The Blackout

The Blackout The world is thrust into darkness and silence but no one knows why Molly is an English professor at a local liberal arts college when the world suddenly goes dark Her husband Gary is a corporate pi

  • Title: The Blackout
  • Author: Stephanie Erickson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The world is thrust into darkness and silence, but no one knows why Molly is an English professor at a local liberal arts college when the world suddenly goes dark Her husband, Gary, is a corporate pilot on the other side of the country Grounded by what appears to be a catastrophic power outage, he has no way to communicate with his wife, let alone get home to her NotThe world is thrust into darkness and silence, but no one knows why Molly is an English professor at a local liberal arts college when the world suddenly goes dark Her husband, Gary, is a corporate pilot on the other side of the country Grounded by what appears to be a catastrophic power outage, he has no way to communicate with his wife, let alone get home to her Not knowing whether her husband is alive or dead, Molly struggles to adapt to her new environment without power, running water, transportation, a stable food supply, or any long distance means of communication Without knowing the cause of the outage, Gary must decide whether to wait for things to go back to normal, or to make the long and dangerous journey home on foot Both must learn to survive after the Blackout.

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    •       I feel a little guilty writing this, as if in a million years the author might stumble across this, but this might have been  the worst book I’ve ever actually completed.  There were typos, editorial errors, shifting perspectives, violations of omniscience.  Really it served to make me appreciate how well written some of the other books I’ve read over the last year were. I love these apocalyptic themes, though.  They're popular these days.  I guess we all feel like things hav [...]

    • 3.5 stars really. I'm not sure why but I was a bit annoyed with her writing in the beginning. It wasn't meshing with me well. Although the story was good and kept me reading. Either her writing improved after the first third of the book or I got over it. I love the story line and was invested in the characters. Molly and her husband is separated when the blackout happens. You get sucked in with their struggles with surviving and with Gary trying to get back to Molly. I'm not sure how I liked the [...]

    • I'm a bit biased, but Stephanie's book is really well put together. It gives plenty of food for thought about what people would face with none of the luxuries we take for granted today. One of Stephanie's strengths is in how she has her characters relate to each other. They are portrayed seamlessly, and the dialogue is especially realistic, sometimes funny, and totally believable. This book flows easily and is a relatively quick read. I highly recommend it!

    • I thought this was an excellent first book. Interesting premise, likeable characters, realistic events, etc. It captured my interest and kept me reading. I liked that there were events that did not always turn out well. Real life does not always go smoothly, especially in a situation like a widespread blackout. I expect great things from this author and look forward to the next book.

    • I was anxious to read this after reading what it was about, I haven't read many books like this. The beginning didn't hold my attention, I had to push myself through. But then I got really into it and couldn't put it down! I really like that it was based on a little community coming together to do the best they could to survive and either ride it out or start up a new way of life. I enjoyed all the twists and turns Gary went through and even though I was expecting the end to happen like it did, [...]

    • I liked the story line. There were some interesting ideas of what may happen in a apocalyptic world, but the book lacked depth, the characters were shallow, too "nice". Shame as I think it had potential

    • Okay, this book isn't that good. The writing is terrible, the perspective keeps shifting, the dialogue is unrealistic, the characters are one note, the plot is predictable, and someone needs to teach the writer how to "show not tell" Oh, and for the most part the human characters don't seem to really represent the human race (who starts building a wall around their town after only 10 days of a blackout? Why not go for help or to find out if anyone else knows anything? And in 4 months they never [...]

    • The Blackout is a poignant illustration of what our lives would be without technology, shown through the lives of ordinary people. While the strong bond between the main characters, husband and wife Gary and Molly, drives the plot, some of the most moving moments come from the supporting cast. I loved Molly’s interaction with the children in her class, for example. Their adaptability and insight gave hope to the daunting circumstances. Jimmy Jean was another of my favorite characters. He acted [...]

    • "Vapid" is the best word I can use to describe this book. Predictable, dull, and way too similar to Pat Frank's Alas Babylon to be considered anything but a poor copy of that much superior and landmark novel. The modern world shuts down, but this two little communities don't run out of food at any time? Just a few vagabonds and thieves besetting the community. Mere months to build a four-mile wall around the community, with no heavy equipment? And, months after the event, enough of the power gri [...]

    • Fun read--3.5 stars. Imagine our world if everything electric, including batteries and cars-everything just stopped. That's the story here with main character Molly and her pilot hubby, Gary, who is stuck hundreds of miles away when The blackout occurs. How does civilization survive or does it? Kinda slow in the middle but enjoyed the writing style and dialogue. Wonder if there will be a sequel? I'd definitely read it. 3.5 stars.

    • I did not expect to like this book as much as I did, but wow. I am a big fan of post-apocalyptic books, and this one took a entirely new view on the genre. It was fresh and new. And the best part was that the way everything played out was all totally realistic. Highly recommend this story!

    • Meh. Cute story, and seems realistic enough as far as what might happen in this sort of quasi-apocalyptic situation. But it's very simplistically written, and uses an annoying amnesia trope. I found that it read line a first draft. Needs a bit more polishing up and filling out.

    • Ugh what rating to give? Writing was awful, kept switching tenses. The ending was far too abrupt Seriously, that's it? Intriguing premise though.

    • I don't like writing bad reviews but some books demand it. The Blackout by Stephanie Erickson is one of those books. I got this book for free on a couple of years ago and since I was running low on things to read while waiting for NetGalley to approve me for some new ARCs, I decided to go ahead and read this book. It started off bad and didn't get any better along the way but since it's less than three hundred pages, I decided to finish reading to find out how the story ended. Spoiler: it was a [...]

    • I can't say that I liked the book. The idea of the book was great, but the book itself was bad. I think, the end was especially disappointing. This is the second book I read by this author and it still sucks. I really hate giving bad reviews, because I have not yet written even a short story myself. I appreciate all the effort the writer has put to complete the story, and that's the only reason I am giving it two stars. That, and the fact that I got the book free on . Nevertheless, if I had paye [...]

    • I really loved this book! Solar flare causes power to go out all over. Molly lives in Florida and is a teacher at college. Her husband is a pilot and is away a lot. When the blackout happens she is in the middle of class and he is waiting at the airport in Pennsylvania. She has to walk home as her scooter will not start. For her its only a few miles. For her husband Gary however the walk is much much longer. He faces many challenges along the way as people are wandering around robbing and killin [...]

    • I think although the story was quite interesting, the book itself lacked the development of characters or much of a substantial back story. "Solar flare causing EMP surge to blackout" was all there was. I felt because the story was so centred around Molly and Gary it had a sort of soap opera feel to it but I guess that added to the feeling of isolation for the main characters. Despite all of this I still was anticipating when I could read a bit more but it feels like I just had a sample of my ma [...]

    • This book had so many problems I don't even know where to start. I feel guilty writing harsh reviews because I understand how difficult it is to put your work out there but honestly this was like reading a very rough first draft. Flat, boring characters. Boring, slow plot. Even when bad stuff was happening it was sort of like 'meh'. Also had a serious problem with telling, not showing. Could have been alright with lots and lots of work.

    • *spoiler*one of my favorite genres. nothing super wild & crazy, but i liked the happy ending!!! It's not often one sees separated loved ones finding one another after a catastrophe. I would have been interested to hear about the other minor characters that were part of the first part of the story that interacted with the 2 main characters.

    • DisappointedI expected more, a different world and society not the same suburban patriarchal tedium, she also never explains where everyone goes to as they don't die in the Apocalypse. Sorry this is tedious.

    • I got about a third of the way through and couldn't read it anymore. uninteresting one dimensional characters and minimal descriptive wording. I love post apocalyptic books but this was just not good writing.

    • Engrossing I liked this book from the very beginning. It's a quick read which usually means to me that the book is not sophisticated enough or not well written but is was neither. The book hit the exact right tone. I'd really like a follow up book.

    • Wonderful book! This was a fast read, mostly because I didn't want to stop reading. Every minute I could spare from busy days was spent reading this book. Romance meets scary sci-fi. I'm looking forward to reading more in this series.

    • If you are reading this because you are interested in the fall of society, you will be very disappointed. This book reads like a .99 cent download from B&N. Terrible.

    • This was the least suspenseful post-apocalyptic story I've ever read. It's like an episode of the Waltons. There are a few small challenges, but it's no big deal - handle it and move on. There was no real conflict, just a lot of waiting.It's a shame, because I was really looking forward to a good post-apocalyptic romance. This book didn't quite meet the mark. On the plus side, the premise is very plausible: a solar flare that wipes out electricity and electronics. Something similar happened in 1 [...]

    • Interesting IdeaThe idea for this book is interesting, was an enjoyable read. Kinda like the Walking Dead, but without the zombies.

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