings towards his father When his father returns home from World War II, Larry is resentful and jealous of losing his mother s undivided attention, and finds himself in a constant struggle to win back her affections.If you looking for the edition of only that short story, you can find it here My Oedipus Complex.

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    • Frank O'Connor Julian Barnes

      Frank O Connor born Michael Francis O Connor O Donovan was an Irish author of over 150 works, who was best known for his short stories and memoirs Raised an only child in Cork, Ireland, to Minnie O Connor and Michael O Donovan, his early life was marked by his father s alcoholism, indebtness and ill treatment of his mother.He was perhaps Ireland s most complete man of letters, best known for his varied and comprehensive short stories but also for his work as a literary critic, essayist, travel writer, translator and biographer 5 He was also a novelist, poet and dramatist 6 From the 1930s to the 1960s he was a prolific writer of short stories, poems, plays, and novellas His work as an Irish teacher complemented his plethora of translations into English of Irish poetry, including his initially banned translation of Brian Merriman s C irt an Mhe n O che The Midnight Court Many of O Connor s writings were based on his own life experiences his character Larry Delaney in particular O Connor s experiences in the Irish War of Independence and the Irish Civil War are reflected in The Big Fellow, his biography of Irish revolutionary leader Michael Collins, published in 1937, and one of his best known short stories, Guests of the Nation 1931 , published in various forms during O Connor s lifetime and included in Frank O Connor Collected Stories, published in 1981.O Connor s early years are recounted in An Only Child, a memoir published in 1961 but which has the immediacy of a precocious diary U.S President John F Kennedy quoted from An Only Child in his remarks introducing the American commitment to land a man on the moon by the end of the 1960s Kennedy described the long walks O Connor would take with his friends and how, when they came to a wall that seemed too formidable to climb over, they would throw their caps over the wall so they would be forced to scale the wall after them Kennedy concluded, This nation has tossed its cap over the wall of space and we have no choice but to follow it 7 O Connor continued his autobiography through his time with the Abbey Theatre in Dublin, which ended in 1939, in his book, My Father s Son, which was published in 1968, after O Connor s death.

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    • من یه تک داستان عقده ادیپ من که نشر کوله پشتی منتشر کرده رو خوندم و باقی داستانهای کتاب رو نخوندم اما همین یکی خیلی عالی بوداحساس رقابت یه پسر بچه با پدرش و در نهایت اتحادشون به خاطر وارد شدن نفر سوم جالب بود واقعااین کتاب رو نشر کوله پشتی به همراه چند کتاب دیگه طی طرحی در اینست [...]

    • این کتاب شامل هفده داستان کوتاهه . بهترین داستان کتاب، داستان عقده ادیپ من بود. تا وسط های کتاب چهار داده بودم. اما الان که تمومش کردم فکر می کنم بین سه و چهار خوبه که متاسفانه گودریدز سه و نیم نداره. جالب اینجاست چنان تحت تاثیر کتاب قرار گرفته بودم که تموم نشده به دوستان فیسبوکی [...]

    • Although this book was written in 1953 it still has a lot to say about our relationships today. The short stories are about the relationships of boy and men with the females in their lives, little boys and their mothers, young adults and their problems with girlfriends and adult men and their families and friends. My two favourites are First Confession, (I could feel for the little boy facing up to his big moment) and Song Without Words, a somewhat comical lesson in following the rules. There we [...]

    • There are two books with this title--both published by Penguin. I have both. The older has fewer stories and a different selection.I found it worth getting the later volume as it contains some of O'Connor's best stories in the overlapping material. The special quality one finds in these stories is a deep compassion and understanding of the trials and joys of the ordinary person. He is a fine practitioner of the form and the warmth, sorrow and joy radiate from these pieces!

    • This collection of short stories is my first encounter with Frank O'Connor, and I know now it won't be the last. Curated by Julian Barnes, the stories are organised chronologically, the first ones centred on children, then progressing to young people, maturity and old age. Some stories are humorous (mostly the first ones), some are utterly tragic (e.g. Guests of the Nation), and those I found most poignant are those dealing with the civil war, and those to do with priesthood. In Barnes' words: T [...]

    • Frank O'Connor's wry stories about Irish childhood are staples of the Irish school syllabus, and rightly so. However, when making my way through his stories featuring adults - while at the same time re-reading a collection of William Trevor stories - I couldn't help but compare them unfavourably with the grand master, the almighty don, the Will with the quill, Billy T. He's the man for me.

    • Frank O'Connor has some hysterical classics (First Confession, My Oedipus Complex), but his stories of war and the life of low-income people in small town Ireland are also excellent.

    • My version was slightly different to that listed, with much fewer stories, but I will go ahead and leave a review here anyway (Rebel). The collection begins with a few stories centred around childhood including the title story which is the second one in my collection. Both 'The Genius' and the title story 'My Oedipus Complex' are excellent evocations of childhood. Both are also very revealing of the nature O'Connor's or O'Donovan's own childhood. In both the strong connection with the matriarcha [...]

    • اگر در عالم فقط دو انسان باقی می ماند و هر دو قدیس بودند، بی گمان نمی توانستند به خوبی و خوشی با هم" زندگی کنند، چون حتما یکی از آن دو سعی میکرد دیگری را اصلاح کند. این قاعده ی دنیاست."عقده ی ادیپ من هم بعد از تحمل مشقت های بسیار تموم شد.احتمال این که به درجه ای نرسیده باشم که بخوام [...]

    • I read the title story in college and laughed so hard all the way through. I have been searching out this story and its author for years and finally discovered it a few weeks ago in a New Yorker fiction podcast in which an author selected one of O'Connor's other stories (also wonderful) to read aloud. He mentioned in the interview afterward that he was first drawn to O'Connor because of the title of this book (he thought the "my" modifier was really impressive). It occurred to me that My Oedipus [...]

    • This title work is an hysterical and somewhat frightening insight into the issues of war and the legitimacy of convention. I have to admit although I laughed and laughed at this title story, I could also understand the perfectly expressed points of view in a serious way. For example, one day you are getting along just fine in your life with your mother and then comes this usurper! How else is a child able to understand the world? It is a delightful romp through a war torn England as seen through [...]

    • I found the boyhood stories -- "The Genius", "My Oedipus Complex", "The Study of History" and "First Confession" -- the most endearing stories in this collection. For this reader, the theme of how a child constructs the world from the pieces of information he was given is by far the most interesting challenge. Frank O'Connor handled the stories with deft briskness, staying close to good fun but not breaching into folksy sentimentalism. These stories are suitable for reading out loud to entertain [...]

    • I'm not usually a fan of short stories, much preferring the novel. But these stories are an exception. Each is a gem. They're straightforward; they're exquisite character studies; they document a by-gone provincial way of life; and each is beautifully nuanced, especially in dealing with matters of social class and standing.

    • I've read many of Frank O'Connor's stories, in a variety of collections. I could read him all day. Take the time to check him out his is the voice that Frank McCourt borrowed for "Angela's Ashes."

    • My Oedipus Complexwas an interesting story. I've never read a story that had a plot like this and it was nice to explore a child's mind this way because I believe this really happens sometimes.

    • Read this at school in the early 1980's. This was my first reading of short stories. Very enjoyable, the little boy was a delight.

    • بهترین داستانش همون عقده ادیپ من و چندتا داستان اول کتاب بود. بعد از اون کمی کسل کننده شد. من تا صفحه 200 بیشتر نخوندم.

    • My Oedipus Complex 「ぼくのエディプス・コンプレクス」は星5つにしたかったが、あとの短篇は特にどうということはない。アイルランドという国の歴史的、地理的特異性が描かれている。

    • The other master of the Irish short story. But O'Connor's tales are very different from those of William Trevor. Trevor's stories often have the feel of well-made plays. O'Connor's feel like overheard pub conversations. There's very little description or scene setting, something William Maxwell, O'Connor's editor at the New Yorker, often remarked on. The anthology staple 'Guests of the Nation' is immortal, as are his tales about children - 'The Genius', 'My Oedipus Complex'.

    • Loved rereading these short stories. Some of are fun, like those narrated by the precocious young man of the early stories. And some are poignant, like Guests of the Nation. Well worth revisiting

    • از شکست خوردن وحشتی ندارم. از رکود و واماندگی می ترسم. از این می ترسم که دیگر به چیزی اهمیت ندهم، پدرم را ببین؛ ممکن است باور نکنی من می دانم مرد باهوشی است. اما وامانده است؛ حالا امیدوار است پسرهایش رمز موفقیت را کشف کنند و دست به کارهایی بزنند که خودش از عهده آن برنیامده.

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