Free Falling Free Falling by Nicola Moriarty is a beguiling tragic romantic comedy of heartbreak and heroism grief and ghostly dreamsThe Fiancee Belinda s life is in free fall after the sudden death of her fianc

  • Title: Free-Falling
  • Author: Nicola Moriarty
  • ISBN: 9781742752600
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback
  • Free Falling by Nicola Moriarty is a beguiling tragic romantic comedy of heartbreak and heroism, grief and ghostly dreamsThe Fiancee Belinda s life is in free fall after the sudden death of her fianc Andy But then ghostly signs begin to appear which suggest he might not really be gone And Belinda begins to tumble even further Will his final parting gift be enoughFree Falling by Nicola Moriarty is a beguiling tragic romantic comedy of heartbreak and heroism, grief and ghostly dreamsThe Fiancee Belinda s life is in free fall after the sudden death of her fianc Andy But then ghostly signs begin to appear which suggest he might not really be gone And Belinda begins to tumble even further Will his final parting gift be enough to save her The Mother Evelyn McGavin, Andy s mum, is also struggling She copes with her sorrow by shoplifting once , hating Belinda constantly and jumping out of a plane In her skydiving instructor, Baz, she finds an unexpected friend But why is he so agitated when he hears how Andy died Two women, united in their loss, separated by their grief And yet still linked in a most unexpected way

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    • Nicola Moriarty

      Nicola Moriarty lives in Sydney s north west with her husband and two small daughters She is the younger sister of bestselling authors Liane Moriarty and Jaclyn Moriarty In between various career changes, becoming a mum and studying teaching at Macquarie University, she began to write Now, she can t seem to stop.Hello there people in the world of books, I Would love to hear from you either here on or perhaps at Facebook facebook NicolaMoriart

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    • I am not generally too fond of romances but this one is a bit different and very catchy! Told from the perspectives of two very different people (girlfriend and mother) it is the story of what happens after a young man dies very suddenly. It is funny and sad by turns, well written and well paced, and very hard to put down. Belinda and Evelyn handle their grief in different ways but all ends well in true romantic style.The Moriarty's are a very talented family. I find I am reading and enjoying bo [...]

    • Hands down best book I've read this year. My gosh, I loved it so xOh, so you can see I liked it. More than just a lot.Every now and then a book comes along that just is the perfect fit for me.A book that reminds me how much I love to read.How much I love falling in love with characters.How much I love gorgeous and funny and whimsical and perfectly put together prose.A book that I cannot keep away from. And when I have to leave it, I am finding any moments in my day to squeeze in a few more sente [...]

    • Nicola Moriarty has an impressive pedigree, her sisters are well known Australian authors Liane Moriarty (What Alice Forgot, The Hypnotist's Love Story) and Jaclyn Moriarty (Feeling Sorry for Celia, I Have a Bed Made of Buttermilk Pancakes).Free Falling is Nicola's debut novel and it is a wonderful story of love, family, grief and moving on. It begins when Andy is killed and his mother blames his grief stricken fiance, Belinda. While Evelyn rages, alienating her surviving son, refusing to return [...]

    • Told from the points of view of both Belinda and Evelyn, Free-Falling is a story about grief, loss and finding meaning in life when your whole world has imploded. The dual voice works really well – with alternating chapters further exploring each woman’s personal reaction to the death of a person they both adored. While Belinda is initially the more likable character and the one I felt more sympathetic towards, I was also drawn to Evelyn and increasingly curious to know what made her tick an [...]

    • At first, I thought I would put this book away unfinished after the first few pages - the writing style just didn't suit me at all. It was very jarring and the combination of third person and past tense made the characters seem very far away. This feeling subsided after a few more chapters, though - so maybe it was intended and supposed to underline the situation of two women after the death of their fiancé/son. I got lost in their story and actually looked forward to the outcome. Still, after [...]

    • If Nicola Moriarty's surname sounds a little familiar, that's because her sisters Liane and Jaclyn are also authors. With Free-Falling, Nicola makes her own writing debut – and it is one that shows that talent sometimes really does just run in a family!Free-Falling is a novel about loss, first and foremost. However, it's also about moving on from great loss, and about the convoluted, complicated journey that may entail. Due to its focus, this novel can be very hard to read at times. The first [...]

    • I was a little reluctant to begin readingFree-Falling considering that I had only just finished readingP.S. I Love You(which I was not a big fan of), but as soon as I started I found thatFree-Fallingwas extremely well written and although both stories are about women coping with the death of a loved one, they couldn't be any more different from one another. The two main characters were so easy to relate to and I felt that their grieving process (which was quite different for each of them) were r [...]

    • There has never been an author that I have related to the characters or plot more than Liane Moriarty. In the absence of more Liane books, I began looking for similar authors. Stumbled upon Liane's little sister! Same real, raw, laugh and cry situations and characters as Liane. Same little surprises in the plot that make your heart ache. How i would have liked to see that family when the girls were growing up! I loved this novel. It was funny, sad, both real and unreal, with just a little bit of [...]

    • Meine letzte herzerwärmende Lektüre ist schon eine ganze Weile her. Früher bin ich gerne in Nicolas Sparks Büchern versunken oder habe Liebesgeschichten gelesen, das ist aber schon wirklich lange her und so wurde es mal wieder Zeit für ein schönes, gefühlvolles Buch zum Abschalten, Füße hochlegen und abtaufen. Genau das konnte mir die australische Debütautorin Nicola Moriarty mit ihrem gefühlvollen Roman »Mit dir in meinem Herzen« bieten. Das Buch hat mich nicht himmelhochjauchzend [...]

    • This is my first read of anything by this author, and it certainly won't be my last. While this story deals a lot with the issue of grief, it is written in a lovely and respectful way. While the experience of grief is different for everyone, the characters in this story present some of the realities of grieving.There were some light-hearted moments, some humour, and some 'tear-evoking' moments. Overall, this is a very engaging story and it kept me turning the pages.I also liked the mix of first- [...]

    • Belinda is reeling after losing her fiance Andy in a terrible event. She’s left alone to pick up the pieces of her life without him, struggling to move on. At only 24, they had their whole lives stretching ahead of them and now their future together has vanished. Belinda finds herself starting to spot little signs that maybe Andy isn’t entirely… gone. She seems them everywhere, believing that he’s sticking around to give her a little help. And soon she’s about to discover that Andy may [...]

    • This is a story about grief, but it isn't unbearably sad. It is told from two characters points of view - a mother who has lost her son, and a young woman who has lost her fiance. Their respective journeys are believable, they are both sympathetic, and despite the fact that the reader knows what happens - a young man dies - there is enough interest to keep turning the pages. I won this book and put of reading it because I thought it would be a tale of misery and woe, with much wailing and gnashi [...]

    • Wat een heerlijk lief boek! Fijne schrijfstijl en de verschillende verhaallijnen lopen mooi in elkaar over en komen aan het einde bij elkaar. Aanrader wat mij betreft

    • Whilst I prided myself to read pretty much everything, there is actually a type of book I usually try to avoid and that’s any contemporary chick-lit type of story. Nevertheless, I think I still read an average of 2-3 a year (out of my usual 200+ books). So why did I choose to read this obviously girly book?The first seed of interest was sown when I first read the blurb, it brought to mind PS I Love You by Cecelia Ahern which I have a read a couple of years ago (after the movie) and absolutely [...]

    • Hoe ga je om met het verlies van je zoon of verloofde?Je leest het allemaal in dit mooie boek.Je krijgt steeds een verhaal te lezen van Belinda en dan weer van Evelyn en ook nog enkele andere personen dat erg goed afgewisseld word.Het is vrij luchtig geschreven en toch voel je het verdriet en pijn van iedereen.Ik had dit boek dan ook vrij snel uit en dat wil wel wat zeggen want je wil alleen maar doorlezen.Komt Andy spoken of draait Belinda helemaal door?Het waren allemaal leuke karakters die je [...]

    • Ik wist eigenlijk niet goed in welk boek ik moest beginnen en dacht bij deze even 1 hoofdstukje lezen, kijken of het bevalt. Het is dus niet bij 1 hoofdstuk gebleven, voordat ik t wist was ik al op de helft. Wat een prachtig ontroerend verhaal is dit, beetje vergelijkbaar met Versplinterd van Dani Atkins en Voor jou van Jojo Moyes, als je die boeken mooi vond dan is dit boek ook zeker een aanrader! Het verhaal word grotendeels door twee personen verteld, Belinda, de verloofde van de overleden An [...]

    • Zeker een aanrader. De titel beantwoordt ook de inhoud van het boek. In vrije val: als iets je plots overvalt dan valt de grond weg onder je voeten zo ook bij de twee hoofdpersonages: Evelyn de mama en Belle of Belinda de verloofde van Andy. Er is dan ook nog een derde persoon bazza en die zorgt voor de werkelijke vrije val. Benieuwd? Lezen is de boodschap of zeker toevoegen TBR lijst. Aan allen veel leesplezier, ik heb genoten.

    • I really loved this book. It takes the topic of grief and explores it in an interesting but real way. I really felt for both of the female characters who were struggling to deal with the death of their partner and son.I also really loved the main 'supernatural' theme of the story, which kept you guessing and wondering (and hoping) it really is Andy sending those signs to grief stricken Belinda.A really great book that had me hooked from start to finish.

    • I really enjoyed this book. Finally, some well structured three dimensional characters! This story is told in alternative chapters by two women, a mother and a fiancé of a young man killed suddenly. The story details their grief, loss, anger and denial in the year following his death. There were moments to laugh, cry, sigh and smile. Fab first book, but of course it would be as it's from the talented Moriarty clan. Am already tracking down Nicola's next book.

    • What a wonderful book! I adored it, I love to read an Aussie author and the fact the book was set near where I used to live was a nice bonus. These Moriarty sisters sure do have the write talent in their genes! 😁

    • Free fallingA fantastic story. A real feel good tale of heartbreak, romance a little mystery thrown in. A good paced read.

    • Früher habe ich öfters mal Bücher von Nicholas Sparks gelesen, mittlerweile bin ich aber mehr im Fantasy-, Dystopien-, Jungenbuchbereich übergegangen. Dennoch wollte ich mal wieder etwas ohne jegliche fantastischen Elemente lesen, weshalb ich mich für die Leserunde auf lovelybooks beworben und auch gewonnen habe. Die Idee ist nicht mehr neu: Der Mann stirbt, die Frau ist verständlicherweise am Boden zerstört. Irgendwie findet sie aber einen Weg, über den Verstorbenen hinweg zu kommen, me [...]

    • I did not enjoy this book, having liked her sister's writing I thought I'd give it a go. It was predictable, a little facile and at times very poorly written. The characters were stereotypical and didn't really develop unless that was a predictable move in the case of the sour mother. That said, I did tear up at the account of a death so I guess there was some effective description (one star was for this alone). Not my cup of tea but an easy holiday read.

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