Hijacked Pilot Lannis Parker s carefully constructed sterile life is upended when her small plane is hijacked before dawn on a wintry Louisville morning Her captor does than force her to fly him to the Appala

  • Title: Hijacked
  • Author: Leslie Lynch
  • ISBN: 9781499535556
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pilot Lannis Parker s carefully constructed, sterile life is upended when her small plane is hijacked before dawn on a wintry Louisville morning Her captor does than force her to fly him to the Appalachian wilderness, though He resurrects memories she s tried to bury, memories of a brutal attack she d survived four years earlier, an attack she didn t report and triePilot Lannis Parker s carefully constructed, sterile life is upended when her small plane is hijacked before dawn on a wintry Louisville morning Her captor does than force her to fly him to the Appalachian wilderness, though He resurrects memories she s tried to bury, memories of a brutal attack she d survived four years earlier, an attack she didn t report and tries to pretend didn t happen Wounded, and losing strength by the minute, Ben Martin knows he has no choice but to commandeer a plane before he s set upon by a ruthless band of drug dealers intent on wiping him out, along with the information he s acquired He s horrified to discover the pilot is a woman but once his plan is launched, there s no turning back.During a week in the wilderness, Lannis learns her hijacker is fair and honorable, compassionate and insightful strange attributes for a criminal And when he discovers her secret, he vows to be the friend she desperately needs but refuses to accept.Will she come to terms with her past And will he be part of her future

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    • Leslie Lynch

      Leslie Lynch gives voice to characters who struggle to find healing for their brokenness and discover unconventional solutions to life s unexpected twists.Leslie lives near Louisville, Kentucky, with her husband and a rescued feral turned sweetheart cat While not engaged in wrestling the beautiful and prolific greenery of their yard into submission, she flies light aircraft, loves the exuberant creativity and color of quilting and pottery and, of course, writes.You can find her at leslielynch, on Facebook at LeslieLynchWrites, on Pinterest as Leslie Lynch, and on Twitter Leslie_Lynch_

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    • There were only a few reviews when I purchased this book, and none of them said anything about it being Christian fiction, so it threw me a bit. Nothing against Christian fiction, but as an Atheist I generally tried to avoid it.The first part of the book was pretty intense and it grabbed me right away. Lannis is getting ready to fly a plane and Ben kidnaps her and the plane and he takes her on the run for days. Ben annoyed me throughout the entire book. He kidnaps Lannis, punches her in the face [...]

    • From the very first chapter, I was hooked on Hijacked! I don't think I've ever read a stronger first chapter--one that grabbed me by the throat and wouldn't let go. Throughout, the characters Lannis and Ben are complex: endearing yet never saccharine. The plot veers from heart-pounding action into tender introspection without missing a beat. In Hijacked, Leslie Lynch shows us how two very imperfect people brought together under perhaps some of the least romantic circumstances one could imagine c [...]

    • This suspense novel written for a female audience moved me to tears at one point, and kept me reading far more than I really had time to do. Lannis is a strong main character, even as she deals with struggles against physical, psychological and spiritual odds. You'll find yourself rooting for her. Highly recommended.

    • I could not put this one down, what a great read. Set in Louisville, KY, a young female pilot gets ready for a flight, but its not what she expects. Enter Ben, her passenger and everything changes in a hurry. Lots of tense, suspense-filled moments, in flight and out. She has secrets, and so does he which makes for some humorous, and heartbreaking moments, adventure, and so much more. From : Book 1 of The Appalachian Foothills seriesPilot Lannis Parker’s carefully constructed, sterile life is u [...]

    • I'd never read a book before from a Catholic viewpoint. Never thought they held strong enough convictions for that. The good news is, they don't - while 'inspirational', it was barely that. Mostly it was a good book with some hard-hitting topics. Alcoholism. Rape. Forgiveness. Abandonment. Trust. Kidnapping. But it's done in a really good, really smooth way in this book.Lannis is a pilot with some severe baggage. Having been victim of a brutal rape, she turned to alcoholism and shut herself off [...]

    • Such a great story!!Such a great story!!Who knew you could read a romance without all the graphic and explicit sexual encounters and still enjoy the story. Leslie Lynch writes with such eloquence and grace that even the violent events were so real without terrorizing the reader. As a survivor myself she captured the inner struggle and dialogue that victims party offer and over in their heads. The trials of not letting that event define you as a person and the outside demons that try to help mask [...]

    • I thought I knew at least a little of what to expect from a story with the title Hijacked, but boy was I surprised. Yes, a plane is hijacked, but very little of the story takes place on the hijacked plane. The rest, and the bigger story, is the relationship that develops as a result, starting on a wilderness adventure. That relationship is unsettling at times, and readers may question the motivation or good sense of one character or the other, but that kept me reading! Through two points of view [...]

    • An awesome book that starts with adventure and develops into a wonderful human interest romance. When Ben coerces Lannis to fly him out of Louisville her old terror kicks in and has her fighting him all the way; DEA agent Ben wants to relieve her fears but believes that any knowledge she has of him could endanger he life once she returns to Louisville. He has no idea of her background but who wouldn't be terrified even if the hijacker promised his victim that she will be returned unharmed. But t [...]

    • Christian fiction at its best. Interesting characters and plot plus basic tenets that are blended into the story -- not beating one over the head. Adding author to those whose other works I will look for. Definitely recommended.

    • This is a great readspenseful, interesting characters, enough detail to give a good sense of place. I look forward to more books in this series! (Full disclosure: I'm related to the author, but haha, I'm only saying it because I'm proud to be related to the person who wrote this!)

    • Wow what a great read!!This is my first book by this author. I love the style. The storyline was awesome. I read it in three days. I loved the main characters. Great morals in the story. No sex. I have already purchased the next book in this series.

    • Excellent debut by Golden Heart finalist Leslie Lynch. A Civilian Air Patrol pilot herself, Lynch delivers a well-drawn protagonist in pilot Lannis Parker. A heart-warming story of redemption and healing.

    • This is a story about healing and finding hope where none existed. I really enjoyed the character development and the twists and turns in the story. Watch out for this author!

    • Hijacked reviewHijacked is the first book in the Appalachian Foothills series written by author Leslie Lynch. This book is well-written, but I expected more action and suspense.

    • A pretty decent book. Yes, it is a Christian based story. No, it wasn't the best writing in the world, but it held my attention and was thoroughly entertaining. I enjoyed it.

    • Hold onto your knickers, because you are about to be taken on one heck of a ride with Hijacked, by Leslie Lynch. Ben Martin, undercover DEA agent, finds himself between a rock and a hard place after a drug bust goes bad, leaving him with a bullet wound in his shoulder and a need to escape – quickly! He sees no other outlet than a small plane going through pre-flight checks at a small airfield. The lone pilot should be easy to overtake, thought Ben – and away we go!As Ben hijacks the plane, h [...]

    • I went into this thinking this would be a great romantic suspense and Part One (up to 40%) of the book set up a really good suspenseful plot. The writing was good, I'm enjoying the plot and then the story line totally switched to a Christian and AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) introspection by the heroine. The detailed introspection took up another 40% of the book. And then the last 15% to 20% wrapped up the relationship issues. I had this bait and switch feeling where the really good parts of the sus [...]

    • I have mixed feelings about this book. This was Christian fiction but it contained a lot of frank talk about sex and rape that I am not accustomed to seeing in Christian fiction. Also, the book was divided into two parts. Part one was very gripping but it ended with loose ends or else I would say it was almost a completely different book and a stand-alone book. A completely different tone and story. Lots of action and suspense and, well, cruelty (on one level), but not a satisfactory conclusione [...]

    • I can't say I loved this book but can't say I hated it either. I can't really figure out what put me off of it. The characters were developed nicely. The author took care to let you get to know them. She did not rely on sex scenes to carry the story. There was not a lot of drama,suspense. It was a story of a damaged woman and an undercover detective. In running from a set up and for his life he takes Lannis hostage.Suspense, right? Well, yeh, but was resolved within pages. Her alcoholism and esc [...]

    • I thoroughly enjoyed this book. From the very start, the reader is captured and kept guessing. It really seemed to be two stories in one book. First, the tense and interesting plot wherein Ben pulls an unwilling pilot into his urgent need to save himself from the bad guys who have discovered that he betrayed them. But then, inextricably, that plot resolves itself quietly in the background, and the reader is introduced to a new plot.e pilot's traumatic past and the difficulty she has opening hers [...]

    • Part I was masterful. Intense, page-turning, a tough heroine to boot. Wonderful, and I enjoyed every page. (5 stars) Part II went off the rails for me personally. It's all about expectations and I was NOT expecting it to veer into the Christian/God aspect. While I think the author handled it with a light, non-preachy touch, it still threw me. I also found Ben to be too perfect. I get that Lannis is a mess and he's the rock to hold her steady but he needed deeper flaws for this romance to really [...]

    • GOD BITES BOOK!I was enjoying this book, despite the situations being very unrealistic, because of the interaction between two pleasing characters.Enjoying it, that is, until it suddenly turned God-ist.My daughter has been known to throw books against the wall when they turn into tripe at the end - The Horse Whisperer, for instance - and I felt like doing just that with this book.

    • I had high expectations from the blurb and was disappointed with the execution. I found knowing the perspective from each character to give too much information away and thus made me not interested and just annoyed with how some of them reacted. Ended up not finishing this one unfortunately

    • The title, the category, and the first few chapters indicated something, but soon turned out into an unidentifiable genre, ending up palpably frayed! What saved the book from crash landing, was Leslie Lynch's writing style.

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