Depay Depay s life changed the moment he discovered that he was a father After fighting for custody of Hadley his now four year old daughter he embraces the changes that he must make to give her the home

  • Title: Depay
  • Author: Esther E. Schmidt
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 450
  • Format: ebook
  • Depay s life changed the moment he discovered that he was a father After fighting for custody of Hadley, his now four year old daughter, he embraces the changes that he must make to give her the home she deserves but not until after a tiny slip up leads to one last reckless moment After a chance meeting turns into a sexy romp, he walks away from the woman to focus solelDepay s life changed the moment he discovered that he was a father After fighting for custody of Hadley, his now four year old daughter, he embraces the changes that he must make to give her the home she deserves but not until after a tiny slip up leads to one last reckless moment After a chance meeting turns into a sexy romp, he walks away from the woman to focus solely on his daughter As a former Russian mob princess, Veronika had never experienced anything like the fleeting moment she had with Depay Never anticipating that she would see him again, she is unexpectedly forced to track him down to discuss the consequences of their brief but steamy encounter.As a firefighter, you play with flames and hope you won t get burned But when an arsonist turns to murderer, things are bound to get explosive When Depay s job encounters trouble that leads to his doorstep, choices need to be made Like a backdraft starving for air, the choice of life or death will stare him in the face open the door or keep it closed Will lives, including his own, falter in an attempt to extinguish a blaze

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    About “Esther E. Schmidt

    • Esther E. Schmidt

      Esther E Schmidt, author of Areion Fury MC, Broken Deeds MC, The Dudnik Circle series, and The Swamp Heads series She s a graphic designer that also loves to write She released her first series Areion Fury MC in October 2015 Esther lives in The Netherlands with her family, three daughters, and a crazy bulldog She loves to write erotic Romance about bad boy Alphas with a heart for only one woman To make it a bit interesting, that woman needs to be a badass herself She loves to work out and most of her story lines come from doing cardio.

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    • **** IT'S LIVE!!!****** ARC RECEIVED IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW **Ok, brace yourselves because I'm about to majorly gush about this book.  I am crushing so hard on Depay - back up ladies, I claimed him.  I'll tattoo his name on my forehead or whatever, just sayin'.This story had suspence,  some humor and steamy hot alpha love!  It had an actual storyline that had the drama from outside sources, not turmoil with the couple.  Any drama that came made them stronger. I was whipping throug [...]

    • 4 I LOVE Depay stars!I don't usually read MC books because of too much OW drama. This one has the stamped approval from friends and I dived in. Glad, I did. Depay, Depay, Depay. Even his swearing his sexy. And all that caveman attitude? Damn.

    • Awesome read! I really loved the characters in this book but the person that stole the show for me was Depay! He was an absolutely amazing hero, his love for the h, his little girl and also the little one on the way was beautiful! He was a very devoted OTT alpha hero and I just loved it! The second show stealer for me was Hadley, we didn't get much of her in this book but what we did was so freaking sweet! On top of all the love, sweetness and amazing hot hero we get some delicious sex scenes!! [...]

    • 4.5 stars. I honestly don't know why it took me this long to read this one. I usually read ES's books the day they come out. I loved Depay and his devotion to his daughter. He's so rough looking on the outside but inside is a bit of marshmallow fluff. And Nika/Diamond is the perfect fit for him. She's super sweet and loving but can easily live in his world. I am anxiously awaiting Ramrod's story. I just know he'll be amazing because he's been waiting to meet his ol' lady.

    • Depay was adjusting to life as a new father, even though his daughter is four years old he did not know she existed. Now that he does he has her full time and is focusing on her, however he met someone he can't stop thinking about. He has a plan to reconnect once his life is a bit more stable but when she shows up at his club, he gets his chance. Depay had no idea that the woman was former Russian mob princess, Veronika and her father is not sure he thinks Depay is worthy of his daughter. Throw [...]

    • I love Depay!!! He's a true gentleman. I love how he is with his daughter Hadley and his ol' lady Nika. He is also a true friend, loyal to his club and faithful to his woman. Depay doesn't hide his feelings just because he is a biker. Nika is the perfect woman for Depay and she will make an incredible mother figure to Hadley. It's really refreshing to read MC books with no cheating and without sex scenes with the hero and other women. It has the perfect amount of action and romance wrapped into [...]

    • Sooooois was the weakest of the series. I did not like what Depay did to her at the end of Broke. I also did not like that he would not have gone back to her. So I just did not believe in any all consuming love Sorryjust did not track for me. Plus, the tattoos are a bit much and the leftover location for her property patch - so freaking strange!Aside from that it was okSafe but I hate dead exes. Now this ex was not the love of his life, but there was something that happened that I really hated a [...]

    • I’ve become a big fan of this series rather quickly! I love a good MC book and I can say that I’ve fallen in love with Esther's storytelling. Depay and Diamond (AKA Nika, Veronika) are returning characters from the other books in the series. Depay is a tough inside and out. However, he does have a soft spot. Especially for his little girl Hadley. She’s a unique and special little girl that has popped into his life when he least expected any changes happening. Everything he does is for her, [...]

    • Who is Depay you say? Let me make your day. You are in for one helluva a surprise. He may be an alpha, he may be in an MC, he may be a HOT firefighter, but that is NOT all of Depay. Oh no! Meet an angel in a badass's clothing. He wouldn't want you to know that though!Depay has gotten custody of his daughter and found out the woman that he can't get out of his mind is pregnant all in the same month. He needs to get his sh*t together and figure out why places around town are blowing up and who is [...]

    • A chance meetingA passionate nightNow binds them together for lifeHe is a Broken Deeds MC brother. Strong, authoritative, intimidating and covered in tattoos. But there is a lot more to Depay than meets the eye.As the saying goesDon't Judge a Book by its CoverShe is the daughter of a Boss, well kinda

    • WOW!! JUST WOW!! Depay has got to be my favorite book in the Broken Deeds series. Depay is big and scary and if you saw him on the street you would walk the other way, he is also is part of an MC. Add to the fact that he's covered in tattoos and that brings his badass factor to another category! Depay just finds out he is a father to an adorably little girl. He jumps in head first when he realizes he has a kid. He changes his whole life around Hadley, who is deaf. Learns sign language at the spe [...]

    • This book picks up where Broke left off and let me tell you it was worth waiting. Nika and Delay may seem like an odd pair but they work together so well. This is also a rollercoaster thrill ride and it will keep you guessing until the very end.

    • This is by far one of my favourite book by Esther yes I know I'm always saying how great her books are but seriously if you haven't read anything by her I highly recommend you do. We've seen clips of Depay throughout the other books in the broken deeds series on how he fought for full custody of his daughter. And how he came to meet his diamond. But now it's time to get the full side of this dirty talking tattooed alpha and let me tell you, your in for such a treat. While he maybe covered from h [...]

    • Okay. I have a problem. The more I read Esther's books, the more is harder to choose my fav guy. And now I need to add to a list Depay. He's dark and light. You're threatening his family, you wouldn't find a place to hide from him. But also Depay is funny. Even though he isn't trying to be. I love how he isn't afraid to express his feelings. Depay doesn't hide from them. He just accepts them. The other thing I love, that how he was with his old lady. Depay treated her like a diamond. And maybe I [...]

    • Loved this book. Esther E. Schmidt did an amazing job on this book. It's very well written. Esther E. Schmidt is a Great Author. Depay and Nika (Diamond) are perfect together. They have great chemistry. Sweet and sexy. Love how protective and obsessed Depay is, and how sweet,caring, and hungry (lol)Diamond is.I had many emotions while reading this story, happy, sad,laughter. Loved it. I love how, we got an update on the others from the series,and their special news ;) I highly recommend this boo [...]

    • I absolutely loved this book. The storyline was exciting and captivating. Also filled with some emotions.

    • I became a fan of Esther E. Schmidt ever since reading her first MC book. Depay is book 3 in The Broken Deeds MC Series and features the story of Veronika (Diamond) and Depay. I loved reading this book and catching up with awesome characters like Depay 4 year old daughter Hadley, who is deaf. This issue picks up where Broke left off and let me tell you Esther did a fuc. fantastic job writing it. I really enjoyed and truly recommended. It's really good addition to the series but now I CAN'T WAIT [...]

    • What can I say about Depay, this is by far Esther's best book. She just gets better with each book. He is a hard looking big bad Biker with a heart of gold. His family is the Broken Deeds MC. He finds his one and only to only find himself her Diamond in broiled is a mess that threatens everything. He is an EMT firefighter and biker. She is the former princess of a Mob. They meet by chance and that begins the rest of their life. I could not put this book down finished in a day. If i only recommen [...]

    • another great couple and another great story. def a series to follow. really enjoyable readsvery much looking forward to Ramrod & Dolly's story (16.02.16)re-read feb 2018 - still love this series the guys are sooo bad but sooo good and the gals are sexy, sassy & smart great background stories and although there is a lot of danger and despair their are some serious laughing moments too a great writer who just keeps writing great books

    • Wow talk about an awesome book , Depay & Veronika have an instant attraction , he's a sexy badass biker with a heart of gold there's more to Depay than meets the eye and that's what so amazing about this story, he will do anything to protect the one he loves, Veronika is just what this biker needs, hope when you get a chance to read it you'll love it as much I as did, oh and don't for get a change of panties!!!

    • This is the third book in this series and they should be read in order. In fact you probably should read some of Esther's other books as well before reading this one. All of her books fit together in some way. Depay has a one time in counter with the woman who saved his daughter. He hasn't stopped thinking about her since but he needed to put his daughter first and he did. Now he has found out that his one time encounter has resulted in her being pregnant. And he couldn't be happier about that. [...]

    • Looking for a book about an MC member that will not only get you hot and bothered but will have you swooning? Looking for a book that is not just romance but will have some mystery and suspense in it as well? This book is all of those things. You will absolutely fall in love with Depay. He is the someone that if you judged him by the outside you'd think he is just a tough, hardened criminal but you'd be majorly surprised to find out that he is a fireman/EMT, an amazing daddy and an outstanding m [...]

    • I loved Depay and Diamond's story. I love how ASL was incorporated so easily and showed what a great man he was. Esther has a wonderful writing style and I love her men! Depay never forgot Rika but the timing was not right to go after her. He had a daughter to get settled and was determined to give it his all. When the woman that won't leave his head shows up at his club house - it's on. He's not letting her go againcially after she tells him why she's there. The was a bit of a twist as to who h [...]

    • My 1st book by Esther (I love that name, so pretty, love unique names!!) and I won it in one of her giveaway. so cool!! while visiting Canada camping I took 7 books & this is one I took in that group such a great read. I LOVED IT!! I think I need to read more from this series such such such a great read. Depay might be a very rough and tough guy but such a sweetheart to the ones he loves and constantly wishes to protect! I love Esther's writing style this book pulls ya in and I was immed [...]

    • Must read.This book is filled with emotion, sweetness, loyalty and mega sexy time. I totally fell in love with Depay and Diamond. Their story is intense and loving. They banter had me laughing. Diamond's food obsession had me in stitches. They sexy time has me flushed ;) SO looking forward to Ramrod's story.

    • LOVE.LOVE.LOVE this book! Esther E Schmidt has a way of making me fall in love with her characters. No matter the biker, I fall in love and claim him mine. Depay is no different. I love his alphaness. When he loves he loves with the whole of his heart. Depay is an amazing father. A fierce protector and a loyal friend. I adored Nika and Depay as a couple, they were super cute together. I loved that Nika was upfront about her pregnancy, she was happy to have Depay and his little girl in her and th [...]

    • Firefighter ***ARC provided in exchange for an honest review***There seems to be no wrong that Esther can do when it comes to writing alpha males who are protective of the women they call their own be it children, family or their ol lady. Depay is no different we seen glimpses of him throughout the series battling and finally winning custody of his little girl. If you're familiar with the series (which you most definitely should be) you will be happy to know that this picks up right where the pr [...]

    • I am astounded every single time I pick up one of Esther's books, every single time she gives me a read to get lost in, to feel every emotion while reading it and to be just a little lost when I finish. All this is a sign of a fantastic author, I also know as a fan she usually is writing 3 or 4 books at a time going back and fourth as the characters speak to her. This is Depay's story, now we know from the end of Broke's book that he found out he had a young daughter and has just got full custod [...]

    • I just knew Depay was going to be THE MANI knew it and I was so freaking excited and more than a little in love after just a few pages!Depay is hot andcan be quite scary when needed, but is also a big old sap for his little girl and so protective and the best man for Nika.As always, there is suspense and that draws me in a lot.t only the story lines are always awesome, thesex scenes scorchingbut the whole waiting for the other shoe to drop just keeps me even more hooked!Can't wait for more!!!!

    • Schmidt has done an amazing job with this book! I didn't want to put it down but my phone had died so I had no choice. After getting 75% in and having to stop reading, I had trouble sleeping, I kept running different scenarios trough my head and had to finish first thing before I was even out of bed! Depay and Diamond have been through so much and deserve to be happy! I can't wait to read more by this amazing author!

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