Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism

Rome Sweet Home Our Journey to Catholicism The well known and very popular Catholic couple Scott and Kimberly Hahn have been constantly travelling and speaking all over North America for the last few years about their conversion to the Catho

  • Title: Rome Sweet Home: Our Journey to Catholicism
  • Author: Scott Hahn Kimberly Hahn Peter Kreeft
  • ISBN: 9780898704785
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback
  • The well known and very popular Catholic couple, Scott and Kimberly Hahn, have been constantly travelling and speaking all over North America for the last few years about their conversion to the Catholic Church Now these two outstanding Catholic apologists tell in their own words about the incredible spiritual journey that led them to embrace Catholicism Scott Hahn was aThe well known and very popular Catholic couple, Scott and Kimberly Hahn, have been constantly travelling and speaking all over North America for the last few years about their conversion to the Catholic Church Now these two outstanding Catholic apologists tell in their own words about the incredible spiritual journey that led them to embrace Catholicism Scott Hahn was a Presbyterian minister, the top student in his seminary class, a brilliant Scripture scholar, and militantly anti Catholic until he reluctantly began to discover that his enemy had all the right answers Kimberly, also a top notch theology student in the seminary, is the daughter of a well known Protestant minister, and went through a tremendous dark night of the soul after Scott converted to Catholicism Their conversion story and love for the Church has captured the hearts and minds of thousands of lukewarm Catholics and brought them back into an active participation in the Church They have also influenced countless conversions to Catholicism among their friends and others who have heard their powerful testimony Written with simplicity, charity, grace and wit, the Hahns deep love and knowledge of Christ and of Scripture is evident and contagious throughout their story Their love of truth and of neighbor is equally evident, and their theological focus on the great importance of the family, both biological and spiritual, will be a source of inspiration for all readers.

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    About “Scott Hahn Kimberly Hahn Peter Kreeft

    • Scott Hahn Kimberly Hahn Peter Kreeft

      Dr Scott Hahn was born in 1957, and has been married to Kimberly since 1979 He and Kimberly have six children and are expecting their twelfth grandchild An exceptionally popular speaker and teacher, Dr Hahn has delivered numerous talks nationally and internationally on a wide variety of topics related to Scripture and the Catholic faith Hundreds of these talks have been produced on audio and videotapes by St Joseph Communications His talks have been effective in helping thousands of Protestants and fallen away Catholics to re embrace the Catholic faith.He is currently a Professor of Theology and Scripture at Franciscan University of Steubenville, where he has taught since 1990, and is the founder and director of the Saint Paul Center for Biblical Theology In 2005, he was appointed as the Pope Benedict XVI Chair of Biblical Theology and Liturgical Proclamation at St Vincent Seminary in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.Dr Hahn is also the bestselling author of numerous books including The Lamb s Supper, Reasons to Believe, and Rome Sweet Home co authored with his wife, Kimberly Some of his newest books are Many Are Called, Hope for Hard Times, The Catholic Bible Dictionary, and Signs of Life.Scott received his Bachelor of Arts degree with a triple major in Theology, Philosophy and Economics from Grove City College, Pennsylvania, in 1979, his Masters of Divinity from Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in 1982, and his Ph.D in Biblical Theology from Marquette University in 1995 Scott has ten years of youth and pastoral ministry experience in Protestant congregations in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, Kansas and Virginia and is a former Professor of Theology at Chesapeake Theological Seminary He was ordained in 1982 at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Fairfax, Virginia He entered the Catholic Church at the Easter Vigil, 1986.

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    • I wasn't really sure that I'd like this book because there was a lot that I didn't think I'd relate to. After all, it's a book about a couple converting from the Protestant faith to Catholicism, and I came from an atheist background. Second, Dr. Hahn and his wife studied their way into the Church, and my conversion was anything but academic.However, the Holy Spirit was so present in this book that, despite myself, I often found myself laughing out loud or on the verge of tears! And this is anyth [...]

    • I should mention that I read this from the perspective of a non Catholic (at least currently). When I took a vacation to Rome the places which I constantly found to be the most impressive were not the big archeological sites like the Colosseum or the Forum, but instead it was the beautiful churches. I have always attended plain Protestant churches and I was surprised at just how beautiful the inside of these buildings were, full of paintings of biblical events and statues of biblical figures and [...]

    • Quoting the excerpt Scott Hahn shared on his fanpage, written by a girl named Bernadette: 'After a couple weeks of captivating late night reading, I have finished the incredible book, Rome Sweet Home, by Scott & Kimberly Hahn, two converts to Roman Catholicism. As someone born into the Catholic Church, it was cool and interesting to learn of and experience the journey taken by evangelical Protestants to come home to the very Church created by Christ. Their journey was particularly intriguing [...]

    • Reason for Reading: Popular Catholic theologian Scott Hahn has written many books and I would like to read several of them. Before I started those, however, I thought I would start with this, his conversion story.Comments: What can I say? An absolutely, inspirational story of a very difficult, journey that Scott and his wife found themselves on that ended with them coming home to the Church. Scott was a Presbyterian minister, self described as vehemently anti-Catholic, to the point where he didn [...]

    • You dont have to be a convert to appreciate this book. Im a "cradle Catholic" and this book made me appreciate my faith more.Also, although it is pretty shameful and hard to swallow but he is right about one thing: Catholics all over the world should really learn how to read the Bible by themselves and learn about Catholicism more."Yep, sometimes it takes an immigrant to explain it for the natives."Also, this shows both the beautiful and ugly sides of Catholics. Although there are some bad fruit [...]

    • What did I think? Well, I'm Catholic now. In reality though, while it is under one of the most repulsive titles for a protestant, he describes his journey to the Church in a way that Protestants might understand without the vocabulary that most Catholics use — he uses protestant terms to describe Catholic elements of faith. That, I think, is what makes this so compelling, as well as his description of his earnest pursuit of truth.

    • New favorite! It starts off like a fairy tale - boy meets girl. He wants to be a pastor, she wants to be a pastor's wife. They get married. But along the road, things get complicated. He gets involved in a huge, 2000-year-old mystery, which at its heart is a search for truth - and neither of them is really ready to deal with the truth he finds. This book is not based on a true story, it IS a true story! Told alternatively from Scott Hahn's point of view and from his wife Kimberly's, this book pl [...]

    • I love conversion stories and have always enjoyed listening to Dr Scott Hahn, a famous convert, who brings complex theological issues down to a level that even *I* can understand so I thought the book by he and his wife, Kimberly, Rome Sweet Home, would be a happy story.Well, it didn’t start out that way! I knew they had a happy ending because both they and their children made it into the Catholic Church many years ago but the book covered the whole process of their discovery of the fullness o [...]

    • The whole book was based off of the initial assumption that the covenant was made with the church. Since Protestants also make the same assumption, many of the arguments between Catholics and Protestants are founded on that initial error. Ah, so much bloodshed in history because of this error! Once that assumption was laid as "foundation", it was easy for the author to trust the more controversial Catholic traditions because "they'd been right up to this point!".

    • Hahn's book is a fascinating and heartbreaking read. He at least makes clear the many differences that continue to divide Protestants and Catholics. As R. C. Sproul reminds us, we are not together. Hahn says it perfectly when he declares that if the Catholic church is wrong, "it was nothing less than diabolical." And diabolical It truly is. Knowing this, the Hahn's were still shocked and hurt when some of their Protestant friends did not accept their swim to the other side as a good and right th [...]

    • I attended Catholic Mass with my parents this past weekend and was handed this book on the way out. (They were passing out to all.) My parents had already received a copy at another parish, but since I am no longer Catholic and attending mass regularly I had not so I took one. It tells the story of a Presbyterian minister and theology student and his wife who slowly convert to Catholocism. They reveal that their study of scripture led them this way and away form Protestantism. This was an intere [...]

    • I own many of Scott Hahn's books and have listened to several of his talks, so I figured it was about time I read the conversion memoir he co-wrote with his wife Kimberly. Hahn was raised in a nominally Protestant home and accepted Christ after spending most of his high school years as a juvenile delinquent. He turned his life around and went to seminary to become a Presbyterian pastor. It was there that he met and eventually married Kimberly, a daughter and sister of Presbyterian pastors who ha [...]

    • I am a lifetime Protestant. I also believe in the "church universal" and that all people of Christian faith should lift up each other in their walks through the world we navigate. I give this book 2 stars because I appreciated Scott's clear description of the theology he explored and how he came to terms with the Catholic interpretations of scripture. I learned quite a bit about the history of God's covenants, Peter, the Host, and the theology of Mary; these things were very well explained. The [...]

    • A very readable account of a young Presbyterian couple's conversion to Roman Catholicism, interlarded here and there with some exegesis and apologetics. The story itself was very moving, though the scheme of telling each chapter from both his and her perspective felt repetitious and not all that enlightening at times. The argumentation is very general, as one would expect in a book of this type (the apologetics are there in service of the narrative), but could be a suggestive outline for further [...]

    • I learned so much from this book and it answered many questions I had and even some I didnt know to ask. I want to read everything Scott Hahn has written. I am so impressed with his desire to know the answers right from the source and not just trust what other tell him. It just proves to us that even the most credible sources are not alway right.

    • Pourquoi je ne suis pas (et ne serai jamais) catholique romainScott Hahn était un évangélique anti-catholique plus que convaincu et professeur au Gordon-Cornwell Seminary aux États-Unis. Il est maintenant un des apologètes catholiques les plus connus. Ce livre relate le cheminement théologique de leur couple. Depuis quelques années plusieurs personnes ont quitté le mouvement évangélique pour retourner à l'église romaine ou à l'église anglicane. Ce « changement  de mouvement » [...]

    • This book is a wonderful introduction to Scott Hahn, the editor of one of my study Bibles. This isn't the first conversion (to Catholicism) story I've read, but it is one of the most articulate and well-written. This book details the conversion stories of Scott and Kimberly Hahn--husband and wife--from faithful Presbyterians to faithful Catholics--first his story, then hers. Reading Scott's meticulous, step-by-step analysis of the concepts of sola fide and sola scriptura was impressive. In contr [...]

    • It's easy to read and enjoyable. The title is a very fitting one for this sentimental memoir of two former protestant theologians. Kimberley struck me as the more humble of the two. Scott came across as an impulsive perfectionist(it takes one to know one--I have a weakness myself for this), but overall a pretty nice guy. I could definitely see the need for the disclaimer they gave at the front of the book. The linguistic quality was probably not up to it's full potential.It's not the definitive [...]

    • First impressions: This is for our next book discussion. I have low expectations and it is hard to get past this. First, I often feel like Scott Hahn is some sort of Uber Catholic and asking me to do and say what he does, but I do not always agree. The beginning is driving me crazy with its use of odd words - for instance Kimberly uses the word convicted when anyone else would use committed or convinced. These people are not my kind, but I have no choice but to go along. I am trying to have an o [...]

    • A highly readable, moving, and compelling memoir of a fervent anti-Catholic Protestant minister / theologian and his wife who became convinced of the truth of Catholicism. It won't answer every question but it's a great starting point.

    • There are not enough good things that I can say about this book, or the Hahn’s! As a "Fundamentalist Christian" for many years, I found this book to be amazing, very easy to read and not in any way too difficult to understand. Scott Hahn has definitely done his research. He has written this from the perspective of coming from a non-Catholic background, and was schooled in anti-Catholic teaching himself. An in-depth study of his own drew him against his deep opposition, to accept and receive th [...]

    • A friend at work and I were discussing Pope Francis, Catholicism, the Reformation, her being a "recovering Catholic" or "ex-Catholic" and something in our conversation reminded me about this book. I forgot that I had read it, at least for purposes of adding it to my shelf. So when I brought it to work to trade books with my colleague, it occurred to me to see if I'd marked it as read. I hadn't.Anyway, my wife discovered this book and read it. It was powerful affirmation for her as she also had [...]

    • Kimberly Hahn is a better, more full of grace person, than I will ever be. While their journey was interesting, I got a little stuck in the organization of their relationship. She referred to Scott as "the spiritual leader of their relationship", but we didn't see the piece where that was agreed uponwas it simply understood? Is that a Protestant thing or supposed to be a Catholic thing that the man is the leader? Is that why he got to have a job where he admittedly could come home and study theo [...]

    • Compelling and dramatic story of an evangelical couple of the Presbyterian protestant tradition coming to intellectual discovery of the Apostolic descent of the Roman Church. What I appreciate the most is the Hahns' difficulty in letting their cultivated hatred of Catholicism go; it helps us understand not only the current protestant situation but also that of religions like Islam where children are counseled from early ages to reject (if not hate) Christians and Jews as deceivers. I realise tha [...]

    • This story of Scott & Kimberly Hahn is moving and inspiring. I loved it. It's from the perspective of husband and wife when their views on religion change after a few short years into their marriage. It is heart-wrenching at times when the Hahn's tell their story (back and forth in chronology) of their conversion and acceptance into the Catholic faith. A moving story that will be challenging especially to Protestants who were raised in the reformed tradition. I was especially drawn to the ar [...]

    • Being a converted catholic myself, I enjoy hearing/reading conversion stories from others. It strengthens MY faith. With that being said, the reason that this conversion touched me so deeply is because Scott and Kimberly Hahn were baptized Prebyterian. He became a minister, and taught at a Theological University. Kimberly's dream was to be a minister's wife. They had it all! However, Scott set out to try to prove biblically that what Catholism teaches is total bunk. After years of trying to prov [...]

    • This is the conversion story of a young couple, Scott and Kimberly Hahn. Scott Hahn was in seminary to become a Presbyterian minister, and Kimberly was the daughter of a Presbyterian minister. Scott was anti-Catholic, firmly believing Sola Scriptura. He and his fellow seminarians studied the Bible late into the night, discussing theology. Scott became a Catholic, not because he did NOT know the Bible well enough, but because he knew it “too” well. The Bible and 1st-5th century Church Father [...]

    • They alternate chapters, this husband and wife,In writing about how God shook up their life;And while I like both and their story's compelling,there is something detached about this retelling.Perhaps they were badgered by fans far and nearTo open a window on things they hold dear.I'm glad that they did, but think they should have waitedTo soak more in the grace where they're now marinated.Did they hear, "Swim the Tiber!" and then "Hop right to it -- Please tell us just why you decided to do it!" [...]

    • This book is is the story of Scott & Kimberly Hahn's conversion to Catholicism. I like how their story is told from both points of view. The two meet in college, both are theology majors and dream of ministering to the people of their Church. They are very active in their Church after graduation. However, the more they study the Bible, the closer they come to understanding the teaching of the Catholic Church. They call their theologian friends and professors to plead with them to point out t [...]

    • Husband & wife Scott & Kimberly Hahn recount their journey from strong anti-Catholic Protestantism (he was even a pastor) to Roman Catholicism. I like that their journey was one of study and self discovery. Too often it seems that people's poor opinions of Catholicism is based on misunderstanding. Even we cradle Catholics don't always have the clearest picture of why we believe certain things. While this book didn't seek to explain those misunderstandings, the couple did a great job show [...]

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