Redemption In a world of war and money pain is to be expected What Valerie didn t expect was to relive her last day in captivity over and over again like the chorus to an annoying pop song she can t get out of

  • Title: Redemption
  • Author: Kourtney King
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • In a world of war and money, pain is to be expected.What Valerie didn t expect was to relive her last day in captivity over and over again, like the chorus to an annoying pop song she can t get out of her head She doesn t want to remember in fact, she plans to forget.Vladimir, however, doesn t plan to forget what happened How can he when all he sees looking back at himIn a world of war and money, pain is to be expected.What Valerie didn t expect was to relive her last day in captivity over and over again, like the chorus to an annoying pop song she can t get out of her head She doesn t want to remember in fact, she plans to forget.Vladimir, however, doesn t plan to forget what happened How can he when all he sees looking back at him is her pain It s in the way she recoils at his touch It evaporates off her skin and permeates the air he breathes.No, Vladimir will not forget and he does not forgive.Warning This book contains sexually explicit scenes and violence It is intended for mature audiences only 18 advised IN B01HNK0PVS alternate cover edition

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      Kourtney King is an author that draws inspiration from the tragedies of reality to give life to her romances, basing them on real life events.Her constant musings of passers by the corporate lawyer drawing up yet another contract, the college student waiting for a bus and even the elderly sitting in a park who has lived through the history we read about are her inspiration once she sits down to write Ms King s stories are woven into sensitive subjects that she is passionate about and she thoroughly researches to portray a sense of realism in her fiction Through her writing, Kourtney hopes to provoke thought, strike a debate and challenge you to question your beliefs about the world and the people living in it.

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    • 5 Stars!This is definitely an author to look out for! She writes an engaging story that's dark, erotic, gritty and in many ways feels real with relatable characters and the way they handle situations. This is the third and final book that concludes Vlad's and Val's story. They are trying to heal from Val's recent abduction and rape as well as even more recent revelations. Their relationship had quite a struggle at times through this story and I appreciate the way it was written. I thought both V [...]

    • The final book in the story.As to be expected after being kidnapped and assaulted Val has issues. First mistake she made is not telling Vald what really happened to her while she was kidnapped. Communication breaks down in the couple's relationship. When Vald finds out the truth of course he wants to avenge his woman and punish all the people who took part. When Val finds out what he is doing she starts treating him poorly and making all kinds of ultimatums and threats. For me this is where the [...]

    • This series was a good first effort by Ms. King. The good parts about this series was the realistic portrayal of surviving an assault as the individual who has experienced the abuse and the partner of the person who went through it. I'm glad the author didn't gloss over this but maintained the suspense of the story. I also enjoyed the chemistry between the two characters, the best scenes in the series were the flashback scenes in book 2 where you can see how they both came to love each other. Th [...]

    • Vlad the Conqueror!Vlad redeemed himself with everything he had to be with the love of his lifeeveryone now knows about Valerie's rape at the hands of Keyaan her kidnapperis is not a spoileryway.e consequences after nearly succeeded in splitting these twobut Vlad rose the challenge.Valerie stood her ground and fought right along by his sidewith a lot of gutsI totally became Vlad's # 1 fant looking forward to Keyaan's storylineould be about Macy and Andreit the antagonist and rapistjust my humble [...]

    • Great story to end the series!I love the character growth of Vlad from Genesis to Redemption! I'm really happy that they got their HEA. I would really like to see Andrei and Macy have their own story. I think they would make an interesting couple.

    • This series will go down as one of my absolute favorites! I marathon read all three because I just couldn't put it down. From the beginning of Vladimir and Valerie, something much more profound would keep our lovers together than just the typical one night stand. He believed she was an angel that feel into his unworthy clutches. The character development throughout the series is astounding and very satisfying for all in the end. Vlad has transformed from the badboy arms dealer with severe anger [...]

    • WowWhat a story I waited until the last book to review. Vlad and Val had a remarkable story just as the titles of the three books say. It was a well written story with characters that choose to love the good and the bad in each other. Vlad was psycho but Val showed you could live with ,and thorough the dark side of a person. In truth ,can you? Well, in the story they did.

    • SighI'm giving it a four star becausw although it was good. I wished to know if those twins were Vladimir's. From the description of these twins they were Keyaan's. I hate when stories end like this. It irritates my spirit. It was a pleasurable read, that kept me from sleeping because I needed to know thw father of these children.

    • BEST FINISHED EVERThis book answered all my questions. Love is all that matters with partner and your children. Vlad had proven that he was just crazy in love. And they lived HAPPILY EVER AFTER!!

    • In Love with VladI love him. He is a crazy psychopath, but he loves Valerie. You see it, hear it, and feel it. They have a real love connection. This was a little dark, but it was funny, hot, and steamy. If King could give me more men like Vlad, I will be in line to read them!

    • Series finaleThis was the ending of the Vlad and Valerie story. I must say that I did not like this book as much as the other two. It was anticlimactic to me and the HEA felt forced. Vlad leaves Valerie without any word and goes on a mini killing spree during their honeymoon. When he returns Valerie wants a divorce and he refuses. She relents if he goes to counseling. That was a bit ridiculous. But they got their HEA.

    • Really GoodWhile this was a worthy ending to good series I feel that there were just a few parts missing.I think I would have liked to have seen a little more of Vladimir and Valerie in the first months of parenthood.I would have liked to have seen a little more interaction with there friends.Overall I was not disappointed ,this was a good solid ending to a good series.My one ding is that a second pair of eyes are needed sometimes.A really good adult romance dealing with a few heavy subjects.

    • Very GoodI am rating this series 5 stars. I was overjoyed to read an IR book that is so different from the norm. Glad found all he needed and wanted in Valerie even though he came close to losing her because he had a hard time expressing how he truly felt. Valerie loved Glad despite his shortcomings, even after she finds out more about Glad. Their story is beautifully written. I would suggest if you are looking for something different with up and downs, drama, thriller and a love so deep then gi [...]

    • One to buyWhen I started reading I didn't know how the author was going to get the couple past what happened. Valerie wanted to leave, she wouldn't talk, both were having internal conversations but not with each other and I wanted to jump through the pages and sit them down to make them say the words to each other. The couple faced more downs but they stuck together. Both became better people once they started communicating. I enjoyed Andrei and would love to read his story. The couple find thei [...]

    • Great series!What a rollercoaster ride! Vlad and Valerie.Wowzers!It's amazing the growth you can have IF you find the right person. Vlad grew into a caring, romantic, thoughtful man WITHOUT losing his ALPHA-Ness and Valerie grew into a strong capable woman.Great dialogue, just enough angst, great secondary characters (Andrei needs a book) and the fire between the hero and heroine blazed through my Kindle. Looking forward to more from this author.

    • Vlad and ValerieVlad is definately one of my favourite heros, a badass sexy alpha male who loves his woman and who will do anything for her. And whew.e sex is

    • Awsome Awsome AwsomeI seldom write reviews on books . However this was such a great well written story I had to comment. Val and Vlad's story moved me so much I had to read it twice.

    • Redemption indeedI love the story between Vald and Val. Complete devotion almost to a fault. I hope we can hear about Anderi and who he might settle down with. Totally enjoyed reading these books!

    • Read this series you will not be disappointed I have read all three books in this series and I have totally enjoyed them. This was emotional read that held my attention to the end.

    • Good ending I thought book 3 was the best. It was a great ending with lots of details. I would love a Andrei and Macy book lol!

    • Loved itAll three books were amazing. The writer tackled rape, guilt, grief, remorse, denial and acceptance deftly. Both characters grew and overcame a lot for their love.

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