My Immortal

My Immortal Enoby a self proclaimed goth and a vampire falls in love with another vampire who goes by the name of Satan However their relationship is not all its cracked up to beThe story follows Ebony Way as

  • Title: My Immortal
  • Author: Tara Gilesbie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 208
  • Format: ebook
  • Enoby, a self proclaimed goth and a vampire, falls in love with another vampire who goes by the name of Satan However, their relationship is not all its cracked up to beThe story follows Ebony Way as she forms a romantic attachment to Draco Malfoy an elegant Goth in this story , in spite of her concern that he has had a relationship with Harry Vampire Potter and mEnoby, a self proclaimed goth and a vampire, falls in love with another vampire who goes by the name of Satan However, their relationship is not all its cracked up to beThe story follows Ebony Way as she forms a romantic attachment to Draco Malfoy an elegant Goth in this story , in spite of her concern that he has had a relationship with Harry Vampire Potter and may still be interested in him Voldemort, claiming to know of Ebony s relationship with Draco through telekinesis , commands her to kill Harry Various people including Hagrid and someone called Snaketail confess that they love Ebony, while Snape and Remus are pedofiles who take pictures of her Ebony begins to have precognitive visions, which are later verified Prof Sinister tells Ebony that if Voldemort had ever had people who loved him he would not have become evil, so Ebony s task is to go back in time and seduce him.Was originally posted on fanfictionCover by inspirement

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      Tara Gilesbie, aka XXXbloodyrists666XXX, is the infamous creator of My Immortal and its primary author The first 15 chapters were edited by Raven, aka bloodytearz666 It s still under debate whether or not Tara was genuine or actually trolling the fandom with her erroneous story, My Immortal Whatever her intention, she has certainly left an impression.

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    • SpoilersThere is no kind way to say this. This is complete and utter shite.This is the story of Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven TARA Way, who also goes by Enoby or Eboby. She is a Hogwarts student. Slytherin, of coarse. Because that's where all the goffs are. She is so goff that she eats Count Chocola with blood instead of milk, with another glass of blood on the side. She needs the blood because she’s a vampire and because she slits her wrists, preferably while she cries tears of blood and d [...]

    • "“I luv u TaEbory.” he whispered sexily and den we fel aspleep lol."How gorgeous is that writing? I mean damn, I'm surprised the person who wrote this isn't an international bestselling author. I wish I had that much talent. And the way they expertly wove the story was so beautiful and the characters came to life with every paragraph. You will lose yourself in this exhilarating and inspiring story of paranormal love.WHAT THE HELL AM I TALKING ABOUT?I just gave this 5 stars cause it made me p [...]

    • THE WORST FAN-FICTION STORY EVER MADE. Obviously!!I just discovered this today, and I couldn't help but think that I had lived under a rock in the fan-fiction world!! Apparently this is the worst fanfic ever and I decided to check it out. And then I decided that I didn't want to read it, so I listened to dramatic readings online.I LITERALLY LAUGHED TILL MY THROAT STARTED BLEEDING.Tara Gilesbie, you are the biggest troll on the Internet.The main character is this girl called Ebony Dark'ness Demen [...]

    • I can't. Stop. Laughing.Just some quotes for my darling friends:- "I felt a little depress then, so I slit my wrists. I read a depressing book while I waited for it to stop bleeding"- ""Then he put his thingie in my you-know-who"- ""He was so sexy that my body went all hot when I saw him kinda like an erection only I'm a girl so I didn't get one you sicko."- "My name's Harry Potter although most people call me Vampire"- "then he put his boys thingie down there and WE HAD SEX"- "he had a really b [...]

    • My Immortal. Well, what can one say about My Immortal?Yeah, that about covers it.But, seriously, this is a really fantastic, unique work of literature. It deals with really srs issuez such as addiction, clique rivalry, sexuality, depression, suicide, paedophilia, rape, and grammar.It also has tons of lovable characters. There's Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, our protagonist, to whom we all can relate. She must deal with the fact that everybody wants to have sex with her, everyone being jeal [...]

    • I am so glad someone went to the effort of recording this book on they did the good sis Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way proud ( if u don't know who she is get da hell out of here!).

    • Make no mistake, I think that this is one of the finest works of literature ever written.Tara Gilesbie - whatever the truth behind her identity may be - has crafted a work of fan fiction so deliriously and compulsively entertainingly readable that one cannot deny her raw talent. Fusing elements from Harry Potter, geek and goth cultures this work defies expectation and convention. It's a masterfully queer text, not just in the way that it explores and celebrates the bisexuality of its central cha [...]

    • Before readingI feel like I can't put this fic in any shelves other than online-fanfics because I'd be polluting them.This is the most shittastically retarded thing I've ever laid eyes upon. I've read the first two chapters and I was literally rolling all over my bed laughing. I now have a stitch in my side and tears in my eyes, but that might be because it also made me want to cry a little.I can't. I can't handle this. I'll keep it bookmarked for when I want to have my mind fucked without a con [...]

    • TRIGGER WARNING for rape, paedophilia, nymphomania, depression, suicidal thoughts, attempted suicide, wrist-slitting, blood-drinking, atrocious grammar, overuse of emo bands, nauseating repetition of the word black, excessive use of the word goff/goffick and its variants, and disrespectful portrayal of your favourite characters. I was torn between giving this one star and five stars. It is either literally the worst piece of "literature" ever written, or the smartest troll of all times. And for [...]

    • This book.This book is perhaps the most beautiful piece of literature I have ever laid my eyes uponIt is so beautiful, it makes me want to cry well, maybe not crying, but sweating through my eyeBALLS[image error]See? Sweating through my eyeballs.The beginning of it is the best opening ever. This is the kind of book you want your children to read. It will definitely get them into Harvard.From our main character Enoby Way, to the non canon goff Harry, it's beautiful. Which is why I'm going to star [...]

    • My Immortal has it's own Good Reads page. Seriously? For those of you who haven't read this little gem on fanfiction, don't. The grammar is headache inducing enough and half of the time I can't figure out what the heck was supposed to be going on.The thing I do recommend though is going to Youtube and watch some of the dramatic rereadings of it. If you're in need of a smile or to reassure you that you're not a dumb ass this crap fiction will do it for you.

    • Occasionally in life you will find things that not only make you laugh, but make you laugh so hard you struggle to breathe for subsequent minutes. This book is not one of those things for it cannot be described as a mere thing. It is a monument, nay, a milestone in everyone's lives. Everyone remembers the day they were introduced to what has been dubbed "the worst fanfic in the world". Much like Marmite, you will forever love it or hate it with a passion that burns brighter than the thousands of [...]

    • So, terrible yet so hilarious in it's failure. This book will literally make you roll on the floor laughing. A word of advice, DO NOT do the drinking game with alcohol unless you want a one way ticket to comaville. A must read for anyone who has a sense of humor when it comes to atrocious Mary sue Harry Potter fan fiction. I like this fan fiction because It is clearly a joke that is not supposed to take itself too seriously. also if the typos and poor grammar make your head hurt, drunkduck has t [...]

    • Do I rate this one star or five stars? Because it's both amazing and horrible. I do not know, but I do want it to be common knowledge that I did at one point read this. :D

    • Ohoho MY.Did I really read that? Was this a joke? Was it a parody? Siriusly (get it, because this is HP FF?); could someone tell me what this thing is?Well, if this is legit—and it sure looks to be (heck, it's on ! It should be legit!)—here is what I will say:Dear Aspiring Authors,Please, please, please do not write this way. If you have trouble with spelling/grammar, ask someone for help. If English is not your first language (and I know it must be hard to learn if it isn't), write it in yo [...]

    • One thing you can conclude from Tara Gilesbie and her piece of crap so-called writing is that she and My Immortal are an endless source of hilariousness, which will go on for as long, as the internet exists. The writing, characters, spelling and syntax are so absurd that it borders on the impossible and I honestly believe we have gotten our hands on a good mystery - is the writer truly a little girl with no sense of English or plot or is it merely a troll deciding to write this for the lulz? I h [...]

    • It wasDumblydoree!! Then he flew away angrily on his broomstick. "OH YES!" I chortled sexily."I just finished the worst fan-fiction of all time - the infamous My Immortal by Tara Gilesbie!1!11" I excreted statistically.My Immortal isn't just the most incoherent "story" you'll ever have the displeasure of reading in your life - its a once-in-a-life-time experience. It's the result of internet culture at it's worst or best if your sense of humor is anything like mine. If you're the type who thinks [...]

    • This is, without a doubt, the greatest piece of fan literature ever created. It deserves an award of some sort.

    • You know what?FIVE FUKIN STARZ!!!!the readings on youtube are definitely an enjoyment --> my favourite ones here and here; and they totally made my work hours more tolerable.None of it could have been possible without the possibly trolling work of Tara Gilesbie.The fanfic itself deserves NO STARZ whatsoever for its literary value. But when it comes to entertainment - I suggest to watch the youtube readings. Pure. Gold.

    • Now, the question stands thus: when you read a text-based (l8, m8, nice 2 c u), grammatically horrifying, zero-dimensional, soul-deadening, character-murdering fanfiction of your favorite childhood series, but said fanfiction brought you nothing but tears of laughter and joy how do you go about rating that? Or, really, commenting on it in any way?In terms of plot, characterization, grammar, spelling, pacing, internal consistency and continuity, relevance and cultural impact, Fifty Shades of Grey [...]

    • Tara Gilesbie is one of two things: either the most RETARDED or most BRILLIANT author EVER-at least within fan fiction that is. I've read this fic serveral times and behold-my brain has yet to liquify and seep out my ears! I hopeI don't even know how to begin to describe this ummmtale. It's absurd and horrific beyond human capability and that is the very essence of it's beauty. The controversy, over whether or not Tara is an utter troll, fails to hinder me from indulging in this devastatingly, d [...]

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