Vengeance By The Foot

Vengeance By The Foot Like a modern day Franz Kafka or young William S Burroughs blossoming new author Adam Light presents the twisted tale of an unlucky man suffering the misfortune of losing his foot to diabetes Amputat

  • Title: Vengeance By The Foot
  • Author: Adam Light
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Like a modern day Franz Kafka or young William S Burroughs, blossoming new author Adam Light presents the twisted tale of an unlucky man suffering the misfortune of losing his foot to diabetes Amputation is a bad thing even on a good day, but it s even worse when your severed foot holds a grudge.

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      Adam Light resides in northeast Florida with his beautiful wife and daughter, and their aptly named Walker hound, Walker He haunts a cubicle by day, writes horror stories at night, and virtually never sleeps.He is the author of several short horror stories, some of which have been published in his first collection, TOES UP His stories can also be found in the anthologies BAD APPLES, BAD APPLES 2, and DEAD ROSES.He is currently at work on several projects.Be sure to check out his Facebook page facebook Adam Light 1

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    • Firstly, I made the mistake of eating while I read this! GOOO!This was a fun little story, it's a very quick read and it worked well.Feet are disgusting in my opinion. The only use they have is to walk on.This story took everything that is disgusting about them and amplified it, making this a cringe filled gooey horror comedy.If the authors aim was to make me squirm, he did it. well done.All reviews can be found at lennonslair/

    • Ewww!(view spoiler)[Gag me with a spoon foot! (hide spoiler)]This story is gross, creepy and suspenseful, and bad things happen to bad people.Basically everything you can hope for in a short little tale of horror.

    • First and foremost, I'd like to thank the author, Adam Light, for giving me the opportunity to read Vengeance By The Foot, at no cost whatsoever. I really appreciate it, man. Secondly, I love the play-on words of the title. It's a nice touch. This short tale revolves around Grant, and his fear of "going under the knife." And with good reason, too. As a child, he had a traumatic experience while at the local hospital. It's an experience that truly haunts him for life. Grant's wife brings us back [...]

    • Grant Stone discovers a cut on his foot that ends up becoming gangrenous. As a result, he gets his foot and part of his leg amputated. He blames his wife Lucy for some unbeknownst reason--perhaps for first bringing the wound to his attention. Grant is unable to put his best foot forward and after months of hostility and bitterness, Lucy finally abandons him. Alone, and left to his own devices, Grant feels everything but footloose and fancy free. He's hungry, angry, at his wits end and on his las [...]

    • Wouah! Ha! ha!This story is completely ridiculous and that is a good thing!Ever felt like shoving your foot way up someone's frontal or back door orifices? You're dream can come true. This is the way to do it.The Achille's heel of any writer is lack of imagination. Adam Light does not display such feet of clay in this tale.It's easy to start on the wrong foot when writing, but the author finds his feet from head to toe in this tale.Don't get cold feet! Read this story! It will keep you on your t [...]

    • So I haven't read anything by Adam light before this short story. I have read a few stories by his brother, and fellow author Evans Light. In fact this was recommended to me by Mr. Evans Light himself, so I figured I would give it a try. I wasn't quite sure what to expect after reading the description but I figured I would go at it with an open mind and try something new.I have to say it is very short and after reading it my thoughts are that it was just ok. The story didn't seem like it could h [...]

    • This is a wicked fast read. Only takes around 10 minutes. I love the play on words Adam used in the title. You’ll get it when you read the story.If you like stomach turning horror with your dark humor, you’ll like this one. Just a warning!It’s a lot darker than other stories by Adam that I’ve read.They used to be the happy couple. That is, until the infection.Now he’s had to have his foot and part of his leg amputated and he’s turned into a bitter, self-pitying jerk. His wife can’t [...]

    • The main character Grant Stone it seems is an ordinary man who is quite taken with his lovely wife Lucy. But he obviously has a serious health problem he has chosen to ignore - until it is too late. This short story begins with the amputation of his "badly rotted left foot". I found the premise quite interesting, unusual and different, but in a promising way. I was drawn into the story. My heart started to beat rapidly while reading. The characters are believable and I was able to see their live [...]

    • Well, I wasn't quite knowing what to expect from this story. But that is what I love about the author. I knew it would be something interesting and it didn't fail to disappoint me. Is it wrong I laughed at the end?

    • Was it wrong to start humming "My left foot" while reading this?Vengeance is a quick and witty work that had me in stitches (No pun. Well maybe a little.)The only issue, and minor at that, was that could have been a little longer.

    • 22 jan 13, tuesday afternoon, 12:21 p.m. e.s.tad this one, the second from light for mee other his THE CONTINUANCE AGENCY and that recentis story is a hootd it doesn't help that i'm being treated for some foot ailment! heh! reader beware! if using a variety of cremes and ointments on the feet, perhaps it would be best to wait until you are cured!yikes!there is a dedication:this story is dedicated to my feet. i love you both. i really dourse, it wasn't until i was into the story that i realized, [...]

    • Review of Vengeance by the Foot by Adam Light5 starsWell, I had all sorts of visuals from this title, but none of them could match what author Adam Light does in this short piece. “Vengeance by the Foot” indeed—I’m not certain I could call this “poetic justice,” more like “some people just have all the bad luck.” Poor Grant: life certainly didn’t turn out the way he hoped! There indeed are fates worse than death, and Grant has discovered some of them.Grant Stone, a happily marr [...]

    • 2.5 Stars I'm wavering between 2 and 3 stars. The idea is good. Grant, a man that does not take care of his feet, finds out that he has a cut and it's infected. One thing leads to another and he winds up one foot short. All Grant does is sit and wallow in the misery of his missing appendage. Grant just doesn't know yet that his missing foot has feelings too.I felt that we needed to hear Grant or his wife complain more of the neglect or abuse his feet were given in order to fully believe in the " [...]

    • Downloaded a handful of freebies for the Kindle, this is one of 'em. Was looking forward to this one after reading Belly Button Window recently. I wasn't disappointed. This was a quick read, I was on the edge of my seat the whole time waiting to see what was going to happen. It was kinda crazy. I mean I'm personally scared to death of ever losing my appendages, so I was already a little freaked out to begin with. But then when it comes for him Freaky. The descriptions were perfectly gross, I cou [...]

    • If you like the macabre, you will like this cautionary tale of revenge. Just who gets the last laugh? The answer is surprising. This tale is both disturbing and humorous. I don’t want to reveal too much of the plot, but let’s just say, be mindful of how you treat the people around you. Karmic justice can come from a very unlikely source.

    • Super short story, very creepy. Especially if you have anyone in your life dealing with diabetes and pressure sores. eeekkkkkkk the author did a great job with some of the descriptions. However, I felt the story was missing something, perhaps just because it was so short.I will be reading more from this author because it was really good horror.

    • Different but in a good strange way! :) It was a short fun read. I am glad though that I didn't read it a couple of weeks ago after I had to have a toenail removed due to an abscess under the nail. This story would have given me nightmares about toes and feet! lol

    • This story's a kick in the ass! A humorous, quick horror read. See my review of the Corpus Corruptum for an analysis of the compilation. Strong writing and exciting tales all around.

    • Short but very descriptive. The story is very well written. Adam can paint a picture in few words. I might try something else written by the author.Recommended by Evans Light.

    • Gross But Funny.Grant's wife is a patient woman for putting up with his mood for as long as she did. This is a horrifying case of foot in mouth!Very fast read, both amusing and disturbing.

    • Very quick and unintentionally funny read. Certainly gives a new image and meaning to 'putting your foot in it'. Shame it wasn't longer, that was the only problem I had with it.

    • I read this in The Corpus Corruptum. My husband has diabetes and this certainly made me double check his feet after reading it. Didn't want to end up like the characters in this story!! :-)

    • Reminds me of a short Twilight Zone clipif you remeber that T.V. Series . twisted tail, yet insightful. He turned into a a#*hole,treated his wife bad and it came back to him, Appropriately as to how he acted and treated Lucy his wife.I think its a great , horrifying, yet twisted in a funny kinda way short storyrfectly described and writtenems what comes around goes around in this short story.I was given this awhile back for a honest review & never reviewed it. My apologies to the Author for [...]

    • Creature Feature of a short storyFirst of all, I love that author Adam Light dedicated this story to his feet. Funny.Grant Stone goes under a "most horrifying blade fest" and loses his left foot to gangrene caused by diabetes. He does not handle the amputation well and spends his time watching "Twilight Zone" reruns and shoveling painkillers down his gullet. His wife, Lucy, handles this well but even she reaches her limit and bids him adieu. Then the fun really starts.Dark humor, creepy, reminis [...]

    • This little tale is a real kick ____ __ ___ ____ (fill in the blanks).This is the first piece of short fiction I've read by Adam Light and he reminds me a bit of Robert Blochceptively simple, favors the twist at the end, has a lot of punch for such a brief story. As other reviewers said, it also has a Twilight Zone feel. This work was free for the Kindle and if the intention was to tease and hook the reader into reading more stories by the author, it worked.Short story, short review.

    • Sorry this just didn't do it for me at all!Our main character has his foot amputated after contracting gangrene. His foot comes back to kill him.A lot of people seem to be classing this as a comedy story. Must just be me. I thought it was way too far fetched. A very short read at about 20 pages.

    • I would recommend this to anyone who likes Stephen King. It reminds of some of his short stories. I don't know if it was intentionally funny or I'm just strange, but it made me laugh. It is short, yes, but it works. I don't think drawing this out would have helped the plot. Overall it's a good read. I like it.

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