Take a Piece of My Heart

Take a Piece of My Heart Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN ISBN Kara s quest to find her voice freedom from her past and her own identity leads her down a path full of surprises S

  • Title: Take a Piece of My Heart
  • Author: Diane Rose Duffy
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 424
  • Format: Paperback
  • Librarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN 10 1501002678 ISBN 13 9781501002670.Kara s quest to find her voice, freedom from her past and her own identity leads her down a path full of surprises Some are good, and others not so much Though her bad choices bring her face to face with the dark side of human nature, Kara s heartfelt desire to find a pure and everlaLibrarian Note Alternate Cover Edition for ISBN 10 1501002678 ISBN 13 9781501002670.Kara s quest to find her voice, freedom from her past and her own identity leads her down a path full of surprises Some are good, and others not so much Though her bad choices bring her face to face with the dark side of human nature, Kara s heartfelt desire to find a pure and everlasting love give her the courage to take chances She s a strong spirited female with a snarky attitude and an often colorful viewpoint on life Kara s no Barbie doll either in build or temperament and thus, her tale will relate to many female readers.Kara shares her journey of friendships, romance, lust and loss in Take a Piece of My Heart She learns slowly that mistrust, love, and hatred for some people may require a second chance This sexy and heartwarming story is Book One of The Wavering Heart Series, a trio of stand alone contemporary romance novels with a twist of small town charm Take a Piece of My Heart by author Diane Rose Duffy is a wonderful book that will have you hooked from the start Diane Rose Duffy s writing style is engaging and articulate At times, you will find yourself giggling out loud at Kara s thoughts and actions, and in the very next minute, your heart will ache for her READERS FAVORITE BOOK REVIEWS

    • ☆ Take a Piece of My Heart || ¹ PDF Read by ✓ Diane Rose Duffy
      424 Diane Rose Duffy
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    • Diane Rose Duffy

      Diane Rose Duffy is a California native who has a passion for books, a whopping coffee addiction and a perpetual craving for chocolate After recently retiring from a lengthy accounting career in Silicon Valley, Diane presently enjoys the peaceful serenity of daily life in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California Diane Rose Duffy has completed three humorous romance novels and two funny children s chapter book with the support of her husband whom she proclaims to be her happily ever after.

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    • It's not everyday that you find a romantic comedy that's not overly cliched, and it's not everyday you find a book about surviving abuse that's actually happy, but Duffy manages to do both at the same time. The reader is never patronized, and the book doesn't have a feel that the author created a certain passage to bring tears.This story is a sweet romance where you genuinely want the characters to be happy because you've become friends with each one of them. The story emphasizes that everything [...]

    • So on Sunday I received an email asking me to review a book. I get this request from time to time. Some of the books I really try to read, some I have to try and start again because I get so lost in the plot I have no idea what is going on.My favorite is romance/suspense or contemporary romance and certain paranormal romance I can get into.When I review books I do not like to give (spoilers) away much because that does not let the future readers to enjoy the experience. I loved this book. I read [...]

    • Gift from the author for an honest review I really enjoyed this story. This is a story about heartache, betrayal, second chances and more. I was hooked from the beginning of the story. A woman who goes thru so much at a young age and as she is getting older realizes some things but deals with an abusive husband. She finally breaks free and moves on with her life. She doesn't expect to find love again after her ex-husband but she was wrong. This is a heartfelt story that you will feel all emotion [...]

    • ***I received a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.***In her debut novel, Diane takes us on Kara’s life journey starting as a teenager who meets a hot guy and ends up marrying him. What started out as innocent teenage lust and love, turns dark when her husband starts beating her on a regular basis. Like most women in a domestic violence situation, she believes herself to be trapped, even though others try to help her escape. Kara finally reaches her breaking po [...]

    • I found “Take a Piece of My Heart” by Diane Rose Duffy to be an almost true story of what happens to a young girl like Kara, who’s too young to really understand the true meaning of love. Kara, against her parent’s wishes decides to run off with a guy her parents had forbidden her to see and gets married to him; which only could have happened because of her youthful innocence. Before long she discovers the truth of what the adorable man she’d married is truly like, and the happy ever a [...]

    • FIVE FABULOUS STARS!!!!As I was reading Kara ‘s eccentric list of unfortunate events, I, too, was arrested, booked into jail, met a leprechaun, visited Cabo San Lucas, kissed a Josh Duhamel look-a-like, and found my soul mate all from the comfort of my home. The author did such a fabulous job writing her debut novel: Take a Piece of My Heart that I felt that I was right alongside Kara every step of the way. The story line and the characters kept me engaged and I could not put the book down fro [...]

    • A piece of my heart is Kara’s story. We meet her when she’s very young and optimistically falls in love with Danny. There are warning signs about Danny but Kara trusts her heart and going against her parents’ wishes, marries Danny.The result of her decision is painful. Danny slowly turns out to be a very violent, angry husband who is not only physically abusive but emotionally as well. Reading the ins and outs of their relationship was hard. It takes a while for Kara to realize and accept [...]

    • I was given an ARC of Take A Piece of My Heart, in exchange for my honest review. Have you ever sat down and had a wonderful and long over due visit with an old friend? You know, the ones where you sit at the kitchen table and share your life over several cups of coffee,laughing and crying together. Well, this book was like doing just that! Well written and wonderfully edited, I felt as if Diane Rose Duffy's character, Kara was filling me in on all the details of her painful past. The author's w [...]

    • Take a Piece of My Heart is the story of Kara and her quest to find her happy ever after. But more than that, it is her quest to find her voice, her freedom from her past, and herself. Kara's a strong female lead with a witty attitude and an often colorful viewpoint on life. We see her go through changes as an impressionable young girl to finally becoming a confident and bold woman who's taken charge of her future. I enjoyed the way the author points out that even though a family may be unconven [...]

    • Take a Piece of my Heart is a special novel. It tackles the issues of spousal abuse and what constitutes a loving relationship. Kara is a battered wife who chooses to find a way out, even though that way isn’t easy. During her odyssey she meets many supportive people and falls in love more than once. All the people in this novel are flawed, make mistakes, and are written realistically, but that doesn’t rule out their ability to love and forgive. Kara’s earthy, hard-talking, no nonsense man [...]

    • *Book received via Author in exchange for an honest review*This book deserves much more then just 5 stars! Much, much more.This is the story of Kara. Kara's tells you her story from beginning to 5 years past the present. It's starts off pretty dark with her relationship with her husband, but the story goes on to be quirky and funny.I swear, I have never laughed so much before, reading a book. I was in constantly belly aching laughter, with tears rolling down my face. The way this book is written [...]

    • This book has a really different narrative style. Took a bit for me to fall into the rhythm, but once I got into it, the voice was fun. The heroine is real and rough around the edges, but she charms you into pulling for her. There were times it felt like the story was veering off the path, and then at a certain point you realize that it all ties together and comes around to make sense. The ending has a nice twist and is satisfying. This author could have taken some easy, cliché outs, and I like [...]

    • I received this book as an ARC.Wow!!! AMAZING book!!! I truly loved how Kara and DJ and so right for each other. I hope you do a sequels that include Danny, Mitch, Emily, Kara and DJ. I am interested to see each of the characters lives continue and see where they lead. I am also interested to see the next generation of characters grow and how the original characters react to their children aging. GREAT, GREAT, GREAT book. I was so detailed I felt I was pausing a movie every time I had to put the [...]

    • I received this book from the author in return for an honest review. I can honestly say it was Great. what Kara went through and in the end got her forever after. it was funny to the point were i was laughing so bad i was crying the toilet paper and the Fair Omg that was great. I loved how it was written in words that people (like Me) would say at the time things happen. What a great story and i hope to read more books written by Diane Rose Duffy

    • I like the way this author writes--very conversational, like a BFF relaying the details of her life, which has a lot of ups and downs. She is quite funny, and--spoiler alert--there is a strip search scene that will have readers rolling-on-the-ground laughing. There is a serious bent to the story as well, in the form of a very important and timely topic: spousal abuse. And there is a love story--but an unconventional one, with some nice twists. An enjoyable read!

    • After reading some heavy readings for the last few weeks, Take A Piece of My Heart is like a refreshing to my brain. The one that I love the most is the characters and the conversations which flow smoothly and naturally. The author does a great job in describing things and creating plots. All I can say is that I am a slow reader, but it took me less than a week to finish this reading. In other words, it didn't bore me.

    • Amazing StoryThis book is going to grab your heart and squeeze it to bits. Mrs Duffy has outdone herself in telling this amazingly heart warming story. Thank you Mrs Duffy for allowing me to read and review this wonderful book. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us next.

    • This book had me cracking up. The chapter titled Toilet paper nazi had me in tears that is something that would definitely happen to me. All in all it wasn't a bad read the subject matter could have been super sad but I'm glad the author went another route. Sometimes you just have to have a good life. And Sadie girl definitely had no filter.

    • take a peiceI enjoyed the journey this book took me on. It was mixed with serious and funny throughout. Only thing I noticed , not know anything about the author, I could tell it was wrote by a person past their thirties based on references in the the book. Good first novel.

    • Awesome bookThis book was hard to put down. I love that it was in first person. The main character Kara had me cheering for her the whole book. I couldn't find one thing I didn't like. I would recommend this book to everyone.

    • The author gives a story that could be from any one of our families or friends with serious issues. Abuse is never easy for those that have to live it. I would have to say the author hit the action and reaction of the characters dead on. She gives a wonderful plot and some great characters I doubt you could read or listen to this and not have a major reaction one way or another. There is a lot going on and is pretty much a fast pace listen. The author gives a great story on overcoming obstacles [...]

    • **Given a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review**"Who am I and what am I running from you ask? my name is Kara Salinger Morino, and I'm a thirty-two year old ignoramus who at the age of nineteen, made the most colossal mistake of my life."What a breath of fresh air! I could not put my kindle down because I was so caught up in the mind of Kara. This was an amazing debut book, and I am so honored to have read it. I was pulled in right from the start. I enjoyed the humor that Kara had [...]

    • * I received a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. *In this book, Author Diane Rose Duffy, has taken a bad situation and turned it into a fun, inspiring, at times uplifting read. She took a painful subject (abuse) and made it so that the reader understood the abuse, the ways in which Kara was abused and turned it into an inspiring story of "life after". Kara stood by her husband through thick and thin and tried her hardest to make the marriage work, but finally Kara realized that [...]

    • I AM WOMAN - HEAR ME ROAR !!!Wow! I love this book!!! Take A Piece Of My Heart is the debut novel for Diane Rose Duffy and it totally rocked my world! Obviously, since this is Duffy's first novel, it's my first time reading her work but it definitely won't be my last! I am officially a fan! Once I began reading Take a Piece of My Heart, I simply could not stop. I was completely hooked from page one. Without a doubt, Duffy is the Queen of snark and the High Priestess of sass! The story is excitin [...]

    • 5 Stars +++++++++++++I received an email from Diane Duffy to review "Take a Piece of My Heart" for an honest review. Diane sold this book to me before I even read it about a James Dean look alike shame he was the arsehole lolI absolutely loved and adored this book and every single character. Good girl meets bad bay, they fall in love, get married and all goes south. Good girl meets an amazing guy but things are complicated between the two that nothing ventures, both go separate ways. Good girl l [...]

    • I haven't had the opportunity to read this book yet. However, It looks like a really good summer read. Just from the blurb, Kara already reminds me of myself. I have even been told that I sometimes have a "snarkley" attitude. This book is one I look forward to reading soon!I finally had the time to read this book and I'm so glad I did! It was a great book. Kara is a girl looking for her happily ever after. She thinks she finds it with her high school sweetheart. Well, it turns out Danny is not t [...]

    • TAKE A PIECE OF MY HEART is a wonderful contemporary romance novel not to be missed. DIANE ROSE DUFFY is a terrific author. This book has everything including charm, wit, grit, heart and soul and everything in between. This was such an incredibly good story that I’m almost at a loss for words.Kara Salinger is one tough cookie who you can’t help but like right from the start. After thirteen years, she decides she’s had enough crap from Danny when she comes home from work and finds a not so [...]

    • Title: TAKE A PIECE OF MY HEARTSeries: N/ACategory /Genre: Contemporary RomanceRecommended for: 18+ due to sexual contentTrigger warning: Domestic violenceReceived from: Diane Rose Duffy (in exchange for an honest review)Grammar/editing: D – many errors, some distractionThis is a stand-alone, contemporary romance.Let’s face it, each person you meet and truly bond with has a bit of your heart. If they leave, they take that bit with them. On the other hand, you need to remember that you probab [...]

    • This was an interesting read for me. The prologue drew me in. I was really interested in what happened between Kara and Danny that she was now rushing away. However, as I read the beginning of the story, I felt a little bogged down. Danny and Kara's relationship was a nightmare. But I will say I was rooting for Dave to be in the picture, and their short encounter was very touching in the midst of Kara's hell. I was so glad when Kara wised up and stopped the cycle.Fast forward to Mitch. Things se [...]

    • In the beginning I was a little torn with how I felt about this book. I don't know if I really liked the writing style, where it felt like the main character Kara was talking to the reader. There were moments where it worked and I liked it, but for the most part, I could have done without it. The book is described as being a humorous contemporary romance, I didn't really find anything funny about it. (At least first half) I'm assuming most of Kara's thoughts were considered the funny part, but I [...]

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