A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards

A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards Jonathan Edwards is one of the most extraordinary figures in American history Arguably the most brilliant theologian ever born on American soil Edwards was also a pastor a renowned preache

  • Title: A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards
  • Author: George M. Marsden
  • ISBN: 9780802802200
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jonathan Edwards is one of the most extraordinary figures in American history Arguably the most brilliant theologian ever born on American soil, Edwards 1703 1758 was also a pastor, a renowned preacher, a missionary to the Native Americans, a biographer, a college president, a philosopher, a loving husband, and the father of eleven children.George M Marsden widely aJonathan Edwards is one of the most extraordinary figures in American history Arguably the most brilliant theologian ever born on American soil, Edwards 1703 1758 was also a pastor, a renowned preacher, a missionary to the Native Americans, a biographer, a college president, a philosopher, a loving husband, and the father of eleven children.George M Marsden widely acclaimed for his magisterial large study of Edwards has now written a new, shorter biography of this many sided, remarkable man A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards is not an abridgment of Marsden s earlier award winning study but is instead a completely new narrative based on his extensive research The result is a concise, fresh retelling of the Edwards story, rich in scholarship yet compelling and readable for a much wider audience, including students.Known best for his famous sermon Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God, Jonathan Edwards is often viewed as a proponent of fire, brimstone, and the wrath of God As Marsden shows, however, the focus of Edwards s preaching was not God s wrath but rather his overwhelming and all encompassing love Marsden also rescues Edwards from the high realms of intellectual history, revealing him comprehensively through the lens of his everyday life and interactions Further, Marsden shows how Edwards provides a window on the fascinating and often dangerous world of the American colonies in the decades before the American Revolution.Marsden here gives us an Edwards who illumines both American history and Christian theology, an Edwards that will appeal to readers with little or no training in either field This short life will contribute significantly to the widespread and growing interest in Jonathan Edwards.

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    • George M. Marsden

      George M Marsden is the Francis A McAnaney Professor of History Emeritus at the University of Notre Dame He has written extensively on the interaction between Christianity and the American culture and has published numerous books, including Jonathan Edwards A Life, which won the prestigious Bancroft Prize given for the best work of history He lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

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    • I've listened to the whole unabridged audio book of this twice now. It's a very good "read" in the sense that it goes fairly quickly, only hitting the highlights of Edwards' overall life. Marsden does an interesting thing throughout in that he keeps making comparisons between the life of Ben Franklin and Edwards, both of whom were about the same age and whose lives took drastically different trajectories. Since both Franklin and Edwards shaped America with their respective lives and work, Marsde [...]

    • I've read Marsden's excellent full-length work and was thinking that this was just going to be a condensed version. I was pleasantly surprised that it is, and it isn't. Marsden basically asks the question "why is Jonathan Edwards important to America and to Christians" and proceeds to answer why. He has an excellent grasp of both history and theology, Puritanism and Calvinism. One of the most interesting things in this book is his comparison and contrast of Benjamin Franklin and Edwards, two inf [...]

    • Enjoyed this. Written by an expert who has also written the definitive (aka long!) work on Edwards. This book highlights interesting comparisons to Benjamin Franklin and George Whitefield--these three men were among the most famous in Pre-Revolutionary America--and also explains how the spiritual revolution of the Great Awakening drastically impacted our nation's founding and lead to the political revolution (salvation not through church establishment but to each individual; revivals were outsid [...]

    • To echo the praise of Tim Keller, this book is a masterpiece. The author has mastered his subject: you'll learn not only about Jonathan's life, but also the cultural and historical background necessary to appreciate and critique the man. It's not a hagiography, but does what all the best biographies do -- you see the whole man, warts and all. I appreciated that this towering Reformed figure (perhaps America's greatest theologian) also had flaws -- for example, his ill-timed revolution in changin [...]

    • A few years ago I worked through Marsden's definitive biography of Edwards and enjoyed every bit of it. This "Short Life" is a perfect summary of Edward's life and should not be overlooked if one has read the larger bio. Brief, concise, and incredibly easy to read, Marsden adds some additional touches that keep the reader further engaged. I especially liked when Marsden paralleled and contrasted Edwards with his contemporary Benjamin Franklin and the Revolutionary generation. His summary at the [...]

    • I thoroughly enjoyed this short look at the life of Jonathan Edwards. I now, Lord willing, will be spending many years to come learning and knowing more of this great man of God. Highly recommend.

    • A shorter version of Marsden's "Jonathan Edwards: A Life" with added texts regarding Benjamin Franklin as the contemporary and the comparison. Both were sons of a pastor with strict puritan upbringing; but one became the famous (though reluctant at first) political revolutionary and the other, according to Marsden, the important and lesser known religious revolutionary. Jonathan Edwards became a religious revolutionary (in 1740's and 50's in Northampton, Massachusetts, where he pastored a congre [...]

    • I am giving this five stars in part because I'm so excited it exists. I knew that Marsden wrote quite a long life of Jonathan Edwards, and it is apparently really good, and I wanted to read it. But also I didn't want to read it because it is so long, and it is very hard to justify spending time with hundreds of pages that are not related to my dissertation. But then I had to write a lecture on the Great Awakening, and I find that Marsden also wrote a SHORT life of Edwards! 142 pages! Hooray!This [...]

    • Jonathan Edwards was a sinner with significant failings saved by the grace of God. And I deeply admire this man for his uncommon combination of piety, scholarship, and passion for missions.

    • A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards by George M. Marsden is exactly what it sounds like: a short biography on the life of Jonathan Edwards. I was initially attracted to this book because of its cover. What I mean is that the cover looked, well, "cool" for lack of a better term. It had a modern, minimalistic style, which led me to believe that it was most likely a newer book. Not that an older biography on Edwards would have been a bad thing, but I'm typically intrigued by new books. And it so happe [...]

    • Refreshing. Short and sweet. The book is a short summary of his life that does not leave out anything you want to hear. It has become one of my hobbies to read or listen to historical non-fictions or biographies and immerse myself in the debates and struggles that living in the 21st century, I am completely ignorant of. I enjoy particularly hearing of how Christians lived and responded to the struggles of their day. In this short biography, I was blessed to wrestle alongside Edwards with the iss [...]

    • Jonathan Edwards is best known, perhaps, for his somewhat frightening sermon -- Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God -- but this is only part of his legacy. Considered by scholars of American religion one of America's most influential theologians and philosophers, he helped form an evolving Puritanism during the middle part of the 18th century. Though he died prior to the Revolution he was a contemporary of Benjamin Franklin and George Whitfield. While a fully loyal British citizen, he was one o [...]

    • A wonderful, concise biography of the life of possibly one of the most influential theologians to come from the North American continent. A the title indicates, this is a short biography and at only 176 pages, the work doesn't feel like it has cheated the reader on any details that one may want to know regarding the life of Jonathan Edwards. The author does mention in the preface that, while this is a stand alone work, he does have a longer, more definitive work simply titled "Jonathan Edwards: [...]

    • This is a great book for anyone who wants on overview of the life of Jonathan Edwards, and he interacted with and how his beliefs compared to his contemporaries, such as; George Whitfield, Benjamin Franklin, and the Wesley brothers.It is also a revealing look at the formation of American Evangelicalism and the way that God has moved in revealing his word to us. Get your copy here:A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards (Library of Religious Biography Series) [Kindle Edition] A Short Life of Jonathan Ed [...]

    • Overall this was a helpful guide for getting a brief glimpse into the character and context of Jonathan Edwards. Obviously, if one wants a deeper look into Edwards and his world then one should go to Marsden's highly-acclaimed longer biography of the man. The biggest drawback to this book is that it's brevity and intended approachability limit the very things that are likely to draw readers into Edwards--his mind and theology. Marsden here can only say that Edwards' writing and broader thinking [...]

    • A great listen on audio book. Frankly, I think just hearing any book read by Grover Gardner is a plus for the book before even considering the content! (Can you tell I like listening to him read audio books?) This is a short biography compared to Marsden's other lengthy treatment (of which I have not read). By Marsden's own statement this is not an abridgment of it though. He opens the book by comparing and contrasting Benjamin Franklin and Jonathan Edwards in a very helpful way. This comparison [...]

    • This was an okay read. Marsden does a good job of getting the setting down for Edwards which I think can be the biggest pitfall when presenting a not in full biography as Marsden did in his full biography of Jonathan Edwards. So there I am pleased with the book. However, the biggest problem I have with this book is that I don't feel like I ever met Edwards or really saw him stand out as he should have. There's a lot of pulling in other big names to provide context to the world Edwards was a part [...]

    • This is a scholarly and thoughtful presentation of a person who is arguably America's greatest theologian. In very simple terms, Marsden shows how Edwards arrived at his conclusions and, of course, how the history of an early nation provided a backdrop for it.I was at first anxious that this would be a condensed version of his longer more scholarly work, but it is both more readable and adds considerable thought provoking material. For those who have never read Edwards' great treatise, Freedom o [...]

    • I have a dear friend who is a big fan of Jonathan Edwards, and have often wondered why. I would like to read the longer Marsden bio, because this has whetted my appetite for more substantial grasp of who this man was and what he believed. I found this book to be an adequate "flyover" for Edwards and his context, but as an aspiring historical theologian, I definitely would prefer a deeper look into the life of this man and his work. The recommended reading list at the end seems quite good. I woul [...]

    • I enjoyed this book. I think Marsden (like any good biographer) kept out of the way enough to give me a real look into Edwards' life. Especially interesting were his comparisons with the life of Franklin, his tracing of Edwards' involvement in the Great Awakening, and his wide angle perspective when tracing such things as Edwards' heritage.A couple favorite quotes:"We know from his notebooks in which he reflected on 'Images of Divine Things' that his spiritual sensibilities were often renewed by [...]

    • This was a book on cd that I recieved at the shepherd's conference. It had been a very long time since I had listened to a book on cd. I enjoyed the experience. The book/cd seemed like a fair account Edwards life. Previously I had been fairly ignorant of Edwards contributions. When you read a teaching by a recent author you think he must have been the first; however, studying any church history and you learn otherwise.The biggest thing I appreciated was the consistency of Edwards life in all asp [...]

    • This is Marsden's shorter biography on Edwards, with his main work being (arguably) THE main/best secondary source on Jonathan Edwards. I have not had the time to read through his larger book yet, and can not speak more on the differences/similarities between the two texts.The writings style is engaging and very informative. The last few chapters seem to end abruptly, but that is how Edwards' life sadly ends. If you are interested in learning more about the man behind "Sinners in the Hand of an [...]

    • This is not an abridged version of the longer “A Life.” It is a very well written narrative that contrasts Edwards with Benjamin Franklin to make sense of how a country like the USA can be both the most religious and the most secular at the same time. Worth getting just for the final chapter, although you’ll want to read the rest too! I read this one after the longer "A Life" . . . inevitably I preferred the longer book because it is so well written. I hope people reading this won't feel s [...]

    • I got this free audiobook as part of a promotion online. I normally do not enjoy audiobooks so much, but this one was not too bad. The book itself as is evident from the title is short. It is also written in a simple and easy to understand way. The narration is clear and easy to follow.The life of Jonathan Edwards is remarkable in many ways and his experiences and teachings are very relevant in this day and age. He was truly a man of integrity and very conscious of things that were against the B [...]

    • This was a very good short biography of Jonathan Edwards. Almost all I knew of Edwards previously was a caricature based on "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God." This book gave me a much more well-rounded view not only of Edwards himself, but of Puritan New England and of the religious seeds that helped to spark the American Revolution. I came to realize that much of what I knew of the spiritual and moral climate of that time and region was also little more than a caricature. Even someone who [...]

    • Book Review: A Short Life of Jonathan Edwards by George Marsden - a good popular level biography of Jonathan Edwards. This is not an abridgement of Marsden's longer Jonathan Edwards: A Life, but rather a new, shorter and more popular level biography. If you are really interested in Edwards and/or like detailed biographies, I would suggest the longer book. But if you are just casually interested and/or want a brief introduction, this is a good option.Click through for full review on my blog at bo [...]

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