How Star Wars Conquered the Universe: The Past, Present, and Future of a Multibillion Dollar Franchise

How Star Wars Conquered the Universe The Past Present and Future of a Multibillion Dollar Franchise In a young filmmaker named George Lucas scribbled some notes for a far fetched space fantasy epic More than forty years and billion later Star Wars related products outnumber human beings a

  • Title: How Star Wars Conquered the Universe: The Past, Present, and Future of a Multibillion Dollar Franchise
  • Author: Chris Taylor
  • ISBN: 9780465089987
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In 1973, a young filmmaker named George Lucas scribbled some notes for a far fetched space fantasy epic More than forty years and 37 billion later, Star Wars related products outnumber human beings, a stormtrooper army spans the globe, and Jediism has become a religion in its own right Lucas s creation has grown into far than a cinematic classic it is, quite simIn 1973, a young filmmaker named George Lucas scribbled some notes for a far fetched space fantasy epic More than forty years and 37 billion later, Star Wars related products outnumber human beings, a stormtrooper army spans the globe, and Jediism has become a religion in its own right Lucas s creation has grown into far than a cinematic classic it is, quite simply, one of the most lucrative, influential, and interactive franchises of all time Yet until now, the complete history of Star Wars its influences and impact, the controversies it has spawned, its financial growth and long term prospects has never been told.In How Star Wars Conquered the Universe, veteran journalist Chris Taylor traces the series from the difficult birth of the original film through its sequels, the franchise s death and rebirth, the prequels, and the preparations for a new trilogy Taylor provides portraits of the friends, writers, artists, producers, and marketers who labored behind the scenes to turn Lucas s idea into a legend He also jousts with modern day Jedi, tinkers with droid builders, and gets inside Boba Fett s helmet, all to find out how Star Wars has attracted and inspired so many fans for so long.Since the first film s release in 1977, Taylor shows, Star Wars has conquered our culture with a sense of lightness and exuberance, while remaining serious enough to influence politics around the world and spread a spirituality that appeals to religious groups and atheists alike Controversial digital upgrades and critically savaged prequels have actually made the franchise stronger than ever Now, with a new set of savvy bosses holding the reins and Episode VII on the horizon, it looks like Star Wars is just getting started.An energetic, fast moving account of this creative and commercial phenomenon, How Star Wars Conquered the Universe explains how a filmmaker s fragile dream beat out a surprising number of rivals and gained a diehard, multigenerational fan base and why it will be galvanizing our imaginations and minting money for generations to come.

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    • There is no doubt that Star Wars is one of the largest and most pervasive cultural phenomenon since the first movie was released in 1977. All around the world people are familiar with light sabers and Darth Vader, Wookies and droids, Jedi and X-Wings. It has gotten to the point of cultural background noise. Everyone knows that Vader is Luke's father to the point that even the most anti-spoiler people nary bat an eyelash at that statement. But we live in a time where Star Wars and its themes are [...]

    • Listen up, nerds. This book is for you.I had never heard of it until I read the lovely Emmalita’s review, and now I am eternally grateful to her. I absolutely devoured this book. It’s one of the most thorough and interesting behind the scenes books I’ve ever read. I’ve been all up in Star Wars since I was sixteen, but reading this book made me realize I really only knew the story part of that galaxy far, far away (including the Expanded Universe). I knew very little about how the trilogy [...]

    • I should start this review with a disclaimer—I’m a dyed-in-the-wool, dedicated life-long Star Wars fan. When I talk about the most important formative influences of my childhood—the forces that shaped me most profoundly—the list includes my parents, my teachers, Sesame Street / Mr. Rogers…And Star Wars.As you can imagine, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on How Star Wars Conquered the Universe by Chris Taylor. I’m exactly the kind of audience this book was written for.Which is why i [...]

    • Zanim przejdę do opinii o dziele Taylora, chciałbym ze szczerego serca poprosić Was o bojkot polskiego wydania i - o ile znacie język angielski - o wyrażenie swojego szacunku dla pisarza poprzez nabycie wersji oryginalnej. Sposób, w jaki książka Chrisa Taylora została przełożona na język polski, stopień zaniedbania ze strony wydawnictwa Znak, manifestujący się kompletnym brakiem redakcji od strony merytorycznej i powierzenie tłumaczenia osobie niekompetentnej, której zarówno zn [...]

    • This book was a pleasingly comprehensive exploration of the entire Star Wars franchise and phenomenon, from the first scribblings of a teenage George Lucas, all the way through his entire career, up to (and beyond) the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney. It covers so much: the writing, making and marketing of the films; the early scripts and treatments that are almost unrecognisable as the final stories put to film; the Expanded Universe of books, TV shows, and comics; the endless merchandising; the cr [...]

    • On the scale of Star Wars geekdom, I am merely a padawan. I never ventured into the Extended Universe (Star Wars Rebels is exception), I have a laid-back attitude towards the prequels and certainly don’t know much of the background and legends surrounding this universe. This was why I was nervous about this book – I was afraid I would be bored by unnecessary details. My worry was unfounded.Chris Taylor examines the origins, influences and making of the series, many people that contributed to [...]

    • O tym jak pewien nerd stał się miliarderem dzięki spełnianiu własnych marzeń Genialna, obszerna i wielokontekstowa analiza przyczyn powstania, a także późniejszej popularności całego uniwersum stworzonego przez George'a Lucasa. Autor przybliża nam postać Lucasa starając się wyjaśnić jak doszło do tego, że stworzył on jeden z najbardziej kultowych (jeśli nie najbardziej) elementów popkultury. Dowiemy się w jakich bólach i trudach rodził się pierwszy szkic pierwszego fi [...]

    • This was probably the most entertaining book I've read in a while. When I heard about this book I was not initially very interested, but I was able to get it for free or at a low cost through Audible, and started listening to it when I ran out of other stuff to listen to.This book is simultaneously a biography of George Lucas, a history of science fiction and space fantasy, a film-making documentary, and a record of a cultural phenomenon of really unbelievable proportions. Taylor spins it as a g [...]

    • Let's just assume this is a review of original version and not this horrid, full of errors and mistranslations Polish edition."Zakon 66"!!! For f**k's sake!

    • I was born in late 1982, and I do not remember a time when I hadn't seen Star Wars. I have vague memories of wandering around my preschool classroom, spouting lines from The Empire Strikes Back. I remember days throughout my childhood (and adulthood) when we would break out the popcorn popper, and marathon the Star Wars or Indiana Jones movies. I refer to my phone as R2-D2, because it is always the droid I'm looking for, with it's R2 case and light saber and R2 notification noises. In short, I'm [...]

    • Chris Taylor manages to eruditely say a lot of what I've never been able to when it comes to Star Wars. This is a lovingly written and exhaustively researched companion, detailing the history of George Lucas, the pulp science fiction scene, the evolution of digital filmmaking and, of course, Star Wars itself.How Star Wars Conquered the Universe is informative, comedic, reverential and critical all at once; above all, though, it's never boring. I hesitate to say anything is the "Definitive" versi [...]

    • I'm somewhat of a Star Wars nerd. My list of bonafides?- I own the 2006 DVD release with the ORIGINAL movies in their ORIGINAL form.- I've seen the original trilogy hundreds of times.- I own and have seen both made-for-tv Ewok movies hundreds of times.- I listen to not one, but two Star Wars podcasts every week.- I've read 42 of the Expanded Universe Star Wars books.- I own several light sabers and blasters and regularly do battle with my 3 year old using the same. I play both good and bad guys, [...]

    • To those who can't wait until the release of Episode VII: this is the book you've been looking for. How Star Wars Conquered the Universe is a well-researched look at how Star Wars came to cast its shadow over American, and eventually international, culture. Taylor is a reverential yet uncompromising fan while dealing with every aspect of George Lucas' (now Disney's) hallowed franchise.I was hooked from the beginning as Taylor does a fine job of capturing the wonder and excitement of 1977. It's t [...]

    • I had a free audiobook download voucher and decided to give this book a whirl. It was advertised as a history of the Star Wars saga and I thought it promised a rather interesting perspective on the creative process. I thought the book would detail a great deal about how a record breaking franchise such as this is born, and it does. However, Taylor does much more than that. By clocking in just over 21 hours long (unabridged), this book certainly tried my patience. In addition to the history of th [...]

    • Pomimo że czytałam pierwsze wydanie, które według znawców ma podobno niebywałą ilość błędów i niedomówień, to jako 1. fanka "Gwiezdnych Wojen", 2. totalny laik jeśli chodzi o historię powstawania sagi, muszę przyznać, że bawiłam się znakomicie.Dosyć obszerna pozycja stanowi wspaniały ukłon w stronę każdego fana, który sięgnie po tą lekturę. Od przemycania w każdym rozdziale smaczków z planu oryginalnych części, poprzez wspaniale opisany proces powstawania kolejn [...]

    • Really 3.5.Listen, this is a very good book. It just wasn’t the droid I was looking for. Well, more accurately it was the droid I was looking for, but he brought along his annoying protocol droid buddy who bothered me with information about himself (wow, I think I just made a reference that equates a book about George Lucas to C-3PO… I am such a nerd). But I am only rating this book three stars, compared to higher ratings you’ll see nearly everywhere else. Why? Because while Taylor obvious [...]

    • A biography of the series / franchise / legend, as well as the creator, George Lucas - this books was a lot of fun for any Star Wars fan. Lots of behind-the-scenes stories, early concepts and drafts of the screenplays, and the "expanded" universe that pushes past the original trilogy and prequels into all of the 'space betweens': comics, novels, animated series, cosplay, etc. A large amount of time and ink was spent on Episode 4 concepts, and the process that Lucas took in the mid-1970s, while t [...]

    • If you grew up with Star Wars, you will enjoy this book which tells the story of George Lucas and the many fans that have made Star Wars a cultural phenomenon. Many entertaining anecdotes, including the origin of Wookies, engineers that build fully functional R2 units, the best order to watch the 6 movies, when President Obama rode in an elevator with Chewbacca and C3PO.I learned about Star Wars uncut, a fan created version of the first movie spliced together from 15 second segments. I learned h [...]

    • Such a fun read! I honestly though i knew everything about Star Wars. I'd read the comic, obsessed about the movies, and even saw all the audition tapes. What i didn't know was how intense the history was and all the problems they had to deal with. Great for any super star wars fan :)

    • This had potential to be a great book but was fairly disappointing with it's disorganized format.

    • This was a comprehensive and quite riveting read. I raced through the second half of this today and has certainly got me in the mood to finally see Episode VII tomorrow!

    • I had no idea this book (published in 2014) existed until I came across it while browsing in Waterstones. At 512 pages (plus notes and index), I expected it to take a while to read but that wasn’t the case - it dragged me in and along and as much as I tried to slow down, I’d finished it in a week. And I feel bereft now for having done so. Chris Taylor looks at the Star Wars phenomenon both in terms of the films (and official Lucasfilm off-shoots) and their impact on society and pop culture, [...]

    • In 1973, George Lucas sketched the first notes of what would become his epic space fantasy movie, Star Wars. More than four decades on, Star Wars has become a $37 billion movie franchise and media empire, and an enormous cultural force.Taylor gives us both the history forward from that beginning through the making of the films and the sale and rebirth of the franchise under Disney, and the path from the middle class kid growing up in Modesto to the man who made that first Star Wars film and its [...]

    • If anyone chronicles the next forty years of Star Wars history the way Chris Taylor has done here, I hope they have the wherewithal to refer to George Lucas as something other than "The Creator."

    • Que livro espetacular. Que jornada linda, gente. Que coisa mais foda. Impossível não amar Star Wars ainda mais - o Chris Taylor simplesmente quebra tudo nessa biografia fantástica sobre a maior série de filmes de todos os tempos. ❤ Leiam!

    • I'd describe myself as a lapsed Star Wars fan. I first saw The Empire Strikes Back on TV at a friend's house around 1994, when I was 9, and fell instantly under its spell. I went on to watch the classic trilogy countless times on VHS, amass a small collection of action figures and Lego sets, dabble in the 'Expanded Universe' of video games, novels, comic books and cartoons - and, of course, I went through the trauma of the prequels. I even met Kenny Baker (R2-D2 himself!) at the peak of my fando [...]

    • Inhalt: Ein junger Filmemacher namens George Lucas machte sich 1973 ein paar Notizen für einen bunten Weltraum-Film. Vier Jahrzehnte später sind aus diesen Notizen eine siebenteilige Filmreihe, ein Popkulturphänomen und ein milliardenschweres Merchandising- Unternehmen geworden – es gibt heute mehr Star-Wars-Produkte als Menschen auf dem Globus! Wie es dazu kam und was Star Wars aus unserer Kultur gemacht hat, das erzählt der Journalist Chris Taylor auf so packende wie unterhaltsame Weise. [...]

    • How Star Wars Conquered the Universe was a tour de force in the history of Star Wars writing. There have been so many Star Wars books published in the history of the franchise, what makes this special you ask? Well, it just happens to be the newest, and the only one I've read, so that makes it special in my book.Chris Taylor is the deputy editor of the technology and news website Mashable. His articles also regularly appear in Time, Business and Fortune. This clearly shows up in his writing, eve [...]

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