Finding Daddy

Finding Daddy MIRA KENT IS nearing her th birthday and wants to know about a father she doesn t remember Her mother tells her she has all his good qualities but isn t specific With nothing but a photo of her fat

  • Title: Finding Daddy
  • Author: Louise Plummer
  • ISBN: 9780385730921
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Hardcover
  • MIRA KENT IS nearing her 16th birthday and wants to know about a father she doesn t remember Her mother tells her she has all his good qualities, but isn t specific With nothing but a photo of her father, Mira wants She writes him imaginary notes Daddy, darling, where are you I need you in my life Aren t you curious about me About school I have a boyfriendMIRA KENT IS nearing her 16th birthday and wants to know about a father she doesn t remember Her mother tells her she has all his good qualities, but isn t specific With nothing but a photo of her father, Mira wants She writes him imaginary notes Daddy, darling, where are you I need you in my life Aren t you curious about me About school I have a boyfriend named Dylan Mom says you both made the decision during the divorce that you wouldn t be part of my life It was easier, she says It hasn t been easier for me Look for me, dearest Daddy, and I ll look for you I ll look until I find you.From the Hardcover edition.

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      Louise Plummer is a noted author young adult fiction and a retired associate professor of English for Brigham Young University She lives in New York, New York with her writer professor husband Tom Together they have four sons The Plummers moved from Boston to Minnesota in 1971 when Tom took a position at the University of Minnesota While there, Louise earned a master s degree in English They both took positions at BYU in 1985, the same year her first novel, The Romantic Obsessions and Humiliations of Annie Sehlmeier, received the the Delacorte Press First Young Adult Novel Contest, leading to its publication The book later became a children s choice book with both the New York Public Library and the International Reading Association.Awards received by subsequent books include Her second novel, ALA Best Book, a School Library Journal Best Book, Utah Arts Council Best Young Adult Novel, Association for Mormon Letters Best Young Adult Novel, and another New York Public Library Children s Choice Book for her second novel, My Name is Sus5an Smith The 5 is Silent The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman was also an ALA Best Book, a School Library Journal Best Book, an Association for Mormon Letters Best Young Adult Novel Her A Dance For Three was also an ALA Best Book.She has also written nonfiction books specifically for the Mormon audience and is a popular LDS lecturer Bio courtesy of

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    • I was disappointed with "Finding Daddy". I thought the premise was great but by the end of the book I was left feeling- was that it? Maybe I was hoping for too much. There are many Teen Fiction titles that have the depth and scope to make them enjoyable for adults and this one just felt childish.

    • Fairly intense but I thought it was missing one thing. There was only one possible suspect. No red herrings. No dead ends. You kind of knew from the beginning who was doing the terroising. Kind of took a lot of the suspense out of it.

    • Violent cautionary tale. If mom and grandma change their names, lie about where they're from, and tell you your dad is out of your life and under no circumstances will they provide any information about him, a normal person might take the hint there's a reason for it. But 16 year old drama queen Mira decides she knows better, even if her boyfriend and best friend disagree with what she's doing. She knows her dad is really wonderful, based on some watercolorings she found (of course, no one who c [...]

    • This is a hard review for me to write objectively for two reasons. First of all, Louise Plummer is one of my favorite people. I love her creativity, sincerity, and humor. (So if you follow these reviews on , Professor Plummer, know that I loved both my Creative Writing class and English 3??. I also love your style of description and character development and feel a little silly critiquing my creative writing teacher.) Because of that class, I knew some things to expect from the book. I knew it w [...]

    • Some obvious plot holes: First, if you are hiding from your abusive husband to the extent that you have to change your name, make sure that when your daughter is old enough to start asking questions that you are honest with her and explain how dangerous her father is and that he should never go looking for him. Second, after discovering both your father's real name and the fact that your mother and grandmother have changed their real names, combined with the fact that neither of them will talk a [...]

    • Mira Kent lives with her mother and her grandmother. She has a comfortable life, with as much love as she could ever want, but she has always been curious about her father. Her mother and grandmother won't tell her anything about him, even his name--and as she nears her sixteenth birthday, she desperately wants to find him.When she and her friends do some sleuthing and track him down, Mira couldn't be more excited. But then her dog is killed. There's an attempted break-in at her house. And that' [...]

    • Mira, who is almost sixteen, wants to know more about her father that she doesn't remember. She has a photo of him and only knows the few things her mother and grandmother will tell her. Mira decides she needs to find him.Mira isn't a bad character. I actually think she is very believable and while I know both of my parents, I can imagine myself in her place and understand how she feels.Mira isn't stupid. She wants to know her father and you should be able to trust your parents. She shouldn't ha [...]

    • First off, I was sad to hear from the bio that Louise Plummer has retired and moved to New York. She was one of my favorite, most influential professors, and it's sad to think that no more classes will get to experience her and Tom Plummer's awesome memoir class. Now on to the book itself: It was very tense and thrillery and well written. Unfortunately, our main character is so monumentally stupid that every time she does something you just want to throw the book across the room and yell at her. [...]

    • Louis Plummer’s The Unlikely Romance of Kate BjorkmanI was surprised and delighted to come across Finding Daddy in the library last week. It’s been years since Plummer released a new book, so I felt as if I’d stumbled across a treasure.Although not nearly as appealing as Unlikely Romance, Finding Daddy starts with a similarly light tone. Mira Kent is a teenager with a loyal best friend, a dreamy boyfriend, and a strong desire to find her biological father.The writing is a bit awkward, and [...]

    • Mira Kent seems to have it all, a loving mother, a grandmother who makes killer waffles, two best friends, Sarah and Dylan, and a budding romance with Dylan. What more could she want? Finding her daddy. She has not seen him since she was three, and her mother and grandmother evade her questions about him. She discovers a photo album containing pictures of her with her father. She also finds her parents’ marriage certificate and is shocked to learn her father’s real name and that her mother a [...]

    • This book in my opinion is a must read for teens who adore a fast pace supense/thriller with a touch of mystery that is quickly brought to light, which is the disappointing part. Nonetheless, it was an easy read and it got me hooked until the end. The events unfolding could easily be very disturbing but also intriguing for any 16 year old to want to risk herself and find an explanation for everything that's been recently going on in her life. I believe I was also 16 when I first read the book an [...]

    • It's a quick read because it's fast-paced and super short. It begins a little awkwardly - the language is stilted and Mira's voice isn't quite believable but everyone finds their places quickly enough. Mira lives with her mom and Bella (grandmother) in a nice neighborhood. She has a bright, sassy best friend and a cute boyfriend. Her life is pretty good. But she really wants to know her father and no one is forthcoming on the topic. Because of this, she does some snooping on her own and by her 1 [...]

    • I always get a request for a really good SHORT book. Now my philosophy is that it doesn’t matter how many pages a book has if it is really good, but nevertheless, I have a short book for those of you looking for a good suspense novel. The book is Finding Daddy by Louise Plummer. Do you ever wish for something more than anything else in the whole world? Finding Daddy tells the story of Mira, a teenager who wishes to find her father. She has grown up with her mom and grandma, has a happy life, g [...]

    • In the beginning, I really liked and enjoyed this book. The first few chapters kept me hooked onto the book, but everything changed after i got midway through. Mira's life changes and she still doesn't make any connections: her dad that her mom and grandmother avoid talking about and the terrible things that are happening after Mira contacts him. At first, I was on Mira's side. I also wanted her to find her dad, and I wondered about the photo album her dad made (for her). After Mira made some ve [...]

    • This book was awful. Seriously. I had decent expectations, because I liked The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman by the same author, but I was seriously let down. I would term this book a suspense/thriller, but it was just ridiculous. The main character, a 15-year-old girl, tracks down her absent father's phone number and email and makes the not-so-smart decision to call him, a complete stranger. Then when a mysterious man starts stalking her family, she still doesn't make the connection. Three [...]

    • Reviewed by Cho for TeensReadTooMira is a 16-year-old living a wonderful life. She lives in a beautiful house with her mom and her grandma, "Bella." She has an awesome best friend, and a friend-turned-boyfriend. Well, her life might sound complete but it isn't -- not for her. Mira's mom won't even talk about her dad. So she decides that since her mom won't tell her, she will find him on her own. The easy part for Mira is that she does find him and decides to contact him. She thinks her father is [...]

    • 16-year-old Mira lives with her mom and her grandma Bella. Her mom refuses to tell her anything about her dad, so she decides to search for him. Using the internet, and finally sending an email, she sets off a series of violent acts that she had no way of knowing would happen. Why did her mother not warn her about her father? If her mom did not want to explain in detail, she could have at least said that he was dangerous. Somehow the whole book didn't ring true. Kids might find the dialogue a bi [...]

    • Quite honestly, I think it was all the main character's fault. I understand that she had the right to be curious about who her dad is and why her family has estranged from him ever since she was a toddler. What I didn't like was that she went and found sneaky ways behind her mother and grandmother's back, to find the dad, after her mother and grandmother who she lives with, warned her not to. I think she should have listened, because once she was able to contact her father, she told him her addr [...]

    • Another Louise Plummer book because I picked it up at the same time as the other. I wasn't addicted to this one quite as fast as the other, but once the character contacts her dad, I was gripped. It was darker than A Dance for Three, but I liked it. I think I may not have liked it as much as the other one though because Mira doesn't seem to have as much complexity and depth. She's not as interesting. She seems a bit more self-absorbed as well because she has this great life and doesn't trust her [...]

    • This book is about a girl who hasn't seen her dad since she was 3 years old. She was young when her parents got divorced and she can't remember much. Her mom and grandma (who she lives with) won't tell her anything except for his first name, not even his last which turns out to be fake anyway. There soons to be a series of breakins at her house as she begins to find her dad and calls and emails him. The breakins start with the killing of her dog. Someone tries her paws together and burries her i [...]

    • This was my first Louise Plummer book, but I'm certain it won't be my last. I'm not a big fan of YA novels, but this one completely held my attention. It's about a teenage girl who searches, on her own, for her father with shocking results. It's fast paced, well written, with great characters, and an intriguing plot. I finished it in about 2 hours and thought "This is YA? What don't I like about YA?" It's clean, with good language, and a sophisticated plot.

    • I heard Louise Plummer read part of this book at a book reading at BYU. That was at least 3 years ago. I have been checking periodically since then to see if it was available because I have been wondering what happens. That is how well written the book is. I have to say that although I knew some of what happened, it was a total shock! I don't want to give anything away, but I do feel that I should warn you not to read it if you can't handle scary movies.

    • I will say on the outset that Louise Plummer was my professor at BYU. I loved her class. I can still remember several of her lectures in great detail. She is brilliant, hilarious, and an amazing educator.I did not love Finding Daddy, as much as it pains me to say so. The tone of the book was inconsistent, at first too juvenile and then too frightening. I would have liked a more depth and some of that great Professor Plummer humor.

    • A turn from Plummer's usual romantic plots. However, having watched far too many CSI's and Law & Order's, the events seemed a little too far fetched. And it seemed a little short and more story needed to be included. And it seems strange to me that the mother or grandmother wouldn't say anything about the dad to Mira in order to warn her. She is sixteen afterall. A slight disappointment for a long awaited Plummer book.

    • I love love love Louise Plummer. I had her as a professor at BYU. Her books are normally so funny. I wish I could write like she does. However, this book is super creepy. I bought it because she wrote it, not really reading what it was about. Then I read that she was trying to write a psychological thriller when she wrote this book. She succeeded. I was reading it in the middle of the night while feeding a new baby and it literally creeped me out.

    • I think this a good book. It's about a girl who wants to find her father.He left her life when she was a baby ,but she didn't know why. She lives with her mother and her grandmother.They don't ever talk about her father and she gets curious and starts finding clues about her father.What I would recommend you read this book to find out the rest. To me this is a good book to me because it keeps you interested at all times.

    • The title of my book is Finding Daddy by Louise Plummer. This book is about a girl who doesn't know her father. She is trying to figure out where he is, but her mom doesn't want her to find him. But the daughter goes and tries to find him anyway. But there is a big twist towards the ending of the book, I hope you guys like this book as much as I did. The reason why I rated this book a five star is because this book is kind of like the April Henry books so I just really liked it.

    • I've watched Scooby Doo cartoons that kept me guessing more than this book. Combine this with a plot that must have been cooked up by Plummer while she was watching a Lifetime Movie marathon, some of the worst dialogue I've ever read, and characters I just didn't care about and you've got one of the worst books I've read in the last decade.

    • I'm already inspired by this novel. I'm about half way through and it gives me inspirationI would definitely, recommend this novel to anyone. updates will continue at a later time. Finished. started at 3:15pm and finished at 7:40pm. A very intriguing book and the ending was a surprize to what i was thinking would happen.

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