A Sense of Belonging

A Sense of Belonging Cholmford Hall Mews is far than an exclusive home to its new inhabitants In their different ways all the newcomers to Cholmford are searching for something love peace a sense of belonging But will

  • Title: A Sense of Belonging
  • Author: Erica James
  • ISBN: 9780752843421
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
  • Cholmford Hall Mews is far than an exclusive home to its new inhabitants In their different ways, all the newcomers to Cholmford are searching for something love, peace, a sense of belonging But will they find than they bargained for

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      With an insatiable appetite for other people s business, Erica James will readily strike up conversation with strangers in the hope of unearthing a useful gem for her writing She finds it the best way to write authentic characters for her novels, although her two grown up sons claim they will never recover from a childhood spent in a perpetual state of embarrassment at their mother s compulsion.The author of nineteen bestselling novels, and the winner of the 2006 Romantic Novel of the Year Award, Erica divides her time between Suffolk and Lake Como in Italy.

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    • Dit is zo'n boek dat terwijl ik het lees ik ook het hele verhaal voor me zie. Alles wordt in detail beschreven waardoor je het gevoel hebt echt op ''Cholmford Hall Mews" te zijn. Het is mooi verhaal over verschillende levens die via hun nieuwe huizen bij elkaar komen. Vriendschap, liefde en drama alles komt voorbij en ik heb echt van dit boek genoten. Geen 5 sterren omdat sommige dingen net iets té voorspelbaar waren maar verder was het gewoon goed.

    • Four houses in a new development are occupied over a period of a week or two. There's a married - but rather incompatible - couple, with a social-climbing wife. There's an unmarried, but apparently very compatible couple - he's nearly fifty, and very gentle, while she is considerably younger, but the only problem appears to be his glamorous ex-wife, who still works with him. Then there's Jessica, a writer, who we first meet in Corfu as she finishes her novel, and then leaves the philandering man [...]

    • This is as good a book as one can get to read, if the aforementioned one is indulgent on the genre of romance. No over-the-top cheesy dialogues between a-star-cross'd lovers. And that probably is why I like this book so much, and hopefully many will, for the same reason.I have a liking for this genre written by a particular author X. Erica competes equally. While X has her USP at provoking emotions through words, Erica's lies in the construction of her sentences! I truly amazes a connoisseur of [...]

    • A Sense of Belonging is a romance by Erica James. I've read quite a few books by Erica James in the past but haven't read any in quite a while. I had forgotten her wonderful descriptions setting a scene and her ability to give characters believable attributes and motivation. This book brought it all back in spades.Two single people and two couples, one with a child, move into the brand new exclusive homes of Cholmford Hall Mews. Jessica is an author who we meet first on the island of Corfu where [...]

    • Written in 1998, this story is ageless. Erica James tackles the sticky subject of a disabling illness - MS - with sensitivity and realism.Inflicted with the disease, Josh cannot come to terms with his family and friends' change of attitude toward him, which manifests in what he feels is obsessive caring. Always active, superbly good-looking and successful in partnership with his brother in the family business, he is humiliated and grief-stricken as the ravages of multiple sclerosis bite deep int [...]

    • Een van de redenen waarom ik de boeken van Erica James leuk vind is het feit dat ze meerdere levens én dus ook verschillende verhaallijnen mooi weet samen te voegen. Die samenvoeging verloopt geleidelijk aan en je leert de personages beetje bij beetje steeds wat beter kennen.Door die afwisseling is er nooit sprake van eentonigheid en weet de schrjfster je aandacht de hele tijd bij het verhaal én de levens van haar personages te houden. Van de band tussen Jessica en haar moeder én de nuchterhe [...]

    • A Sense of Belonging is based around the inhabitants of Cholmford Hall Mews – four houses in an 18th century converted barn.The story opens with main character Jessica Lloyd, a writer who is about to leave her home in Corfu, along with an unsatisfactory relationship, to be near her mother in Cheshire. Jessica becomes one of the Mews’ residents – the others being Kate and Alec (a beautiful woman much younger than her recently divorced partner), Amanda and Tony (a marriage of convenience) an [...]

    • I know that she is a very popular writer but this was not really my sort of book. You know very quickly how its all going to turn out, there are the usual twists and turns but the heroine gets her man. Far too predictable! I also hated the long drawn out account of Jessica buying a special outfit, I nearly gave up at that point! Perhaps some people like that sort of thing?? I am also very tired of women characters in books who can't cook and men who are wonderful at it, what planet are they on? [...]

    • De thuiskomst is een tijdloos verhaal over loyaliteit, vriendschap en liefde. Dat de Nederlandse vertaling ruim 18 jaar na het origineel (A Sense of Belonging) verschijnt, merk je enkel aan de verwijzingen naar cassettespelers, moeilijk in te stellen videorecorders en de brieven die vrienden naar elkaar schrijven. Ondanks de sterk veranderde wereld blijft het verhaal en James’ schrijfstijl moeiteloos overeind. Mijn volledige recensie lees je hier: hebban/p/smakelijk-lez

    • This was a lovely read from Erica. I believed and felt for the characters and situations they got themselves into. Jessica is the main character and is bold, straight forward and over protecive to her mother. She wants to be loved with passion but does that really happen to people like her. She moves back from Corfu ending a relationship that was going nowhere and moves into a converted barn complex with five homes four of which have very different new owners. The story is based around these fou [...]

    • Dull and badly written. All 'tell' rather than 'show' with each character ruminating endlessly about their motives and wondering what the other characters are thinking. The bored reader can't wonder themselves as we get to hear inside everyone's head. And when there is conversation it is of the 'would you like a coffee?', 'Yes, please'. 'With milk' 'yes please'. 'And sugar', 'yes thanks' variety.

    • Honestly, this is my first time of reading Erica James. I don't know about her writing in other books but in this one ,it's like a little bit pushy and forcing the characters to get a happy ending. I'm not very fond of drama which is too easy to guess what's gonna happen next. Anyways, this book indeed is enjoyable and entertaining.

    • Another good story by Erica James. The characters a mix of likeable and fairly unpleasant! A happy outcome, but one which kept you guessing throughout, if only to see how the author would resolve some of the weightier issues of the storyline. This story touched on the serious and debilitating illness of MS and gives you the reader some insight to that. Overall, definitely one I would recommend.

    • once again, erica james has warmed my heart and made me miss my boyfriend like theres no tomorrow!!! james has taken tough issues and made them readable in a light way that hurts and touches the soul. and yet you can't get enough of her writing. i still have my favourites by her, but i still enjoy all her books.

    • I loved the book, especially as it was set in parts of Cheshire that I am familiar with, so could really picture it as I was reading. It is based on various couples and singletons who move onto a new development, and their interaction with each other, and although it is an easy read, Erica James never ever disappoints.

    • This is a story of the inhabitants of a new development in the Cheshire countryside. They include a writer worried about her mother, an older man young woman unmarried couple, a married couple with child and a young successful man adjusting to life with MS.The characters come alive and I wanted to yell at one sometimes.

    • Erica James at her best on characterization. Lives interweave and some work out well and some not so well. A good solid light read.How much does the book you finish influence the next? I had just finished a horrible book I read on someone's recommendation.

    • It was ok. I wasn't really keen on the characters and didn't care what happened to them. I also got a bit irritated by the way the book was written. I found myself getting annoyed by the silly detail like using maximum hold hair spray etc. I won't be reading any more Erica James I don't think.

    • Another emotional story from Miss James, set in a quiet cul de sac, recounting the lives if the people who live there who want peace and to belong somewhere somehow in society. A sobering thoughtful and very entertaining read.

    • Erica James never fails to impress. She has a real natural flow and her books are so easy to consume. This one was no different and I enjoyed it immensely. Josh & Jessica were great characters, that Amanda needed a kick up the xxxx, and so did Ruth!

    • Loved this book, at first I thought it would be a bit dull---the usual. However it kept my attantion all the way through and one didn`t really know what was going to happen until the last chapter--lots of surprises!!

    • Thought this was a beautifully written book, and made me want to read more by Erica James. I did guess from early on what would happen at the end, but was a good read.

    • Classical Erica at her best - a warm engaging story with lots of different threads all tied up into a deliciously satisfying read.

    • Galloped through this one. Erica James as usual, easy to read and kept me interested. A good summer read.

    • A "comfortable" read. Enjoyable enough if a little predictable. With Erica James you know what you're going to get. Couldn't read her novels back to back but ok once in a while.

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