Beautiful Joe

Beautiful Joe Based on true events Beautiful Joe tells the story of a dog that is rescued from the hands of a cruel master who removes his ears and tail in a fit of anger The Morris family comes to his aid and car

  • Title: Beautiful Joe
  • Author: Marshall Saunders
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  • Page: 182
  • Format: Paperback
  • Based on true events, Beautiful Joe tells the story of a dog that is rescued from the hands of a cruel master who removes his ears and tail in a fit of anger The Morris family comes to his aid and carefully nurses the dog back to health, giving him the name, Beautiful Joe Originally published in 1894, it is told from the perspective of Joe himself, who quickly finds thatBased on true events, Beautiful Joe tells the story of a dog that is rescued from the hands of a cruel master who removes his ears and tail in a fit of anger The Morris family comes to his aid and carefully nurses the dog back to health, giving him the name, Beautiful Joe Originally published in 1894, it is told from the perspective of Joe himself, who quickly finds that he is in the company of many other animals that the Morrises have saved from harm They firmly believe that every creature has the right a to full and happy life Despite his horrible, early experiences he falls in love with his adopted family and becomes a loyal and trustworthy companion.With over seven million copies sold worldwide, Beautiful Joe is a Canadian classic beautifully repackaged for today s young reader.

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      Margaret Marshall Saunders CBE was a Canadian author.Saunders was born in the village of Milton, Queens County, Nova Scotia She spent most of her childhood in Berwick, Nova Scotia where her father served as Baptist minister Saunders is most famous for her novel Beautiful Joe Originally published under the pseudonym Marshall Saunders, it is a story narrated by a dog who has had a difficult puppyhood with many obstacles including a cruel owner When the book was published in 1894, both it and its subject received worldwide attention It was the first Canadian book to sell over a million copies, and by the late 1930s had sold over seven million copies worldwide.In 1934, Saunders was made a Commander of the British Empire C.B.E , at the time her country s highest civilian honor Together with fellow Canadian author, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Saunders co founded the Maritime branch of the Canadian Women s Press Club.Following the success of Beautiful Joe, Saunders wrote than twenty other stories, a number of which provided social commentary on such things as the abolition of child labor, slum clearance, and the improvement of playground facilities.Saunders died in 1947 in Toronto, Ontario where she had lived for a number of years.

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    • This is an old favorite. From "Beautiful Joes" point of view. It was an amazing book! Inspiring, simple, touching.The rough start at life for Joe really makes you think. How your life is, how his was.How it would be like for an animal.What they possibly think, would feel.I am quite fond with all the characters.Each one reaches out to you.You truly feel like you know them.The care in the book is amazing.Like I said, the book was touching.And it was a true story! It made me eager to read Beautiful [...]

    • My mom introduced me this story when I was only about 8 years old, as I was an animal empath all of my life. Keeping with the tradition of Black Beauty, one has to understamd that this book was written more for simple people who didn't understand in the late 1800's and early 1900's that animals had souls and could feel pain. Marshall Saunders does an excellent job of teaching that it isn't easy living at the mercy of cruel humans in the same way as Black Beauty and I love books that are told fro [...]

    • This is one of my favorite books. . .I love it!! :) I want to read this one again sometime. I would highly recommend this book to any and everyone. What makes this book so special is because it focuses on taking care of all kinds of animals, and making sure that none of them are abused or mistreated even in the slightest way. This book has made me love animals all the more, and make me all the more determined not to abuse any animals. So glad I read this book!

    • "My name is Beautiful Joe, and I am a brown dog of medium size."Beautiful Joe: The Autobiography of a Dog was written in 1893 by Margaret Marshall Saunders. The author used a male pen name because she feared she would not be taken seriously as a woman writer. I picked up a copy at a used book sale on a strength of a recommendation of a friend, and while I enjoyed the story of a loyal dog who comes to a loving family after having been savagely mistreated, I think I would have enjoyed it more if I [...]

    • Poor Joe is sort of the Dolores Claiborne of the canine world; this book tells of the terrible abuse he suffered, but also of his salvation when finally he learns to trust people again.It was a beautiful but depressing little book, but it's eye-opening because unfortunately even in today's modern age, there are still creeps out there who enjoy mistreating living things for the hell of it without stopping first to think, "would I like it if someone did the same thing to me?"

    • Depicts the story of a dog from his perspective. From abused to kindly cared for, this book is quite remarkable and inspirational. I had to stop and ponder: do I treat mice, snakes, and other creatures that cannot communicate understandably to humans with kindness? I do fail and fall short. May God forgive me!Outstanding book to read and read again! Worth trying to find this book if you have pets of any sort or love animals. This book reminds me again of the following passage from the Bible: The [...]

    • I can't believe this book had no readers on . This is a book written in the same manner as Black Beauty to raise awareness of animal cruelty. An influential book in my life.

    • If I had rated this when I was first given a copy in the 60s it would have gotten a solid five. I downloaded it from Gutenberg not long ago to revisit a childhood friend and got a surprise--the book I read from about age 8 had obviously been abridged. What I got from Gutenberg must have been the original text. I have to say, for once the "abridgers" got it right. The original is too long and preachy, with too much sentimentality in the expression and too much "tell." Instead of showing us the ca [...]

    • So, wow. Remember Black Beauty? How it was all from the point of view of the horse? Well, in 1894, Margaret Marshall Saunders wanted to do for dogs what Black Beauty did for abused cab horses in 1877. She knew of a real-life story of a horribly mutilated dog in Canada -- he'd had his ears and tail cut clean off as punishment for some small infraction like barking or existing. The American Humane Society was running a writing contest, so Saunders set the story of Beautiful Joe in Maine. The book [...]

    • This was one of my favorite books when I was a youngster. It tells the story of a dog who is owned by a cruel master (he cuts his ears and tail off) before being rescued by a kind family. Told from the dog's perspective, it is a compelling and poignant read that is both joyful and tear producing depending. Highly recommended to all children ten and up.

    • I can't believe I made it 32 years without knowing about Beautiful Joe. I so wish I had been introduced to this book as a child - I can only imagine how many times I'd have read it between then and now. I won't make that same mistake with my daughter. I'm going to buy a copy of this for us and always keep it around. I'll read it to her in a few years and then hopefully a few years later she'll be reading it herself. I would have liked this book to be five times as long as it is. It's rare to fin [...]

    • I was pleasantly surprised to find a book written in a dog's voice in 1893, and I absolutely loved it. And the voice - Beautiful Joe's - is indeed a beautiful voice. His voice is genuine and loveable, and his perspective is believable. The book also gives an historical account of the way animals were treated in America at that time. I found it sad that so little has changed since then in respect to the abuse, neglect, and abandonment of animals and the lack of laws to protect them. Beautiful Joe [...]

    • My aunt gave this book to us this summer and said that she had read and loved it when she was about 8 years old. It is about a dog who was born on a farm with a very abusive owner. The dog is soon rescued and taken in by a loving family. Kaitlyn loved it and always begged me to read more. We were instructed that the book is to share with all our cousins but Kaitlyn doesn't want to give it up. She is now starting to read it a second time on her own. My aunt tells me that there is a cemetery in On [...]

    • This book was written in 1893 by Margaret Marshall Saunders. What a remarkable, compassionate author she is. The story is of a dog, Beautiful Joe, and is told by the dog. The entire story focuses on his life and the the humane treatment of animals. I just loved the last sentence of the book:"Boys and girls, be kind to dumb animals, not only because you will lose nothing by it, but because you ought to; for they were placed on the earth by the same Kind Hand that made all living creatures."

    • I read BEAUTIFUL JOE as a child. I wept through the beginning until Joe escapes his cruel first master. My uncle was never able to get past page 20 or so. Old family story about that. I was fond of animal stories for a period. I remember enjoying one written from the point of view of a peregrine falcon. Cannot remember the name. I moved on from animals when I discovered Franklin W. Dixon's The Hardy Boys. I devoured the entire series of books. Even skipped school a few times to stay home and rea [...]

    • I didn't enjoy this book very much and I usually just love dog stories. For that reason I can't recommend it for anyone. It does reflect the old thinking of that time which was for the most part very boring for instance they wanted to put a stop to young people moving to cities and all sorts of ridiculous ideas were put forth which would have made no difference at all. Many young people would have left just to get away from some of these ideas but the ideas about really caring for animals are go [...]

    • This was my dad's favorite book and he let me read it when I was maybe 8 yrs old. I still have that hardback copy. It is a very moving story of an abused and then rescued dog told from his point of view. Very hard hitting book for a child to read and it has deeply influenced the way I look at and will treat animals for the rest of my life.

    • Another excellent book that my grandmother gave me. A beautiful, sensitive and sad story told from the perspective of an abused dog. This story was written to strike up interest in animal's rights in the early 1900's.

    • Read this as a child, loved it and have never forgotten it was a favorite, although my memory of the details is dim. I do know Joe stole my heart. Have wanted to reread it for a long time.

    • My favorite dog story - read this when I was a child and it really made an impact on how people treat others, people and dogs.

    • A great book for kids. Teaches love and compassion for all living beings, and creates a caring perspective for children!

    • BEAUTIFUL JOE originated from the same era and sensibilities as the more famous BLACK BEAUTY. Like the world’s best-known horse novel, BEAUTIFUL JOE tells a story from the perspective of an animal (this time a dog), with the intent of instilling humane values in its readers. Unlike BLACK BEAUTY, however, JOE is not a classic in writing style, and reads more like a morality play—attempting to cram as many lessons as possible into the text—than an actual story that will hold readers’ atten [...]

    • This book was my ‘Book a Blind Date’ at our local library and how excited I was to read it being an animal, especially dog, lover! “Beautiful Joe” is a juvenile fiction story although I think that everyone, EVERYONE needs to get a copy of this and read this amazing story.Beautiful Joe was a real dog and this story is based on true events of his life, from being rescued from the hands of a very cruel man who actually removes his ears and tail in a fit of anger. With all the brutality, com [...]

    • I was given this book as a youngster, nigh on to 50 years ago, and as I loved anything having to do with animals, especially dogs, I read it again and again. It's been several decades since I revisited it (although I believe the original book, somewhat battered and minus its spine) still languishes on a shelf in my mother's house.The language is a bit archaic, and the tone a little preachy at times, but all in all it's not aged badly since it was first published in 1893. Its earnest style, vivid [...]

    • One of the most captivating animal narrator voice that I have followed. I really do admire Laura and her family who taught her how to care for animals just as humans. Mrs. Morris (Laura's mom) believe that teaching a child to care for an animal teaches lessons on selflessness, patience, humbleness and love and she was right because her children grew into adults with beautiful hearts. The novel reinforces chapter after chapter the importance of extracting cruelty from animal care creates a better [...]

    • My fifth grade teacher read this book to our class. It took a long time to get through and left a mark on this little girl's heart all those years ago. I finally found a copy online to reread and share with my granddaughters. $30.00! Evidently, the book that was read to me, and that my mother bought for me, was a different edition. This book was very sensitive in the beginning, upsetting to read and written in a very formal style. Still the same story at heart but there must be a more child-frie [...]

    • Maybe sentiment plays into my love of this book, but the affect it had on me as a child reader was significant. Beautiful Joe was the book that opened up to me that next level of reading. Where the issues and emotions explored in the book are more complex and reflective of the world.Through the plight of Joe, an abused dog with a beautiful heart, the book explored the great cruelty and kindness that humans visit open the domestic animals of the world.

    • looks at everything from a dog's point of view. Interesting as it sounds, the author wants to make reader believe animals are no different than humans, they too need to be treated with love and care :D

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