Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation Set in China a country struggling to reconcile its past and determine its future Lost in Translation is a novel of discovery of bones from an ancient past of love in a foreign land and for Alice Ma

  • Title: Lost in Translation
  • Author: Nicole Mones
  • ISBN: 9780385319348
  • Page: 191
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Set in China, a country struggling to reconcile its past and determine its future Lost in Translation is a novel of discovery of bones from an ancient past, of love in a foreign land, and for Alice Mannegan, an American translator living in Beijing, of her true self When Alice takes an assignment as translator for American archeologist Dr Adam Spencer, she is pulledSet in China, a country struggling to reconcile its past and determine its future Lost in Translation is a novel of discovery of bones from an ancient past, of love in a foreign land, and for Alice Mannegan, an American translator living in Beijing, of her true self When Alice takes an assignment as translator for American archeologist Dr Adam Spencer, she is pulled into a search for not only the bones of the elusive Peking Man, but also for her own identity in a world so far from home With Lost in Translation , Nicole Mones makes an inspired and remarkable debut.American interpretor Alice Mannegan goes by than one name When she s on the job, representing her English speaking clients to China s business and political elite, she uses the name Mo Ai Ii, a respectable, old fashioned name When she retreats to the smoke filled karaoke bars of Beijing s underside, she calls herself Yulian, fragrant lotus, and the Chinese men she so desires never misunderstand her or her intentions.But at the core of this constant role playing lies her restless spirit Determined to escape the legacy of her racist father, Alice seeks to lose herself in the very heart of China In fact, Alice Mannegan wants nothing than to be Chinese When offered an assignment to act as interpretor for Dr Adam Spencer, an American archeologist in search of the elusive Peking Man, Nice can t refuse Joined by two Chinese professors, including Dr Lin Shiyang, a specialist in homo erectus, the four set out among the breathtaking desert landscape of northwest China to retrace the steps of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, the exiled priest who discovered Peking Man Just before World War II created chaos inthe East.As they come closer to tracking down Peking Man, each unearths the demons in his or her own past Spencer struggles to win the love of his estranged son, Lin to reconcile the ghost of his long lost wife, a victim of the Cultural Revolution, and Alice to repair the past with her now dying father Seeking solace and love in one another, Lin and Nice begin to help each other heal, and move on to an uncertain future.Marked by the vast landscape of a timeless country, unforgettable characters and grand themes, Lost in Translation is an extraordinary and intelligent debut.

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    • 366 Pages. Donated 2010 May.Nicole Mones doesn't waste any time getting to the heart of the matter in her first novel, Lost in Translation. Within the first 10 pages we discover that protagonist Alice Mannegan, an interpreter based in Beijing, has a yen for sex with Chinese men. By the time we reach page 20, we've learned that Alice is in full flight from her father, a racist U.S. congressman, and about to start working for Adam Spencer, an American archeologist on the hunt for the missing bones [...]

    • 3.5 starsA myriad of thoughts are running through my head as I contemplate what to write about my reaction to this book. The characters in this story are all a bit lost in the translations of their lives. It's rather poignant, maybe even a bit relatable. Do we not all lose our sense of self at some point, or at the very least question it? But where I struggled with this book was that I never fully engaged with the protagonist. I guess I never really understood her drive to run away so thoroughly [...]

    • This is my second Mones book, and I've decided that she's a keeper! Her two-fold view of cultural China is enlightening. This book is in many ways similar to The Last Chinese Chef, especially with both viewpoints: that of a foreigner and a native. Alice's interal demons and her eventual resolution of these issues closely paralleled my situation at this time. Imagine that!? So yes, so glad I read this and would highly recommend it.

    • This book really surprised me! I purchased it from a library discard pile. What luck! For this book I would have happily paid more than the dollar that I did. It's an agonizingly lovely book that uses the dischord between an American woman and her given culture, and family, to craft a tale that puts the alienation anybody can feel into a deeper perspective. Unlike just anybody, the protagonist loses herself in the classic language and ancient traditions of her chosen home: in China. Reading it, [...]

    • Let's start with a seemingly obvious but wildly overlooked detail: Nicole Mones' "Lost in Translation" is not Sofia Coppola's "Lost in Translation." I mean, sure, they're both about American women floating adrift in Asian countries who have asexual relationships with American men that teach them about the culture in which they've been absorbed and also about themselves. But OTHER THAN THAT, they're totally different stories. (Full disclosure: I didn't realize how similar they were when when I st [...]

    • Perhaps I have benefited by not yet having seen the well publicised but little understood movie version of “Lost in Translation”. I was able to tackle the novel with no preconceived notions of the delicacy required to preserve the cultural bridge between westerners and Chinese, and indeed between Chinese people themselves in their daily dealings with each other.Whether the novel accurately portrays the cultural mysteries or not is not an essential ingredient for the reader’s enjoyment of t [...]

    • This is NM's first book but I read it last. So even though I think it is good I felt the sense of an author finding a formula and sticking with it.Mones books are interesting, well researched, compelling to read, and they always teach you something - Peking Man, Chinese porcelain, food, but there is that repetition of elements that dominate the books. Obviously the geographical setting - China - is one of them, there's the strong, smart, female character, aged 35+, and there is the romance.Possi [...]

    • Alice Mannegan is a young American woman working as an interpreter in modern day China. When she is hired by Dr. Adam Spencer to help him search for the missing “Peking Man”, she embarks on a journey of intrigue, love and an enticing mystery.The Asian cover of the book may make some think Nicole Mones’ novel is related to the movie of the same name, but let me assure you, it’s not. From the first chapter, I was absolutely drawn into this book. Mones presents a credible mystery – a clue [...]

    • Retrieved this book from my storage locker; hidden within a medium size box of other treasures. Last read was over 4 years ago.The story concerns a Chinese translator, Alice Mannegan, working in Guangzhou, China. She ran away as far as was possible from being the poster child for "white America" by her father, a U.S. Congressman. The story details the struggle she has not only with the language but the nuances built in over the centuries to it. The words don't necessarily correspond to their mea [...]

    • I would really love the chance to travel to China. This novel takes place there and it's a bit mysterious, the book has a way of drawing me in! I love it and I want to read Nicole Mones other 2 books, one on my kindle and one I just ordered in Paperback, didn't like the print on kindle for that one, for some reason.Oh, this book was exotic and erotic. I loved the story about Alice and her desire to stay in China or move back to the U.S. Her job as interpreter to an Archeaologist was so interesti [...]

    • If youve seen the movie that was loosely based on this book (or at least has the same title), know that this has a much better storyline. Although I think I may have become way more absorbed in it due to my interest in archaeology and that I used to live in Beijing, where the first part of the book is based. The main character is a translator for foreigners visiting China, and throughout the book both the pin yin and english phrases are printed. That brought the characters to life for me. My onl [...]

    • Hard to believe that this was published almost 30 years ago. Except for the missing technology this feels as though it could have been written in the last decade. This haunting examination of actively choosing to be in a minority as a sort of penance is stitched into a treasure hunt and a bungling sort of Big Brother-ish governmental scheme.

    • Lost in Translation is a novel about love--between a nation and its past, between a man and a memory, between a father and a daughter.

    • this is a story about archeologists looking of the lost Peking Mans' bones. It is more fiction than historical fiction, but it is a good interesting fast read. :Expatriate translator Alice Mannegan spends her nights in Beijing's smoky bars, seeking fleeting encounters with Chinese men to blot out the shame of her racist father back in Texas. But when she signs on to an archaeological expedition searching for the missing bones of Peking Man in China's remote Northwest deserts, her world cracks op [...]

    • It took me awhile to get into this book. It was very slow building but once it got me, it got me. There was something very poetic and sensuous in the way the author described things. The tension between Alice and Lin. The desperation and sadness of Dr. Spenser. Alice was such a complex character yearning to be accepted but at the same time not accepting herself. She had obviously gone to China to, what she thought, to find herself but what she was really doing was running away from herself and h [...]

    • Lost in Translation by Nicole Mones is set in modern-day China. Alice Mannegan is an American woman living on her own in China, working as a freelance translator. Her father Horace Mannegan is a US Congressman. When she was a small child, he gave a pro-segregation speech that incited a race riot. She is ashamed of his racism and refuses to live in America. However she readily accepts his money to support her lifestyle. Alice holds another grudge against her father: when she fell in love with a C [...]

    • I wonder how many people are like me, and picked up this book because they thought it was the origin of the movie? Whatever, I'm glad I did pick it up (even though it has nothing to do with the movie at all), because I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked the heroine, I liked the insight into the Chinese people, language and country, and I enjoyed the plot. I will certainly look out for other books by this author.

    • This was a very strange book, very disconnected. There were many pages, too many, to get to know the characters, but we never did. Very drawn out, no conclusion, and couldn't wait for it to be over.

    • 4.5 stars. Well written, insightful and with plenty to say about Chinese history and culture, questions of identity, racism and inverse racism. As a translator and sometimes interpreter, I found it hard at first to forgive the incorrect, blurred use of concepts of translator and interpreter, as well as unprofessional representations of interpretation practice, however the deep work done in terms of both character and plot development made even these errors forgivable. An entertaining, insightful [...]

    • I enjoyed Lost in Translation but not quite as much as The Last Chinese Chef. Love the covers of Nicole Mones' books and I must admit, it was the reason I picked up The Last Chinese Chef in the first place. Nicole's knowledge of China and the end note about the actual lives of Pierre Teilhard and Lucile Swan did make for interesting reading. I look forward to reading A Cup of Light that is also sitting on my shelf.

    • I'd actually give this novel 3.5 stars; it was that good. Alice, the main character, is so intelligent, erotic, and likable that I didn't want her story to end. While her relationships are troubling, to say the least, they are also quite thought-provoking on many levels. The knowledge and essence of China, and her people that Mones brings to this piece is beyond impressive as well.

    • I was looking for this book for years. I´ve read a short part from it in one slovak book (Čína na dlhom pochode - Leopold Moravčík) when I was a lot younger. Even after reading such a short part it really got me interested, but I think after all those years it found the already different me so I was a little bit disappointed. Whatever review you´re going to read is probably going to be truthful in every aspect, so if it caught your attention read it, but remember books like this are meant [...]

    • Lost in Translation appealed on several levels it is a moving, poetic, elegiac read of an American woman in search of love, her true parentage, her roots, identity and definition, in a country she has always called home (China) but which has always treated her as an outsider (even as she understands the nuances of the language and the culture almost as a native Chinese would); her unconditional love and desire for belonging to a country and its people, where her American free spirited love is ne [...]

    • This book could be the cure for insomnia.I am usually a very fast reader but in this case, reading was almost a chore. You'd think a book about a search for an anthropology treasure set against Chinese culture and politics, along with an American woman with severe daddy issues who wishes she were Chinese (not to mention a hot Chinese guy with a tragic backstory) would be difficult to put down. Yet it is. It's like the writer divided by zero.Instead, there are too many plot elements working again [...]

    • Rather slow. Good enough, but wouldn't read again. A novel of searing intelligence and startling originality, Lost in Translation heralds the debut of a unique new voice on the literary landscape. Nicole Mones creates an unforgettable story of love and desire, of family ties and human conflict, and of one woman's struggle to lose herself in a foreign land--only to discover her home, her heart, herself. At dawn in Beijing, Alice Mannegan pedals a bicycle through the deserted streets. An American [...]

    • Copied from descrption to use as baseA novel of searing intelligence and startling originality, Lost in Translation heralds the debut of a unique new voice on the literary landscape. Nicole Mones creates an unforgettable story of love and desire, of family ties and human conflict, and of one woman's struggle to lose herself in a foreign land--only to discover her home, her heart, herself.At dawn in Beijing, Alice Mannegan pedals a bicycle through the deserted streets. An American by birth, a tra [...]

    • I listened to this audiobook thinking that it was the precursor to the movie. It is not, thankfully. Lost in Translation follows an American interpreter, in China, as she tries to make a life for herself there. I am thankful that I chose to listen to this novel-- hearing Angela Lin speak the Chinese dialogues instead of whatever silent incoherence I might've encountered had I read the book myself. The story travels from Beijing, to the remote city of Yinchuan, and eventually to inner Mongolia. N [...]

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