Genesis Vladimir is a man who never misses an opportunity when it comes to expanding his empire He doesn t care much for people he doesn t care about propriety and he definitely didn t care that he still ha

  • Title: Genesis
  • Author: Kourtney King
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 447
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Vladimir is a man who never misses an opportunity when it comes to expanding his empire He doesn t care much for people, he doesn t care about propriety, and he definitely didn t care that he still hadn t bothered to ask the name of the woman he was about to take back to his hotel.Valerie on the other hand cares a lot She cares about how other people see her and she stVladimir is a man who never misses an opportunity when it comes to expanding his empire He doesn t care much for people, he doesn t care about propriety, and he definitely didn t care that he still hadn t bothered to ask the name of the woman he was about to take back to his hotel.Valerie on the other hand cares a lot She cares about how other people see her and she still cares about her ex He is the only reason that she agreed to a one night stand with the brute from the bar who has confused arrogance with confidence What else is she supposed to think of a man who wears a near constant smirk They may share hot chemistry, but Vladimir s personality is arctic And in the process of trying to get to know the cocky jerk, she stumbles onto the dubious contents of his suitcase and realizes that she needs to care about her safety than what the hell he does for a living.Warning This book contains sexually explicit scenes intended for mature audiences 18 advised ASIN B01AU8S2NI alternate cover edition

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      Kourtney King is an author that draws inspiration from the tragedies of reality to give life to her romances, basing them on real life events.Her constant musings of passers by the corporate lawyer drawing up yet another contract, the college student waiting for a bus and even the elderly sitting in a park who has lived through the history we read about are her inspiration once she sits down to write Ms King s stories are woven into sensitive subjects that she is passionate about and she thoroughly researches to portray a sense of realism in her fiction Through her writing, Kourtney hopes to provoke thought, strike a debate and challenge you to question your beliefs about the world and the people living in it.

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    • This is Valerie and Vladimir's smexy and a surprisingly good story where a one night stand leads to so much more. Vladimir is a rather cocky and possessive character but he remained likeable yet evasive at the same time. Valerie, a young college student was out for an uhm, diversion to try to get over a heartbreak yet you'll discovered each needed that "something more" in a serendipitous way of bonding their relationship.At first, I questioned minor grammatical flaws in the story but much admit [...]

    • This was a pretty good dark read that I liked. Valerie and Vladimir met and had and had a one night stand. She had broken up with her previous boyfriend and was only looking for one night. Soon they were living together at his hotel. Vladimir has a dangerous job and when Valerie is in trouble he has to protect her. The sex between them was hot. This was my first time reading this author this book was well written with no errors in grammar or spelling. This was the first book in a new series and [...]

    • Omg, how is she going to leave me like this!! I need to know what happens, why oh why!!!But seriously, this is a great read. It's something you can read waiting at a doctors office, your getting your toes done. But I'm warning you now Try not to get all hot and bothered in public. It WILL NOT be easy I tell you. I completely devoured this book in one sitting. She definitely had me lost in these fun and sexy characters. Vlad is this dark and dangerous man in town for some business, and he's got t [...]

    • This story is frickin amazing I was captivated from page one, right to the end. But I started having a feeling of "Déjà vu" Because it remind me of my husband and I. *Blushing*So, we have, Valerie Thusi, a gorgeous African-American lady enjoying a cocktail in a bar (nursing a broken heart) when a sexy-as-sin Romanian man, Vladimir (The Impaler) steps up besides her, and one thing leads to another and to one amazing wild night of passion What should have been just a one-night stand leads to so [...]

    • Intense beginningI'm finally going to post my review since its been waiting for me in my notes. Valerie and Vlad's meet was nothing either of them expected but was something they both wanted but they both got a little more than. These opposites definitely are attracted to each other and have quite an intense sexual attraction to each other but will Vlad's issues with relationships and his way of life be able to get him what he needs and will Valerie be able to trust her heart after being broken [...]

    • Great storyline. Needs a lot of editing!I have to say that the title and cover caught my attention. I am also quite impressed how the author incorporated the viewpoints of each and every character throughout the book instead of each chapter to their own. There is a very strong story here that introduces the main characters and a small background that definitely leads to another strong continuation.I definitely give high praise to the author for not only showing us that it is perfectly OK and lib [...]

    • I enjoyed this book. I needed to reacquaint myself with an alpha male again and I certainly got one with Vladimir (Vlad). Vlad and Val (Valerie) meet at a bar, she's there drowning her sorrows and trying to pick up a guy to help her forget how betrayed she feels by her ex.What was supposed to be a one night stand for both of them, turns out to be something more. Coincidence has both of them meeting up again, although this time she's with friends having a night out, and he with his associates. An [...]

    • Not finishedI am happy that I stumbled into this book. It was good but I did not know it would be a continuation. Will get the second book

    • Spoiler Alert there is a cliffhanger, but I loved it it set in South Africa mostly so 'yay Africa!' not a lot of description of the country but it somehow works and Oh what a story. A must read.

    • Just got done reading and thought OMG NO!!!! You have gotta be kidding me! A Cliffhanger???I started reading sometime after 12am this morning and fought sleep until 3am because I didn't want to stop reading.Dark Desires:Genesis although a short story didn't feel rushed. I loved getting to know the characters and understanding their worldloved every minute I spent reading. The only thing I hated is that it ends in a cliffhanger of all CliffhangersI wonder what's going through Val's mind now and h [...]

    • Hotness of Vladimir the impalerWhen I saw the titleI thought it was as one of those paranormal IR storiester the first pageI prayed it wasn't one of the hundreds of Billionaires one night stands about Bdsm.well much to my delight.'s none of thoset in Cape Town, South AfricaVlad and Valerie embarks on a 1 night stand that spirals into a hot unexpected somethingValerie was looking to mend her broken heart and Vlad was looking to break off member.turns out he's an notorious arms dealerwho's world i [...]

    • I'm in love with Val & Vald ( IR Book)I don't know where to start. I love their story both had conflict with their heart, but work through it. Now. Vald is so Alpha Male! I freakin loved it. The bedroom scenes was great. This is my first book where its base in South Africa. I'm very happy with the story line it's a little different from my Mafia,Gangster,BDSM's books that I'm use to reading. Val is sweet,young and completely clueless to what Vald do for a living. I can't wait to see the out [...]

    • 4 Addicting Stars!!What a pleasant surprise this story was!! Written in third person giving us both MC's POV's as well as snippets from other characters, this plot had me engrossed from beginning to end. This is super sexy and addicting. Although well written, it could use a little editing but beyond that all else was perfect. But damn that cliffy!!! I can't wait for book two. Kourtney King has a fan in me.

    • DNF. Writing a book 101 - know the proper use of your/you're. There are so many books available that I have no qualms being ultra picky on spelling and grammar. I found myself skimming almost from the beginning, the sex wasn't that hot, and with such a basic spelling mistake at only 18%, I dropped this book like a hot potato.

    • This series was recommended to me by some book buddies.This is Valerie and Vald's story. There is approximately 8 year age gap between the couple. Valerie has just had a recent break up with a boyfriend and is looking for a one night stand which she has with Vald and their story takes off from here.The story ends on a cliffhanger when Valerie was getting ready to move in with Vald

    • I really struggled with this book, like no other before it. I so wanted to like it, but ultimately couldn't. It should have been fantastic but wasn't. Had to put it away, and admitted defeat at only 12%. Then picked it up later, and tried it again, as I liked the premise for the story, and the 2 MC's were pretty interesting - initially. However, I could not manage more than just over 50%, and gave up for good. The female 'Val' became annoying with her theatrics. Vlad allowed her to slap him for [...]

    • Cliffhanger! Decent read. Liked both the Hero and heroine. But with so many other books to choose from, it has to be better than decent for me to read a series. Need something unique to grab me. Anti-hero, fine, actually working changing that. Standard female friends trope, but there is a good reasonable one in the group. One shining light in the story is that the heroine actually does put up some resistance.

    • dnf@86. I was going to attempt to finish the whole thing. changed my mind when I started just reading just to read I stopped caring what the characters looked like and then started skimming. probably should have stopped then with that being said not my cup of tea at all

    • Nice startThis story had a few typos but I believe she put together a good story with a great background. This wasn't a love at 1st sight type of a tale but gradually over months.

    • Really enjoyedI was very impressed with this story. It grabbed me from the first chapter and became in grossed in the story line it was very well written and I loo forward to finishing the series.

    • Great read!!There were a lot of details that really made me feel like I knew the characters really well. I loved the characters and the challenges they faced.

    • Good bookI was drawn to the book from the very first chapter. I like the character Leland the story line. I will be reading the next book

    • I enjoyed the first book in this series. I suspect we'll learn more about the characters in the next book. This is a good first effort by this author.

    • I give this three book series a 4 but this book is probably a 3. I loved Vlad, the possessive 30 year old wealthy hero arms dealer, and Val to 22 year old college student. He was attracted to her inner light and goodness and she to his caring and protective nature. The relationship isn't perfect or easy, and I like that Val has a backbone. This is a multicultural romance (Vlad is Romanian and Valerie is black South African).Their one night stand turns into a two week arrangement, then a several [...]

    • Surprisingly GOODThis is a well written, well thought out read. I was surprised the direction the story took. The author built the story slowly but didn't have it drag along and then BOOM cliffhanger Now I NEED the next book. Smart, hott read!

    • The arms dealer and the college studentThis was my first read by this author and it was pretty good. The dialogue was lacking at times but the sex scenes were hot. Vlad was pretty closed off emotionally. Valerie was a bit annoying to me at times but I guess that was her age. A one night stand turns into many nights of passion. The story ended in a cliffhanger which I hate but I am excited to see what comes next.

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