Savior Elsie has a problem She has a mystery she is bent on solving a mystery that led her to run for her life down the streets of Navesink Bank until she found herself rescued by a sexy stranger Paine has

  • Title: Savior
  • Author: Jessica Gadziala
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 426
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Elsie has a problem She has a mystery she is bent on solving, a mystery that led her to run for her life down the streets of Navesink Bank until she found herself rescued by a sexy stranger.Paine has a past He s done everything in his power to move on from it, to distance himself from the things he has done But then one night he finds himself saving a woman whose naiveElsie has a problem She has a mystery she is bent on solving, a mystery that led her to run for her life down the streets of Navesink Bank until she found herself rescued by a sexy stranger.Paine has a past He s done everything in his power to move on from it, to distance himself from the things he has done But then one night he finds himself saving a woman whose naive dabbling in matters she doesn t understand threatens to drag him right back into the world he had done unspeakable things to escape from in the first place This is a stand alone with an HEA, but features secondary characters from Monster and Killer For possible triggers, follow this link jessicagadziala trigge

    • ☆ Savior || Æ PDF Read by · Jessica Gadziala
      426 Jessica Gadziala
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      Jessica Gadziala is a full time writer, parrot enthusiast, and coffee drinker from New Jersey She enjoys short rides to the book store, sad songs, coffee in Big Gulp sized cups, and cold weather She is a big believer in snark, strong secondary characters, and bada women.She is very active on , Facebook, as well as her personal groups on those sites Join in She s friendly.You can find her on Facebook facebook Jessica GadzTwitter twitter JessicaGadzialaHer GR group group show Her Facebook Group facebook groups 31454Pinterest pinterest jessicagadzInstagram instagram jessicagadzxx

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    • 4 Stars!!'Savior' is the third book in Jessica Gadziala’s series entitled 'Savages' and features Paine, male character we met in the previous books in the series. This third book can be read as standalone, but features secondary characters from 'Monster' and 'Killer' the other two books in the series. So, I highly recommend for you to read them first since you don’t want to miss how the other two ‘bad boys’ meet their ladies and also the dynamic between these three strong, alpa males.'Sa [...]

    • 4 'Babygirl' StarsI am loving this author! And by that I mean I've got a big ol' crush on her for being able to write these amazing books. I love the world that she creates and how these stories can suck me in so far it's like I'm living these wild days along with the characters.But enough of my fangirling, and onto the book. Savior is Paine's story, whom we met in some of the previous books, most notably as Breaker's friend and a sexy ass tattoo artist. One night while at his shop he see's a yo [...]

    • Re-read: Still love this. Paine is one of my favorites not only for the extremely sexy things he says and does but for how forthright and honest he is. No games. No guessing. You get him: flaws and all with no secrets or mysteries. It's refreshing. Elsie was hilarious and someone I see myself befriending. Again, I appreciate how Roman was incorporated into the story. Overall, so low angst yet it kept things interesting. I reaffirm my 5 stars and add that this is one of the few re-reads I've ever [...]

    • I enjoyed this third book in the series by Jessica Gadziala. In fact, as I was reading it, there were several times I felt like I was reading a KA book!!! The hero in this story is as alpha as a male comes, and it makes him oh so yummyLOLI don't have time right now for a big review but I am glad that I picked up this series again. I am now going to check out The Henchmen MC series written by the same author! The first book I believe is "Reign!"

    • I have a thing for bad boys. Paine, omg… he has my whole heart now. This book rocked just like I thought it would. Elsie and Paine are opposites in every way. She is the rich Barbie girl, while Paine is the sexy, dark, tough, tattooed bad boy. She is little miss perfect. Paine is a different story. He is a tattoo artist and he plays by his own rules. He does what he wants when he wants. Though Elsie knows that he is wrong for her, her heart just won’t listen. When Paine finds sweet Elsie tra [...]

    • "4 Babygirl stars" "Never gets old.""Never will."This was another great book by Jessica which I enjoyed very much. Paine was a hot alpha male and a badass, ready to protect what was hisThe storyline was pretty much the same as some of her previous books but that didn't stop me from reading it. ;p"He got what?""That you're mine.And what's mine is mine and he betterthe fuck not cross any lines with you from here on out."Paine was the hot alpha male who every woman need in her lifebut he was sweet [...]

    • *ARC provided by the author for an honest review*I just luv Paine so much I was really lookin forward to this book we haven't seen a lot of Paine but I alway luvd what I got from him an now that I got his book I just luv him so much more the way he is with his family an Elsie was so cute I know it's hard to call this big huge tattooed guy cute but he his I just want to b his babygirl so bad This story starts with Elsie bump in into the sexy Paine after running from 2 men from the Third Street ga [...]

    • That was brilliant! A quick, easy read that totally worked for me. Two really likeable characters that are straight up with each other - no miscommunication, no lies, no BS. Both characters are adults and acted as such. Paine is by far my favourite JG hero, by miles.This book was focussed more on their relationship rather than the outside drama which I really liked. Don't get me wrong, we still got the baddies with a couple of twists, but they didn't overwhelm the story.All this topped off with [...]

    • 5 "Babygirl" Stars! Review postedWell, like always, I am head over heels for another of JG's men.Paine absolutely did it for me. He was sweet yet fierce, respectful yet kinky and he absolutely adored his family and friends. He knew how to treat a woman with respect, how to give her independence but he also made himself irresistible and impossible to not NEED/WANT/and WORSHIP.I always knew some lucky girl would swoop in and capture his heart. He always seemed a little quiet and broodingst trouble [...]

    • ***FIVE STAR AWESOMENESS!!***JG's stories never cease to amaze me, and this story is no exception! This is a story about rich girl Elsie who is rescued by mega hottie Paine, who has a seedy past, that seems to catch up with him again. This little mystery gem starts out exciting from the beginning, and it just gets better from there on. I don't want to give away the entire story, but I loved the chemistry between the Elsie and Paine, you could cut it with a knife, and the sex was steaming hot! I [...]

    • I loved this book! It has everything I ask in a book.Darkness & passion.Good characters and unique storyline.It's official, I am ADDICTED to Jessica Gadziala's books!!!!!! I have just recently done a marathon on her other series and read this one today and HOLY WOW, IT WAS FANTASTIC!!!!

    • I'm not even sure why I continued with this series after the first two being just OK reads for me. But hey, I finished it! This was Paine's book but with how little we get of his POV in this book you really wouldn't know it. Elsie was OK. She wasn't as annoying or unlikable as Amelia. So that's a step up from the last book. Paine, what I got of him in this was an awesome Alpha badass. This author has no problem writing some hot alpha guys. But her females (not including Summer and Alex) have bee [...]

    • 4.5 stars. Easy to read story, old school KA writing style, excellent characters, best of the series.With that said, I feel like Jessica Gadziala's Henchman, and Savages series are Kristen Ashley, Rock Chick mashups. In fact if Lee Nightingale and the rest of the Hot Bunch were to show up in one of these books I probably wouldn't have thought twice about it. A few of the previous books in these two series (IMO) have been heavily KA influenced, almost to the point of distractionis one not so much [...]

    • I seriously cannot get enough of anything Jessica Gadziala writes! While I've loved every man she's written - Reign, Cash, Shooter, Breaker - even Wolf who was my latest favorite - I have to say that Paine has taken my heart and totally stepped in front of the others.Why? I think Elsie summed it up perfectly."I liked his strange mix of old school manners, modern respect for my ability to handle myself, street smarts, alpha manliness, and well. Sexiness. Let's face it, that was a huge factor. The [...]

    • 5 MILLION BILLION STARS!!!!!!!!!!!! Jessica has done it again y'all!!!I have an unhealthy obsession with Jessica Gadziala and her books, and Savior just gave me life! This book is in close competition (Sorry Reign, you still have a place in my heart) for my new fav! I stayed up all night because I literally could not find a good stopping point to put it down, it was so amazing!!"Before I could even finish speaking, his hand was at the back of my neck and he was simultaneously moving into the ent [...]

    • WARNING proceed with caution, spare panties and some wipes < that is what needs to be on the front page.Seriously though this book is fucking smoking hot! Pain is my man, no seriously when I grow up I'm going to marry him so back the fuck of bitches.He's not what I expected though. I expected the alpha asshole me man you women thing and although he was to a degree he was alot calmer than I expected. He's most definitely up the with best of my book boyfriends/lady spankbank men. He was such a [...]

    • ***Received a ARC for an honest review****First off I have to say that this book was AMAZING! All of Jessica's books are great but she's outdone herself with this story. Paine has become my new fav hero. He had so many great qualities (I'm sure it's all thanks to his mom and sisters) that there isn't a person who wouldn't love him. Elsie isn't like some of the girls we've seen before but is a perfect addition to the extreme girls we have now. This story had me feeling so many emotions and the dr [...]

    • The reason this book got 5 stars is because hoooolllly sheeeeeeeit.Seriously. Need a man that treats me like a woman, wants me to be independent while wanting to help take care of things, takes my sass and gives it right back, and knows how to handle me in the bedroom. Is that to much to ask for?

    • Honestly I don't think Jessica can write a bad book. I loved getting to know Paine's background all the while eventually seeing how his and Elsie's future turned out.

    • romanticcynicblog.wordpress.cBeware of Spoilers!Star Ratings:Heroine (Elsie): 1/5Hero (Paine): 2/5Plot: 1/5Grovel: noneCheating: noneHEA: yesTriggers: jessicagadziala/triggeAverage score: 1.5/5Best Lines: “God, I was so stupid. Poor Roman.” – she admits it but still leads him on Worst Lines: so many bad ones in this book and most of them were from the clueless heroine:"He was right; I wasn't going to call the cops. Why? I had no idea. But I wasn't.”“Something told me that since Paine g [...]

    • It's always amazed me that this series is getting better and better. i though Paine's story won't beat Shooter's. But Paine, my God, he's kinda man I'd like to have for myself. Alpha, sexy, know what he wants, and a keeper. Damn, Elsie's a lucky girl.Sometimes, we need to believe in destiny. I think Elsie and Paine did, from the night Paine saved her from D and Trick, until everything's clear between them, that they're meant for each other.I also loved how all of Jessie's heroine are some badass [...]

    • Oh man this was a good book. If you haven't checked out this author it's worth a try. The books are really good. For you Kristen Ashley followers I know you would like them. Thanks to my prime I have borrow most if not all of her books.

    • Savior by Jessica GadzialaActual rating: 3 starsI put off reading this book for a bit because I knew Paine was going to be a tricky hero for me, and I was right. While he's not the mysoginistic asshole that Breaker was, he was far from my favorite of Gadziala's heroes. Why? For one, I was never convinced that he was trying to "make up" for his past, unlike Tig who had a very similar background. Two, there were times that Paine got a little too close to Alpha Asshole for my tastes. He definitely [...]

    • 3 - 3.5 starsWell, another difficult decision how to rateI actually liked the heroine, less hormonal mess and she would be decent. He was ok, I guess. I didn't like his past and his present didn't convince me either. But better as an average among romance books.At least she wasn't a doormat.

    • I love it when I can't predict what will happen in a book! But what I did know, was that this book would be all kinds of "badassery", hot alpha men, smart witty likeable characters, smooth writing,  and a fast moving could not put the book down plot. I was not disappointed. I've become infatuated with all of Jessica's characters,  these are some cool people who have created their own tight knit family and if I were a book character would want to be part of this amazing group of people. Paine [...]

    • Savior is the third book to be released in the Savages series. It's a standalone story with character appearances from the first two books, Monster and Killer. All three of these books are good.This is Paine's story. He's a hot sexy tattoo artist who several years prior was in charge of the Third Street Gang. That life is behind him now and he has no intention of ever interacting with those people again. He plans on only moving forward and not looking back.Elsie is beautiful. She's from a very w [...]

    • Love me some twists in a story and this one had quite of few of them plus the bonus of some new arrogantly confident men to panty melt over (to go along with every other hero in Jessica's series) Tatoo artist Paine was defiantly the quieter of the 3 best friends in this series but none the less scary. We knew he had a past as head of a gang but not all the specifics. In Savior we finally get all of his story plus his family's. His woman literally came barreling into his life running for her life [...]

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