Walking from East to West: God in the Shadows

Walking from East to West God in the Shadows The life journey of Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias from his early days in India to present life in America

  • Title: Walking from East to West: God in the Shadows
  • Author: Ravi Zacharias R.S.B. Sawyer
  • ISBN: 9780310259152
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The life journey of Christian apologist, Ravi Zacharias, from his early days in India to present life in America.

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    • Free Download [Memoir Book] ☆ Walking from East to West: God in the Shadows - by Ravi Zacharias R.S.B. Sawyer ✓
      133 Ravi Zacharias R.S.B. Sawyer
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    About “Ravi Zacharias R.S.B. Sawyer

    • Ravi Zacharias R.S.B. Sawyer

      For over thirty five years Ravi Zacharias has spoken all over the world in great halls and universities, notably Harvard, Princeton, and Oxford He is listed as a distinguished lecturer with the Staley Foundation and has appeared on CNN and other international broadcasts The author of several books for adults and children, he powerfully mixes biblical teaching and Christian apologetics His most recent works include Walking from East to West, a memoir, The Grand Weaver, an exploration of God s intention and pattern in both the ordinary and the startling elements of life, and The End of Reason, a rebuttal of the claims of the so called New Atheists His weekly radio program, Let My People Think, is broadcast over 1,500 stations worldwide, and his weekday program, Just Thinking, is on almost 400 He is founder and chairman of the board of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries, headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, with additional offices in Canada, India, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates Dr Zacharias and his wife, Margie, have three grown children and reside in Atlanta Biography and photograph from Zondervan s author detail page for Ravi Zacharias

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    • The 40's and 50's gave us C.S. Lewis, the 70's gave us Francis Schaeffer, and the 90's to present day has given us Ravi Zacharias. Ravi Zacharias is this marvelous collision of a truly brilliant mind, but a genuinely humble spirit; someone who loves God with abandon and loves man out of that abundance. When I found the opportunity to hear his story in his own words, I jumped at the opportunity.I don't want to include any spoilers, but this book tells of a time when this man who is known for his [...]

    • I wish there were more than 5 stars available because this book rates far beyond pretty much any book I have read in recent years. Ravi Zacharias' story touched my heart and my intellect equally. I found myself each morning looking forward to reading a little bit more yet only allowing myself a chapter or two. I did not want it to end! Throughout the book, God and His purpose in Ravi Zacharias' life were always in focus. I found myself fighting with tears at each reading as Ravi describes how Go [...]

    • "You see, of all five siblings in my family, I had the unhappiest childhood."Born in India in 1946, Ravi's life was filled with uncertainty and lack of purpose. Today he travels around the world speaking to governments, Ivy League universities, and on the radio. His message is that of certainty and hope in Christ. Firmly believing that the Christian faith is grounded in absolute truth, he has written/co-written over twenty books as he shares through philosophy, apologetics, and theology. How did [...]

    • There is no greater discovery than seeing God as author of your destiny. -RZA memoir of one of our times greatest thinkers and defenders of the Christian faith, 'God in the Shadows' gives readers a glimpse of the making of this man that provides hope to any who may believe they are beyond being used by God. Ravi's story is a powerful example of God's grace, providence and pursuit of his children - a great encouragement to all.

    • Starts off a lil slow, but as you begin to see its trajectory the story begins to unfold in a marvelous way that is sure to reinforce your faith.

    • A highly inspirational memoir of Ravi Zacharias' journey through pain, danger, and surprises in his quest to a closer walk with God. The internationally renowned evangelist's testimony serves as aplatform to educate and motivate any reader in search of a stronger faith and the desire to impactothers. I strongly recommend Walking from East to West: God in the Shadows

    • Compelling StoryThis autobiography of Ravi Zacharias is a very compelling story from start to finish. My opinion of him has always been that he is a super intellect. I have always been in awe of his mind. He is an author who I had to really think hard and concentrate to understand. And yet I find in this book that as a young student, he was a failure. He was repeatedly told by his father that he wasa failure an would never amount to anything. As a teenager he tried to commit suicide. The result [...]

    • I struggled with what to write about this book because it's not just the story of Ravi's life. Ravi chronicles his life and the inner struggles in such a way that it makes you look at your own life and think about the assumptions you live by and where you're going. I found this book to be not only interesting but also thought provoking. No matter where you are in your life and faith journey I think this book is an interesting read. It will shape you in the same way that spending time with a dear [...]

    • This was a great book! I've always really enjoyed Ravi's approach and his love to go anywhere to speak. It was really awesome to finally hear his story from boyhood adolescence in India to his time now as the co-founder of RZIM Ministries headquarted in Atlanta, Georgia. I never knew of his troubled childhood with his father and how painful that time was for him, and the total transformation of his father when much later in life in a moment of conviction dedicated his own life to Christ. This wa [...]

    • From the first time I heard Ravi Zacharias speak in our Saskatoon church (sometime in the late 1970s or early '80s) I have been fascinated by his message and manner. His memoir, Walking from East to West: God in the Shadows, shines a light on where he came from and how he became the popular evangelist, Christian apologist and humanitarian that he is today. In chronological order he tells the story of his unhappy childhood in India, his conversion, his move (with his family) to Canada, and his bl [...]

    • “And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, for they loved not their lives even unto death.” Revelation‬ ‭12:11‬ ‭Pretty much sums it up. I found myself crying at multiple points of this gospel saturated life and story. Friends that were martyred, families redeemed, I kept asking "how far would I got for Jesus' sake?"Thank you, Ravi for writing this down. Just as you carried so many godly men's stories before you, I will certainly be carr [...]

    • The book was a good read, not too long, with chapters was spread out well and it was an engaging read.It first talks about the author's childhood and living standards in India. Also, how he grew up in a nominal Christian family, faithfully attending services but not pious.It further explores his relationship with his dad (who he is quick not to blame), his mum and his grandmother, his education while he was young, his own struggle with his own loneliness which culminated in a suicide attempt. On [...]

    • This is a reread for me—and I could begin again immediately. What an amazing story of God’s transforming power! Ravi Zacharias entered my life about 25 years ago after hearing him speak on the radio and then friends shared audio tape series with me. When I hear Zacharias speak with his melodic Indian voice and hear him declare truth, my heart and my mind give a resounding YES! What an incredible life he has had—he's addressed the United Nations; he’s met with international leaders, slept [...]

    • Christian evangelist and apologist Ravi Zacharias shares the story of his life up until publication of this book (2006). He relates his childhood in India, his feelings of inadequacy in every area of his life except for sports, and eventual suicide attempt which failed and resulted in an encounter with God instead. From there, Ravi found new purpose in life and went on to start succeeding in those areas in which he previously failed. During his college years his family immigrated to Canada, and [...]

    • "Because I live, ye shall live also." -- John 14:19When God puts a broken life back together, He removes the scars because He builds from the inside out. And when God steadies a faltering life, He puts you on His footing. God is in the shadows in many ways, but He is also in the bright light of what His servants do every day.T.S. Eliot once wrote:We shall not cease from exploration, And the end of all our exploringWill be to arrive where we startedAnd know the place for the first time. Life is n [...]

    • A wonderful little book that chronicles the life and ministry of Ravi Zacharias, from his humble beginnings in India to speaking all over the world and heading up his RZIM. His story isn't laced with the sort of miracles and events that are typical in Missionary biographies, although there are a few. Yet the supernatural is clearly evident in all of his speaking engagements. God clearly works through this man, and it's abundantly visible in the transformed hearts that walk from his talks and ser [...]

    • This book is really excellent. Well written, with great pace. You often wonder just what is going to happen nextwhat was God going to do in the life of this truly great man? Zacharias' recollections of life in India resonated with me, as my father is from India, and I am very familiar with the Indian culture. He does a fantastic job of maintaining respect for the culture while quietly pointing out some of the real problems that lurk within it. It is truly inspiring to see the changes that occurr [...]

    • This book sat on my shelf about 4 years before I finally got around to picking it up. I thought it was going to be similar to previous books written by the author which I have enjoyed. So I was pleasantly surprised to learn I was reading an autobiography (although I don't know what this book would have been like otherwise, having R.S.B. Sawyer involved probably helped improve the storyline and readability). Even though I've read a number of Ravi's books (and listened to more than a few messages) [...]

    • Ravi Zacharias discusses his life story through childhood in India, the events that led him to faith in Christ, his move and establishment in Canada, and how his ministry began. The book was very encouraging in showing how God worked in Ravi's life in entirely unexpected ways. Ravi's salvation was not a one-time experience, it was a process in which he came to recognize Jesus as superior to all the other religious choices available to him. Interesting for me personally were Ravi's insights into [...]

    • Listening to the audio version so no pages - Status Updates:2011 12 07 Chapter 1-4: what's sticking with me the most at the moment is Ravi talking about his own faith journey and the pretty well confirmed evidence that the once Doubting and then the Convinced Thomas (loved that transition - how often do we remember that he didn't remain doubting?!) was the apostle who went to India. Ravi calls him the questioning apostle and this seemed to turn on a lightbulb in my head/heart/spirit :)Ravi went [...]

    • I thoroughly enjoyed this autobiography of Ravi Zacharias. I felt it was well written and like his talks and sermons, it had a way of drawing me into the story. Never once did I feel bored nor did I feel like like I was trudging through some "dry spots." Sprinkled throughout his story, Ravi shared insights and lessons learned that I found helpful.But again what grabbed me the most was his interesting life story. It testifies to the fact that God can reach anyone in any crisis and bring even the [...]

    • I picked up this book on impulse when the book I wanted to get from the library was still on hold. What a surprise! Although I had heard this man’s name before I really had no clue who he was. I would very much like to meet Ravi one day. I really enjoy his approach to faith and how he is not dismissive about science. His arguments on religion are well thought out. The fact that he approaches Christianity more from the prospective of Thomas makes me really appreciate his message. I really enjoy [...]

    • Finished this autobiography on a road trip over the weekend. Ravi Zacharias is a world renowned Christian apologist and author who grew up in India and moved to Canada in his early twenties. His religious background was nominal Christianity with a full personal relationship with Christ coming in his late teens after getting connected with Youth For Christ. His is a humble story of a young man who became sold out for Christ, left a promising pursuit of a degree in hotel management, attended semin [...]

    • This is a review of the audiobook.Ravi Zacharias has contributed much to modern Christian apologetics. This book tells his story, which begins in a nominal Christian home in India. It tells of how his hopelessness turned into hope as he became a Christian. His path eventually led him to doing the work of an evangelist and then an apologist.This is not a hold-on-to-your-seat ride. Yet, it was not boring. It was told with the same humility that the man seems to exude.The narrator of the audiobook [...]

    • Amazing life story. Ravi is a wise man because he knows himself and the God who loves him deeply. "There's no greater discovery than seeing God as the author of your destiny." This is the overarching theme of Ravi's autobiography. It's what gives it that profound significance.All of our lives are woven intricately by the Grand Weaver. Ravi's life story is inspirational. It is also replete with the grace of God and the life-changing centrality of Jesus Christ.As I read and reflect on this book, I [...]

    • I listened to the audiobook version of the book and it was abridged 8( didn't realize this at the beginning. I really liked the book and I think an additional bonus was that it was read by the author himself. He tells of his feelings of worthlessness as a young boy and being told by his father that he would never amount to anything and then recounts a suicide attempt as a teen but then how that low point of his life led him to a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and then how God transforme [...]

    • Tremendous. This reads more like at memoir at times than straight-forward autobiography. Here, the poetical side of Ravi Zacharias mingles with the logical side so thoroughly. For a Western reader such as myself, this served not only as a beautifully-written private life but also a mining into Eastern thinking. Zacharias traces his journey not only literally from India to Canada (and the US) but also - and just as fully - his spiritual journey from a hopeless, suicidal young man to a joy-filled [...]

    • Ravi Zacharias has long been one of my very favorite speakers and he has impressed me with his intelligence and scholarship I was amazed to find that this was not always the case. Not always purposeful; not always cheerful; not always a good student; not even always wanting to liverather these things are all benefits of his conversion. To find this flower of faith has its roots in the mud of failure and discouragement was astonishing to me. God has indeed worked a miracle of transformation in Ra [...]

    • "It was as if all the dismantling I'd done with the first seventeen years of my life was being given back to me, but this time the Lord was putting it together with His unerring hand. When God puts the broken life back together, He removes the scars because He builds from the inside out. And when God steadies a faltering life, He puts you on His footing."I was so impressed by Zacharias' openness and honesty in this book. It was an amazing glimpse into a life intricately shaped by God. It will st [...]

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