The Lollipop Shoes

The Lollipop Shoes Who died I said Or is it a secret My mother Vianne Rocher Seeking refuge and anonymity in the cobbled streets of Montmartre Yanne and her two daughters live peacefully if not happily above their l

  • Title: The Lollipop Shoes
  • Author: Joanne Harris
  • ISBN: 9780552773157
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Paperback
  • Who died I said Or is it a secret My mother, Vianne Rocher Seeking refuge and anonymity in the cobbled streets of Montmartre, Yanne and her two daughters live peacefully, if not happily, above their little chocolate shop Nothing unusual marks them out no red sachets hang by the door.The wind has stopped at least for a while Then into their lives blows Zozie de Who died I said Or is it a secret My mother, Vianne Rocher Seeking refuge and anonymity in the cobbled streets of Montmartre, Yanne and her two daughters live peacefully, if not happily, above their little chocolate shop Nothing unusual marks them out no red sachets hang by the door.The wind has stopped at least for a while Then into their lives blows Zozie de l Alba, the lady with the lollipop shoes,ruthless, devious and seductive.With everything she loves at stake, Yanne must face a difficult choice to flee, as she has done so many times before, or to confront her most dangerous enemyHerself.

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    • Joanne Harris

      Joanne Harris is an Anglo French author, whose books include fourteen novels, two cookbooks and many short stories Her work is extremely diverse, covering aspects of magic realism, suspense, historical fiction, mythology and fantasy She has also written a DR WHO novella for the BBC, has scripted guest episodes for the game ZOMBIES, RUN , and is currently engaged in a number of musical theatre projects as well as developing an original drama for television.In 2000, her 1999 novel CHOCOLAT was adapted to the screen, starring Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp She is an honorary Fellow of St Catharine s College, Cambridge, and in 2013 was awarded an MBE by the Queen.Her hobbies are listed in Who s Who as mooching, lounging, strutting, strumming, priest baiting and quiet subversion She also spends too much time on Twitter plays flute and bass guitar in a band first formed when she was 16 and works from a shed in her garden at her home in Yorkshire.

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    • This is Harris’s follow-up to Chocolat. Vianne and now two daughters have relocated from the rural town of their initial setting, Lansquenet, to Paris. The novel is tort-like in the density of its imagery, particularly early on. Zozie is a witch like Vianne, but without the self-control and kind heart. She seems mostly like a soul catcher, a devil in a red dress looking to acquire souls. She sees power in Vianne’s daughter, Anouk, and tries to gain her loyalty. The story is of Anouk coming o [...]

    • I’ve been sitting in my chair thinking about what I was going to write about the story I just finished. The question, “what did you think?” always makes me feel like it is some kind of test and I am going to give the wrong answer. I try not to think about it that way. I always think that this is not the question that I should be answering. My question would be “what did you feel?” Ahhh, yes, that’s it. Let me tell you about the story by telling you how I felt. The whole time I was re [...]

    • Η υπέροχη συνέχεια της Καυτής Σοκολάτας. Η Βιαν Ροσέ με καινουρια ταυτότητα, κ που είναι το περίεργο; Έτσι την μάθαμε και έτσι την αγαπήσαμε. Τι συμβαίνει όμως όταν αυτή η νέα ταυτότητα έχει παρασύρει κ καταπιεί την αγαπημένη, δυναμική ηρωίδα που ξέραμε και την έχει μετατρέψ [...]

    • The spider weaves its web elegantly. It is a thing of beauty to watch. But, to see it ensnare its prey is horrific, yet equally fascinating. Harris spins her own web in this delicious sequel to Chocolat. Who is the spider and who is the prey?

    • I started this book with a lot of expectations and i am happy to report that I enjoyed it thoroughly. Joanne Harris's Lollipop shoes is like dark,creamy chocolate with a hint of spice-totally heady and difficult to resist. Narrated from three POVs(Yanne, Anouk and Zozie), the narrative flows seamlessly. I loved how Joanne let a huge chunk of the narrative be told from Zozie's perspective- I don't really think i have read too many novels that have been narrated from the Villain's point of view.Al [...]

    • I really, really wanted to like this book - I have such fond memories of *Chocolat* (probably because I read a borrowed copy on the plane home from a trip to Paris replete with French chocolates, but still). I can't help but think that the sequel almost ruins the magic of the first one - it ended sohopefully, and then *The Girl With No Shadow* happens and undercuts it all.As a stand-alone book, though (which it very well could be), I'm much happier with it (and if it were a stand-alone book, I'd [...]

    • This is a sequel to Chocolat, and having loved that book, having been enchanted by the characters, I thought I'd love this. Wrong. Still intact from Chocolat is Harris's ability to weave the details of a thing or place so vividly that they become secondary characters--in this case the chocolates and the chocolate shop (in fact, it is that quality that keeps this from getting a D). What is missing is the sense of whimsy, the light-handed treatment of magic, and any possibly of liking these charac [...]

    • Sequel to Chocolat, published as The Lollipop Shoes outside of U.S.Chocolat was full of colors and enchantment that we never really knew the source of. The Girl with No Shadow reveals these right away. This story starts with none of the enchantment and mystery of Chocolat. We are introduced to Zozie who is leaving her previous life. Each chapter comes from the point of view of either Zozie, Vianne, or Anouk. This threw me at first until I realized we had switched characters. Roux returns but is [...]

    • 26/8/2016God, I love this book. So, so much. Magic plays much more of a role in this one than in Chocolat, which could almost be described as straight up literature. This one relies fairly heavily on magic of varying sorts. It gives us the back story on characters we know and love, which also introducing one of the most unreliable and compelling narrators I think I've ever come across. Zozie is so creeptastic by the end, and yet in the beginning, the reader is as taken in by her as Anouk is. Ano [...]

    • If Chocolat was Dark Chocolate with a creamy milk chocolate filling then The Girl with No Shadow is a Dark Chocolate truffle with a smooth creamy finish."The Girl" is not a simple tale. It's a complex tale that mirrors life and the way we interact with each other, the things we choose not to see, the choices we make because we believe them to be right and the ultimate decision of getting back to that place within yourself that truly represents who you are.It's about love, vengeance, family, long [...]

    • Pariz, magija, čokolada Pratimo život Vianne Rocher i Anouk poslije onog dijela koji smo čitali/gledali u Čokoladi A on se odvija u Parizu, točnije na Montmartru I to je lijepo Iako je u ovoj knjizi više naglasak na magiju mi je dio bio bolji U stvari, možda sam baš zato što je prvi bio toliko dobar, stavila prevelika očekivanja pred CipeliceOvdje mi je najslabija karika nekako, nedorečen zaplet U svakom slučaju, ako ste zavoljeli likove i atmosferu "Čokolade" pročitajte i ovo

    • I loved this book. And I didn't expect to. Granted,Chocolat is one of my favorite "Go to a happy place" films. So when I found the book at a bargain price a few years ago, I thought I'd read it.Per my usual, since I'd seen the movie, I didn't take the time to read the first book (since I have so much to read for work, and this doesn't fall into the group of books in my field). Now I think I will, even though I can tell that it won't take me to a happy place, as does the film.I thought for certai [...]

    • The sequel to Chocolat is a much darker offering. The story is set 4 years later and it's clear that Vianne is fearful of something. She and Anouk have assumed new names, their spirits have dwindled, and they seem defeated. The story examines the debilitating effect of fear and the dangers it can expose us to. It also examines the choices we make to obtain the things we need. I'm beginning to suspect that Joanne Harris' dialogue of right vs wrong, good vs evil to be a signature for her. I've rea [...]

    • Having read chocolat I already had an interest and liked the character of viane. It was good to see the changes in the child as she has grown up and the development of the relationship with her mother. Some of the references which pinpointed dates threw me a bit I had the sense in chocolat that it was more historical but the mention of mobile phones threw me into an era I had not really thought of this book being in. Although I perhaps appreciated more the contrast of the more traditional and ol [...]

    • [This review was originally posted on my blog.]It has been years since I last read Chocolat and watched its magical movie adaptation. I remember that I went on a Joanne Harris reading spree right after that. Many of her books are just as filled with love for the culinary arts. Part of me was afraid that the sequel would disappoint, and that is why I only recently got around to reading The Lollipop Shoes. I needn't have worried though, because from the very first page I was hooked. The woman with [...]

    • I read Joanne Harris's popular novel Chocolat and saw the movie based on it so long ago that I can barely remember what it was about - other than a chocolate shop in France. But, I do recall enjoying it and finding it quite magical. So, while at a bookstore recently, I was excited to discover this sequel. The Girl with No Shadow opens with Vianne and Anouk (of Chocolat fame) in a new city under new identities, Yanne and Annie. Yanne is struggling to keep her new chocolaterie afloat. She is datin [...]

    • I was so disappointed with this book; when it first came out I even bought it in hardback as I had absolutley loved Chocolat (and the others of Harris's that I have read). I had practically been counting down the days to the release of this book and was left feeling incredibly underwhelmed by the whole thing. The Lollipop Shoes is the story of Vianne and Anouk and Vianne's new daugher who have moved to Paris and set up a chocolate shop there too but there is none of the magic of that first shop, [...]

    • I enjoyed this more than Chocolat, perhaps because I had nothing to compare it to. Harris' writing style is just as easy to read as chocolate, and this book is just as amusing a morsel (and just as likely to make your mouth water). However, I found it more nuanced and a bit less obvious than Chocolat.Zozie is a much more satisfying villain than Chocolat's Reynaud ever was; and Anouk's sullen teenage resentment of (and at times, fierce love for) her mother and attraction to Zozie as a surrogate m [...]

    • I didn’t realise that there was a sequel to Chocolat until a friend recommended it a few years ago. Then I happened to see a copy in the library and thought it might be fun to read, as indeed it was. The narrative picks up about five years after the events of Chocolat. Vianne and Anouk have been joined by little Rosette and are living quietly in Paris. Their relatively peaceful existence is upended by the arrival of the enigmatic Zozie. I found the split point of view between Vianne, Anouk, an [...]

    • As a sequel to "Chocolat", I think this was pretty good. It shows growth and imagination on the author's part, not just a reworking of a previous success. Each chapter is narrated by one of the main characters; Zozie, Vianne or Anouk. The little graphic at the chapter heading indicates which person will be speaking, but I didn't figure that out until after I had finished the book. Kind of makes me mad, too. That's not the kind of clue I'd typically overlook. That aside, I thought there could hav [...]

    • I enjoyed this book. I thought it was imaginative, and yet, had a good thought provoking message. At one point, I put the book down and thought that I didn't really NEED to finish it because I was pretty sure I could predict how it was going to end. But then, I starting thinking about it and decided that maybe things weren't going to turn out as I expected. That does sometimes happen, when I am surprised by an ending. I liked the reference to The Kindly Ones being so very dangerous. How many tim [...]

    • Harris makes the reader work hard to follow the characters with the assumed names. Then she moves in to a class boy girl fact pattern. While I am a fan of Chocolat, the movie, this book disappointed me.

    • The Lollipop Shoes (Chocolat #2), Joanne Harrisعنوان: کفش‌های آبنباتی؛ جوآن هریس؛ مترجم: چیستا یثربی؛ تهران، پوینده، 1387، در 192 ص؛ شابک: 9789642950164؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان انگلیسی قرن 21 م

    • Роман Джоанн Харрис "Леденцовые туфельки" - это продолжение известного романа "Шоколад". И, скажу я вам, просто замечательное продолжение! Туфельки понравились мне куда больше Шоколада, хотя я и сама, наверное, толком не объясню, почему :)Может, из-за того, что повествование ве [...]

    • While I did not love this book with the same intensity as Chocolat, it is still a delightful sequel. I was sad to see Vianne so changed and wanted desperately for her to find her way back to herself. I understood Vianne's changes, her fears as a mother, and as a mother of a special needs child I can relate to the fierce anger you can feel towards Kindly Ones who intend to help but only hurt. I felt angry towards Zozie, the interloper in their lives. I also felt strangely fascinated by her. Harri [...]

    • I was pretty frustrated with this book. I enjoyed the writing and I thought the writing was good but the plot and the story just felt really drawn-out.Usually Harris' writing has a really lovely slowness, like the gradual unwinding of a ball of yarn, but I didn't feel that way with this book. I really like her characters, particularly her female characters and how they were written but parts of the novel just felt totally forced in there for plot purposes. Without spoiling it, I relished the big [...]

    • I love Chocolat, and I could never get bored of it, I don't think. But I didn't get on so well with The Lollipop Shoes the first time I read it, and this time even less so. Vianne without her magic, without her spark -- for most of the book anyway -- is a lot more boring, and I hated the tangles of plot Zozie festooned around the place. It was hard to care about Thierry and the part of the plot that involved him, and Roux didn't come in soon enough.The ending is too little, too late -- and I'd r [...]

    • This second installment in the Chocolat books is that rare sequel that is better than the first. More overtly magical than Chocolat, Harris continues her tale about a young mother raising her two children with sweets and witchcraft. There is something inherently earthy and grounded about the way the author uses magical realism to move her story forward, which is a breath of fresh air among others in the genre. From the food to the romance, The Girl with No Shadow is the most enchanting book in t [...]

    • Não foi o meu livro preferido desta autora. Há qualquer coisa que me impediu de ficar entusiasmada com o livro e apenas as últimas páginas me fizeram dar-lhe 4 estrelas. Achei que a história andava muito devagar. No entanto, consegui apegar-me às personagens e ganhar uma extrema irritação à Zozie e às suas manhas.

    • Joanne Harris has created a breathtaking masterpiece of the surreal and mystical; the sugar-spun and sinister, the dreamy and devilish, the poetic and romantic - with the labyrinthine streets of Montmartre as the perfectly quaint and unsuspecting backdrop for the latest incarnation of the chocolaterie. At times, I even felt true empathy for one Zozie de l'Alba! At others I was unable to stop myself from pouring hygge-esque mugs of proper hot chocolate whilst concurrently nibbling on cake. Truly, [...]

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