The Improbable Rise of Paco Jones

The Improbable Rise of Paco Jones Paco Jones is a half Mexican kid newly transferred to a private school where he s called Taco and ridiculed regularly I mean what junior high kid wouldn t make fun of Paco s unhip references to Shak

  • Title: The Improbable Rise of Paco Jones
  • Author: Dominic Carrillo
  • ISBN: 9781519491190
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • Paco Jones is a half Mexican kid, newly transferred to a private school where he s called Taco and ridiculed regularly I mean, what junior high kid wouldn t make fun of Paco s unhip references to Shakespeare and the Beatles So when he falls for Naomi, a beautiful, African American classmate, it looks than hopeless But through dumb luck and some clever moves, PacoPaco Jones is a half Mexican kid, newly transferred to a private school where he s called Taco and ridiculed regularly I mean, what junior high kid wouldn t make fun of Paco s unhip references to Shakespeare and the Beatles So when he falls for Naomi, a beautiful, African American classmate, it looks than hopeless But through dumb luck and some clever moves, Paco soon finds himself center stage amidst a middle school mess.

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      Dominic Carrillo is a teacher and writer from San Diego, California TO BE FRANK DIEGO is his debut novel It follows protagonist Frank Diego on a tragicomic daylong journey through San Diego AMERICANO ABROAD is Carrillo s impractical travel memoir filled with humorous stories from Europe to Africa THE IMPROBABLE RISE OF PACO JONES is the author s debut YA novel about a biracial 8th grade boy who s dealing with an impossible crush, racial identity, and a host of other teen issues His latest THE UNUSUAL SUSPECTS is an adventurous, heartwarming YA novel set on a train in Eastern Europe Carrillo is currently working on his next novel and teaching in Bulgaria.

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    • (Source: I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Thanks to author Dominic Carrillo.)“I must have been mesmerized by her eyes and lips – actually, her entire face. It was as if her golden brown skin let off a radiant glow. She was absolutely beautiful.”This was a YA/Middle-grade story about a boy called Paco.Paco was an okay character, although at times he allowed himself to be too easily led. He also told the truth to a fault sometimes, and was unerringly [...]

    • Do you remember what it was like to be a 13-year-old in 8th grade? Did you breeze through those years without any awkwardness, teasing, or issues with confidence or self-esteem? Probably not –I certainly didn’t. Being 13 was one of the worst years of my life! Perhaps I’m being a bit dramatic, but I sure was awkward and confused. Many of us can relate to this experience, which is why reading a book like The Improbable Rise of Paco Jones is so familiar and immediately relatable.Even if you w [...]

    • This was a troubling tale of preteen angst, bullying, prejudice and unrequited love. I'm sure this is a realistic middle school book, but I think it is more appropriate for 15+ year olds. Some of the topics are too edgy for 7th and 8th graders, in my opinion.New school: (view spoiler)[ I felt bad that Paco didn't have any friends. And then to be bullied for being Mexican. Even the teachers were disrespectful. And I felt bad for Paco that he went from being a good student to struggling at the new [...]

    • I read a lot of young adult books and my main problems with the genre has always been that: 1. They tend to glamorize the middle school and high school years and 2. They include little to no diversity in their characters. That's why I was so happy that The Improbable Rise of Paco Jones had both a realistic portrayal of life in middle school and a main character that was mixed race. Paco makes for a likable main character whose journey through eighth grade is very relatable and realistic. The boo [...]

    • I received a digital copy in exchange for sharing my thoughts, so thanks to the author.Paco Jones is a 26 year old teacher, but the story he wants to tell us about is of his time in eighth grade. He is subject to racist comments/bullying and has given up all hope of being spoken to by anyone popular. He is in love with Naomi Fox, but fears he will never speak to her because she's part of the in-crowd.What do you knowmetimes (particularly in books) things work out alright. When Paco gets paired w [...]

    • The Improbable Rise of Paco Jones is for readers who enjoy coming-of-age novels where the outcast rises up against all odds. Biracial teens should especially identify with this book. Carrillo even dedicates the book to them: “To the bicultural or biracial kids out there who have gone through the pain and confusion—along with the curiosity and beauty—of navigating the world and their identities without ever fitting neatly into one category.” In truth, all teens, no matter what their ident [...]

    • I received a copy from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Thank you Dominic Carrillo for the opportunity to read your book. This was a good read. I liked the main MC and I liked that we got to see inside his mind. I did not like Trent and Naomi that much. I thought their characters needed some work. The story dealt with some heavy issues such as bullying and racism. I thought the author demonstrated those issues very well in the book. The book was a bit boring. Overall, an okay read.

    • A very well-written novel that traces the experiences of a Mexican-American eighth grader struggling to fit into an exclusive private school and falling in love for the first time. Paco Jones is taunted by his classmates as Taco Jones; he is unattractive, nonathletic, uncool and poor. Paco's biracial parents are determined to see that their son has a chance of success and struggle to give him a good education. Paco wants to gain the acceptance of his peers and please his parents. To complicate h [...]

    • I really liked this book, because it had a really positive and funny tone. It had a lot of figurative language, that affected the tone in a way which made me think more in depth about the plot and the characters.

    • An excellent book. I really enjoyed this book because it's very descriptive and realistic which makes it for the readers to visualize the scenes well. It is a good topic to read about with a good message. I would recommend this book to young adults!!!

    • The author in this book shows his ability to make the discussion of current and complex topics funny and ironic, such as bullying, exclusion, teenage love affair, racial discrimination. It emerges also the author autobiographical, both in the story of the main character, both in the narrative as a teacher of middle school. It 'a book addressed to children from middle and high schools, but also adults, parents of marginalized children and parents of the bullies, where everyone can recognize featu [...]

    • I think that it's powerful to learn Paco's perspective. I think his reactions to what was happening around him are realistic. The book says it's geared towards 8th graders but it might be too mature. Mostly around the way Naomi, Paco's crush, is described. I'm not sure there was enough balance for her not to be objectified. I do see how this book could appeal to many reluctant readers! I will have to continue to ponder on including it to my class library.

    • I really enjoyed this book because it was realistic yet funny. As a middle schooler, I was able to relate to Paco´s in many different ways. My favorite part was the plot twist at the very end. Overall, this is an awesome book all teenagers should read.

    • Paco Jones is a great book to read. It is easy to understand and keep up with the story. I really enjoyed reading it since it is about a boy in 8th grade and I'm currently in 8th grade so I could easily connect to the story. It is an awesome book and I recommend it.

    • The book that I read is "The improbable rise of Paco Jones" by Dominic Carrillo. The reason that I chose to read this book is because the author, Dominic Carillo was coming to visit PSI to talk about his book and the writing process. The story focuses on Paco Jones, a biracial eighth-grader attending a private school where everyone is rich and smart. Paco is half Mexican, and gets teased a lot, being called "Paco Taco" and "Drug Dealer". He has a crush on the popular girl, who is dating the jock [...]

    • For more reviews, visit 100 Story Reviews.Dominic Carrillo’s The Improbable Rise of Paco Jones is a fun young adult novel with believable characters and a well-drawn romance, all of which is highlighted by Paco’s engaging narrative voice. While the plot at times feels predictable — from the Cyrano trope to the idea of an outcast transfer student — the characters are relatable, which is enough to keep the reader’s attention. Despite the novel’s familiar start, it progresses into a str [...]

    • Paco Jones a book based on real life experiences from others, which we can easily relate to. Created by Dominic Carrillo, to show the struggle of middle school and to address the real problems of the life in middle school. This book genre is realistic fiction, this book has no series sadly. This book has won San Diego Book Award only. This book was published 2 years (2016), but nonetheless it is quite a fun read. Paco, a mixed mexican kid, with absolutely no friends. The new kid at a private sch [...]

    • The writing in this book is fairly stilted, so I thought it was going to be tough to get through, but the story pulled me right in. It’s a great story about all the changes you go through in 8th grade, plus all the extra issues you have if you’re a minority in a new school and no one is especially friendly towards you. It’s not overly dramatic or “mature”, so even though it is marked as Young Adult, I would recommend it to most middle grade students as well.

    • Not a bad read, started stronger than it ended. Felt like a little too much was packed into the last few pages. It was an alright read and I could see some of my students enjoying the book.

    • Okay so. Trying to think of a different phrase to start off the review with than "I wanted to like this book, but I just didn't." But there you go.I guess I just felt like the book was a bit of a wreck. It had all the ingredients to be a great book, but it fell short for me. Every time a plot device was introduced, it veered in the most stereotypical direction. And doesn't the author teach English and writing? I feel like there's definitely a time to have your characters fit into archetypes, but [...]

    • From School Library Journal"Gr 8 Up—Paco Jones is a teen stuck between two worlds and doesn't fit into either one. As a half-white, half-Mexican boy attending an elite private school his parents sacrifice to send him to, Paco is bullied because of his race, clothes, and food and is quite the loner. Until one day, a note is passed and an unlikely friendship is formed with a girl and her boyfriend. They take Paco from social outcast to stud status in an evening, and during this transition he see [...]

    • Paco Jones faces eighth grade each day as an outsider. His parents have sacrificed everything for him to attend Walden Academy, but he's not sure he can go through an entire year being called "Taco". Being the new kid and only latino most of his classmates have ever seen in person is bad enough, but after he gets pooped on by a rogue bird during lunch, it doesn't seem like things can get much worse. Enter Naomie beautiful, popular, girlfriend of Trent (the most popular guy in school). Things are [...]

    • The Improbable Rise of Paco JonesThis book opened my eyes to the fact that teens are not always the immature unknowing people we think them to be. They too have daily problems and no real knowledge about how to deal with them. Growing up , looking back, they don't always see the changes. Maybe there aren't that manywe are what our whole lives make us. A really great read I RECOMMEND especially for teens and young adults.

    • I loved it!All the characters are so believable!It is a great read not just for teenagers,but adults too.cially if you want to feel like a teenager again.Easy to read, funny, emotional, romantic book showing the beauty of love and proving that love does not have an age.

    • This novel deals honestly with big issues for modern adolescents, while cleverly nodding to the struggles of teens over centuries. The dialogue is great and the protagonist is genuine and likable, with a clear voice and humble wit. Great reading for young adults and up!

    • Absolutely loved this book! Its about a teenage boy who falls in love with a girl that is already in a relationship! The ending was so unexpected but a great read!

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