Behind the Green Curtain

Behind the Green Curtain When Caton s sleazy boss offers her a position as his wife s personal assistant she accepts the job with reservations certain Jack Halston has ulterior motives After meeting Jack s wife Amelia thou

  • Title: Behind the Green Curtain
  • Author: Riley Lashea
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 388
  • Format: ebook
  • When Caton s sleazy boss offers her a position as his wife s personal assistant, she accepts the job with reservations, certain Jack Halston has ulterior motives.After meeting Jack s wife Amelia, though, it s Caton s motivations that begin to unravel As vicious as she is beautiful, Amelia threatens Caton s position and her sense of decorum.As the attraction between the twWhen Caton s sleazy boss offers her a position as his wife s personal assistant, she accepts the job with reservations, certain Jack Halston has ulterior motives.After meeting Jack s wife Amelia, though, it s Caton s motivations that begin to unravel As vicious as she is beautiful, Amelia threatens Caton s position and her sense of decorum.As the attraction between the two women spirals into a torrid affair, Caton is drawn deeper into Jack and Amelia s world of privilege and prestige, where everything is at stake and nothing is what it seems.

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      Riley LaShea grew up in an Ohio town that looks like a dust speck on most maps It was boring and awful, so she got the hell out of there Now, she doesn t know where she wants to be, so over the past several years she has lived in Nashville, Orlando, Fort Worth, Allentown, Columbus, Kansas City, Raleigh, outside LA and inside Manhattan.She won a lyric contest judged by the Indigo Girls in high school and a screenplay contest judged by Creative Screenwriting Magazine once Her first published novel became a bestseller at one indie bookstore in Oakland that has since gone out of business.Known to take great risks in the noble pursuit of creativity, sometimes she prefers to just sit around eating chocolate yogurt and doing KenKen in pajama pants.

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    • This is one of those titles I would have completely ignored if not for a friend's enthusiastic recommendation. I don't normally go for erotic romances because I tend to skip over repetitive sex scenes and I'll probably just end up skipping most of the book! :) For me, the emotional connect just isn't there anymore when they've done it Nth number of times so let's just get on with the story already. :) Not this book though. The blurb pretty much explains upfront the infidelity angle. So I was exp [...]

    • Wow. Just, wow. This book has everything. Angst, chemistry, lovely characters, sex, romance, drama, top-notch writing. Often, I'll highlight impressive lines in stories on my Kindle and this one probably has the most. Seriously, a couple chapters in and I already wanted to recommend it to my friends.If the infidelity angle turns you off would it help to know that (view spoiler)[the husband Jack is a complete tool? Really. Don't feel bad for him.Edit: As for Laura, you may have to suspend your mo [...]

    • What makes Behind the Green Curtain such an appealing book is the simple fact that we (readers) also become obsessed with Amelia. That's the key word for the most part of the book: obsession. As in "the domination of one's thoughts or feelings by a persistent idea, image, desire, etc". The arabs call it Zahir: something or someone that once is touched, cannot be forgotten. That's what drives us through the pages along with Caton.

    • ‘Behind the Green Curtain’ was a spectacular read. An edgy, taboo book where the main characters, Caton and Amelia, are already in relationships with other people when they get with each other is not the usual fodder for likable characters or a stellar romance yet this book achieves both.Readers who are into ying/yang dynamics or the forbidden will enjoy this as both are heavily in play. But, the romantics at heart may also enjoy it because a true love story is ultimately its core.The taboo [...]

    • When I first started this, I was pretty sure I'd give it 4 or even 5 stars. And then it went to hell. At first I really liked the sex scenes, because they were really hot. You see, you have four types of F/F romance books:1. There is one big /usually the first time/ love scene, mostly at the end. And that's all.2. There are a few more after the big one, so maybe like two or three. Usually not that hot and often 'goes to black' scenario or the other love scenes are only intended. 3. No love scene [...]

    • Wow. I'm speechless. That was such a roller coaster. The storyline is quite original, and surprising. The sex scenes are extremely arousing, but are all written with purpose. There's a great dynamic between both characters who find themselves falling in love after what they thought would be a strictly sexual relationship. Amelia is such a mystery and such an interesting character, I found myself feeling and falling for her when the story unfolded. I love that the dominant/submissive sexual relat [...]

    • Major characters: Caton, AmeliaMinor characters: Jack, Amelia's husband. Laura, Caton's current girlfriendI first read this book years ago and rated it highly but I was dissatisfied rereading this. The theme centers on obsession and control with Caton hired to help Jack's wife in their home and Caton quickly becoming obsessed and subservient to Jack's wife, Amelia. Caton has a girlfriend, Laura, who seems too good to be true, painted in a light she is so nice she's boring. Caton, who strikes the [...]

    • 3.4 stars. I was holding off with this review for a couple of weeks now. There are aspects of this book that are really good and then there are other things that are subpar.The cat and mouse game was incredibly exciting, a real page turner. The sex is majorly HOT. It's basically everything else I had the problem with. As the book went on I liked Caton less and less, she continued to lie to her then girlfriend and broke her heart. There is no excuse for that and she didn't redeem herself at all.T [...]

    • Re-reading Behind the Green Curtain with Book Club Buddie D. was quite an adventure. Reading an angst-filled and dramatic piece like this aloud felt pretty draining and took me a full week to get through when the first time I read it alone and in two days. But I have to say it was very rewarding experience.The story felt quite new to me again after reading so many other books after (at least a few hundred). Oh the feels I had with this book. Lashea grabs the reader by the throat with a very well [...]

    • I've accidentally discovered this book browsing through one of the list on listopia. Wow! What a good find!When I was initially reading the book, I thought it would be about Amelia and Caton's D/s relationship, it was clear that in between Caton and Amelia, Amelia is the one dictating their terms of the relationship and holding up the power. It was until almost half way through the book that I start to get really hooked and warm up with Amelia. She's such an enigma but her back story runs a lot [...]

    • Honestly this was a brilliant read, I can't remember the last time I read a book as good as to say I wanted more.Even though this story was full of sex it wasn't off putting or repetitive at all, I found it to be an important part of this story as was the amount of emotion behind it, not a lot was said about feelings between the two main characters but it didn't need to be, you just knew the feelings were there without cheesy liners being inserted "thank god"

    • Wow. What was that?! I can’t wrap my head around the twist of the story. It’s cunning, a well woven plot, the author exudes brilliance in this one. I don’t even know why I put this book off for a while and not read it right away to settle for lackluster ones that came my hands. Another author to put of on my must-read list.

    • This was different, in a good way. The central relationship was very engaging for me, and the writing was lovely. The sex scenes were excellent, much better than in most books I've read with lesbian main characters. The sex felt real and sensual and, um, worked for me. I want more f/f like this basically. I'll definitely be checking into the authors other queer books.The one disappointment I had was that the relationship lost its delicious tension once Amelia became less of a mystery. She was al [...]

    • This book was different, wow. Not in a bad way. It took a while before the story sucked me in. It was a mixture of sexual tension, power struggle and defeat with a touch of unexpected occurances, a rollercoaster ride of emotions and lots of sex ;) always different and moving from pure need over pure want to pure love. Well done Riley Lashea!

    • Been reading lots of lesfic lately and most of it is basically the same, but that is not the case with this book.At its core, this book is a raw, emotional erotic romance. It perfectly walks the line between erotica and romance without getting too graphic or too cheesy. It also has a wee bit of mystery/thriller elements, which makes it interesting.You can't read this book and not discuss the love scenes. First, there's like a TON of them. Loads more than any of the other books I've read recently [...]

    • On first looks at the synopsis, cover and title, it is a put off. It's a good thing the reviews at swerve me otherwise. Though the adultery thing has been niggling at me, it's a great story with very complex characters namely Amelia. The sex scenes are bountiful but tastefully written. Upon my second reading, I realized that I missed out on some details. This is definitely a book worth re-reading. I look forward to more works by this author.

    • Wow. Okay this was good. Sometimes great. Unexpected even.When I read the synopsis about this one I had some doubts. It contains a few elements that I personally am not a big fan of reading about. Adultery being the greatest. Of course who is a fan of that one? I also wasn't sure from the wording of the description that the "husband" wouldn't be involved in the sexual relationship between the two women. Rest assured he is not. The husband is a butt head and there is never any doubt that he is an [...]

    • When I first started to read this book, I wasn't sure I would finish it because the parallels to my own life were too painful. (view spoiler)[In my early twenties I worked at a company where my boss used to come up behind me and rub his hard penis against me while I stood at a copier or a file cabinet. Or, he would push me up against a wall and kiss me and then laugh when I pulled away. At that time there was nothing I could do about it but leave my job. Asking him to stop was useless and he ign [...]

    • I really wanted to like it but unfortunately I belong to the minority who didn't enjoy it and had a hard time to finish it. I even confess that I ended up skipping most of the sex scenes I got bored after awhile (just way too many pages of sex).This won't stop me from reading other books by Ms Lashea because the writing was very good. I just didn't care for the plot at all.

    • It took me awhile to finish this because at the time I was not really feeling it. Now that I gave it another go I truly enjoyed it only thing it seems to me that the ending was rushed at the part where Amelia meets Caton's mom till ending.

    • This is possibly one of my fav books ever. Maybe it's because of the fact that I didn't expect it to be that good! First you think this is an erotic book but trust me it's far from that. To sum it up: this is such a romantic story with great sex scenes! Expect a lot of frustration, a very solid romance, very interesting characters, and a great unexpected ending! This is one of the books that will make u remember each and every single detail!

    • Riley Lashea needs to offer a writing class to some of the other lesbian writers out there(I won't name names but probably should).

    • "Physical attraction didn't explain why every time she happened upon Amelia unexpectedly, Caton felt her mouth go dry, her heart race and the immediate desire to find something to say that would make Amelia see her as less of a burden." If ever a sentence spoke to how it can feel when you first start to like someone you know you shouldn't, this may be it. What begins as a "senseless attraction" for Caton, hired to assist wealthy Amelia Halston in her charity functions, slowly escalates to someth [...]

    • 2 pity stars because I didn't actually finish it. The writing was decent enough, but the characters remained distant puppets to me. Their actions often appeared to come out of left field, intended to help the author along and kickstart new events. Lazy plotting, meh.The author, I feel, also made a critical error by allowing cookie-cutter asshole husband Jack to take over such a huge chunk of the book. His POV was redundant and took away from MC Caton's character development. With a little more e [...]

    • This damn book. I loved it so much that I'm too wound up to tease out everything I loved about it and now that I know the ending I'm going to have to read it again. I don't do cheating books usually (although I also loved The Fling by Rebekah Weatherspoon) but I'm glad I made an exception for this one. It's an erotic romance, so there's a LOT of sex in it, but every scene drives the romance and the story. I can't say enough good about this one. There is a HEA, but I would still love to see a sho [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book…e characters were well developed, the angst was real….but the twists and the ending were too rushed. Toward the end I found myself skipping a lot of the verbosity that in the beginning was nice….but it just kept coming and seemed to cross a line of "too much" for me at some point. I enjoyed it, it's worth the read and I would have given 3.5 stars. I almost rounded up instead of down, but thinking back on my other 4 star books…it just didn't quite get there for [...]

    • Well where do I start. Probably it was hot. Alot of love scenes but it was not heavy that I was expecting. The story are good for me and I didn't expect the last three chapters. The author didn't gave any idea or hint about it. But the impact of the book for me is not that strong maybe bcoz of the characters. I love Amelia but for me Caton's charater is not likable she was kind of boring for me.But this book is okay!! Well written I wasn't bored to this book bcoz it has plenty of hot scene but y [...]

    • I wasn't sure what to expect from this book when I read the blurb as f/f isn't my usual preference in reading material. I found a well written book with the chemistry between the two main characters getting hotter with each turn of the page!The twist at the end - surprising! As the synopsis said 'Nothing is what it seems'.

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