Armageddon Girl

Armageddon Girl College student Christine Dark wasn t happy Her social life sucked she spent too much of her time playing computer games or reading sci fi novels and the occasional paranormal romance and she felt li

  • Title: Armageddon Girl
  • Author: C.J. Carella
  • ISBN: 9781491099964
  • Page: 255
  • Format: Paperback
  • College student Christine Dark wasn t happy Her social life sucked, she spent too much of her time playing computer games or reading sci fi novels and the occasional paranormal romance and she felt like she was missing out on everything Fate had something special in store for her, though Without warning, an unknown force drags Christine out of her world and takes herCollege student Christine Dark wasn t happy Her social life sucked, she spent too much of her time playing computer games or reading sci fi novels and the occasional paranormal romance and she felt like she was missing out on everything Fate had something special in store for her, though Without warning, an unknown force drags Christine out of her world and takes her to a whole new universe, an alternate Earth where superhuman beings have existed since the end of World War One, a world filled with strange and dangerous characters Christine soon learns she too is than human, and that her choices may save her new home or bring about its destruction.

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      255 C.J. Carella
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    • C.J. Carella

      C.J discovered his obsession with making up crap and writing it down at the age of 6, when he wrote his first short story, back in the days when the Cold War was still on and the only mobile devices were the wrist watch and the walkie talkie He s been making up crap and writing it down for fun and profit ever since.

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    • A fun alternate universe superhero story that takes several recognizable superheros from our world and transplants them (changing the names) into a world where they've been around since they were introduced in comics our world. Well worth a read, especially if you've got Kindle Unlimited where you can borrow all 4 books in the series. We enter the series through a girl who is transplanted from our universe to theirs, against her will, one night and discovers she has super powers of her own once [...]

    • I tend to not give out a lot of five star ratings because there is almost always room for improvement. I enjoyed this book a great deal. It was complete fantasy, but it was fun. I enjoyed the author's tone, which was completely irreverent. I did not always care for the language used, but it was not overwhelming. It took me a while to deal with the frequently changing perspectives used by the author, but once I figured it out, it did not detract from the story. While a lot of things are left unex [...]

    • I really liked it a lot!! Superheroes make everything cooler and THAT more epic, but this author writes good characters and plot as well. LOTS of differing POV chapters.

    • Christine Dark is a cillegestudent who prefers to live in her own head and plays a lot of Warcraft.Shes dragged to a frat party by her friend.As expected its a disaster and Christine ends the night on all four on the lawn throwing up.The next thing she know is that something strange is happening to her.She wakes up in a hospital bed before being brutalt kidnapped and then saved by a man named Face off.Only hes not quite just a normal man but a neo-human.Somehow Christine has travel led to anothe [...]

    • I've never read a superhero book before. I believe the only reason I read this book was because it hadn't been categorized yet as a superhero book on yet. I was rather disappointed though that I wasn't disappointed like I expected. I definitely enjoyed this book a lot (duh, 5 stars) and might look into reading more books in this genre. The book isn't about Christine as much as revolves around her (different POV every other chapter it seemed). It's probably my only criticism and something I hope [...]

    • One of best books I have read in several years.One of the best books in the superhero genre I have ever read! The pacing is fantastic and shifts expertly throughout matching the current point of the plot. The humor is pretty spot on, the characters are believable, inasmuch as they can be in a superhero book, and their emotional experiences are relatable. This is coming from someone who has literally read 2 libraries worth of books since middle school, when found to have reading and comprehension [...]

    • A great book, and one that shows just how great small press/self published books can be. The characters were well written, believable, and relative. No mean feat when some of them are basically minor gods. I'm really looking forward to the sequel, I only which I had precognitive powers so I could read it now.

    • So much fun! Christine is at a (super not-fun sounding) frat party that her roommate guilted her into attending when suddenly she gets sucked into another universe Not only are there superheroes who've created a completely alternate 20th century, but as events progress it becomes clear that she's one of them.An action-packed ride and the tantalizing glimpses of alternate history as well as the overarching reasons behind it are great fun. I'm bummed that the novel ends at what feels like mostly a [...]

    • This was a very pleasant surprise! It appealed to me because out was not only a superhero novel, but the lead is a woman. Thus I was pulled into a first-rate cosmic tale of an alternate reality, multiple styles of storytelling and a heroine funnier than Buffy (which I consider high praise).This focuses on an alternate reality work superheroes, diverging exponentially from WWII, and has several characters reminiscent of (but not copies of) classic comic and pulp heroes. The beginning especially h [...]

    • Great superhero story with a twist or two. Christine, the nerdy physics major ends up being pulled into an alternate/parallel universe that's a lot like ours - but not quite. Her new universe has Neos, actual superheroes, and they've been mostly around since the 1920s with a few who may have arrived earlier.Power struggles abound and Christine may be the one who can save the day - if things work out just right. With her extreme intelligence, wise-cracking wit, and emerging abilities, she may be [...]

    • Such a great good. This has got to be one of my favorite superhero books I've read in a long while. I don't usually enjoy books with a female lead character but Damn if I don't love Christine. I would highly recommend this book.

    • Geeky MachoLots of nerdy in-jokes. Fairly well developed characters, twisty plot, and a heap of ultraviolence. Makes superheroes almost plausible. In the words of Monty Burns. Excellent.

    • I was never a big fan of superhero books but this was really good. A nice fast-paced story that is light and enjoyable. I look forward to the next book.

    • Back to the good stuffHaving just read the first Shadowfall book, which was pretty strong on the worst of HP Lovecraft's pipe dreams, it was a real relief to see snarkiness, affection, and more human emotions portrayed instead. Plenty of action and fantasy opera too. Imperfect very very powerful hero types mixing it up with antl-life forms as well. Great stuff. Will follow this road to see where it goes. The Shadowfall trail, nah. Know where that one goes, and it's just not for me.

    • Good readStarted reading this one when it first came out, but couldn't find time to finish it. Found it in the library recently, reread and finished it. Glad I did, as it turns out, this was worth the time, a little rough around the edges, but still a good read. Already bought book two and will take a peak at it.

    • A great surpriseSurprisingly fun and engaging superhero tale. This world/universe is gonna be a lot of fun to explore. Hope it holds up in book two

    • Wow! Awesome book!Okay so I was not all that into this book in the beginning. A lot of characters are introduced and it's slightly confusing. But once I made it past that first few chapters. Awesomeness! The plot line is very original, the characters are far from typical.Christine is a wicked nerd, and you just gotta love her for it. She admits she rambles when nervous, and makes all types of random references. She really is one of those characters that grows on you.Mark, aka Face-off, is also q [...]

    • While the writing is not bad, the author tends to change perspectives (writing about what other characters do) at the most inopportune moments. Also while the descripton implies the protagonist is the girl, the narrative is switched to first person point of view whenever the author writes about events happening to a different character. It makes me think that the author associates himself with that particular character. This book also has a good vs. evil theme going, the evil being some sort of [...]

    • Cool storyline, clever & a bit original. For those that stress over this sort of thing: could really benefit from a good editor. If you can overlook the occasional badly worded sentence, incorrect word or even slips like changes to a character's name, the story itself is good. It's a quick read & leaves you wanting to continue the story. Enjoyable read for anyone that enjoys superhero stories.

    • Weird, but a page-turnerI liked this book more than I wanted to. Not your typical fantasy/sci-fi story, but an engaging mix of both. Nerds, dorks and gamers will appreciate the subtext more than the muggles, but even the vanilla reader will enjoy.

    • Great start! Love the pulp heroes in the modern setting.Interesting twist on the super hero tale. Feels fresh and yet also like an homage to beloved comic book heroes, especially from the pulp era.

    • A. GirlA lot of offshoot histories. A little too long in my opinion. Although some was needed. A nice variation on mutant/superhuman stories. Certainly a recommended book to read. Hope the following books are as good.

    • Fresh new storylineThe characters in the story are fresh would've given five stars but thought the story lagged a little bit in the middle . Recommend this story for anyone young or old who still like superheroes.

    • I enjoyed the humour in Armageddon Girl and the throw back to geek culture but the story itself lacked any real depth. Classic comic book origins story where the main character Christine is thrown from universe into another where superheroes rule and norms drool. Meh.

    • Interesting take on superheroesEntertaining read, I liked the characters and story line. Looking forward to the next book. I'll follow the series until the end.

    • A good readLove the characters. If you are into super powered being and evil plots read this. Book is better than I described.

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