Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Jilid II

Jonathan Strange Mr Norrell Jilid II copy editor Diniarty PandiaStrange dan Norrell akhirnya bertemu dan Norrell mau menerima Strange sebagai murid biarpun mereka sering berbeda pendapat Lady Pole dan Stephen Black diundang ke acara dan

  • Title: Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell, Jilid II
  • Author: Susanna Clarke Femmy Syahrani
  • ISBN: 9789792248623
  • Page: 138
  • Format: None
  • copy editor Diniarty PandiaStrange dan Norrell akhirnya bertemu dan Norrell mau menerima Strange sebagai murid, biarpun mereka sering berbeda pendapat Lady Pole dan Stephen Black diundang ke acara dansa tengah malam di Hilang asa London terpesona pada Strange yang menawan serta pintar bicara, dan Lord Wellington mendapati sihir ternyata lebih berguna daripada yang dcopy editor Diniarty PandiaStrange dan Norrell akhirnya bertemu dan Norrell mau menerima Strange sebagai murid, biarpun mereka sering berbeda pendapat Lady Pole dan Stephen Black diundang ke acara dansa tengah malam di Hilang asa London terpesona pada Strange yang menawan serta pintar bicara, dan Lord Wellington mendapati sihir ternyata lebih berguna daripada yang dikiranya Si pria berambut bunga ilalang memiliki ambisi besar untuk Stephen Black Strange mengunjungi Raja dan melihat sekilas jalan setapak keluar dari Inggris, sementara minatnya terhadap sisi gelap ilmu sihir makin mencemaskan Dan Arabella berkenalan dengan seseorang yang berbahaya.

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    • Susanna Clarke Femmy Syahrani

      Susanna Clarke was born in Nottingham in 1959 A nomadic childhood was spent in towns in Northern England and Scotland She was educated at St Hilda s College, Oxford, and has worked in various areas of non fiction publishing, including Gordon Fraser and Quarto In 1990, she left London and went to Turin to teach English to stressed out executives of the Fiat motor company The following year she taught English in Bilbao.She returned to England in 1992 and spent the rest of that year in County Durham, in a house that looked out over the North Sea There she began working on her first novel, Jonathan Strange Mr Norrell.From 1993 to 2003, Susanna Clarke was an editor at Simon and Schuster s Cambridge office, where she worked on their cookery list She has published seven short stories and novellas in US anthologies One, The Duke of Wellington Misplaces His Horse, first appeared in a limited edition, illustrated chapbook from Green Man Press Another, Mr Simonelli or The Fairy Widower, was shortlisted for a World Fantasy Award in 2001.She lives in Cambridge with her partner, the novelist and reviewer Colin Greenland.

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    • I really really WANTED to like this book, but I couldn't. I didn't even finish it and don't plan to go back (trust me, I tried multiple times). While there are a LOT of books that I've started reading and walked away from temporarily either out of boredom or my ADD reading style, I've NEVER completely sworn off a book until the fourth time I tried to wade through this one. At first I thought maybe I don't "get it", but no, I've figured out it's the book not me. First of all, there are footnotes. [...]

    • A very enjoyable book, as you can tell by the five stars. It starts off a bit slow- Mr. Norrell has a very bookish view of magic and neither he or his magic is very exciting, although he does set things into motion that drive the rest of the book. Have patience- things really pick up when Jonathan Strange enters the story and goes to Spain to help the Duke of Wellington with his battles. That prepares him very well as he struggles to right past wrongs and rescue his wife from his fairy nemesis. [...]

    • I took up Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell for the first time when I was around 13. It was one of the longest (apart from Harry Potter) and densest books I’d ever attempted to read at the time, and given my then-recent forays into the world of video games my attention span was growing shorter by the day. Before I took it up for a second time, I had patchy memories of an extremely important Book, a prophecy, and magicians participating in the Napoleonic Wars. And also bits and pieces of a sty [...]

    • I just finished reading Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, and it was good, if dry. I liked it, I really did, but it didn't create the sort of atmosphere for me that let me become too absorbed in it.Several things bothered me.Only Strange and Norrell were very rounded, and Norrell considerably more so than Strange. The Duke of Wellington was interesting, but everyone else really fell away without anyone noticing. Arabella was cute, but not very clever or interesting, and I wasn't torn over wheth [...]

    • I am currently reading this, and I really wish my family would just leave me alone so I could totally immerse myself in it. You have to be committed--it's about 800 pages and Ms. Clarke takes her time to build characters and give the reader the feeling that he or she is, too, living in the early nineteenth century. I read a review of this book that said to read the first chapter--if you laugh out loud, go ahead and read the book and if not, put it down. I would say that's a good idea. There are [...]

    • By the end of reading this book, I was entirely transported to the world Clarke had created. She explores the history of English magic through an older, conservative magician, Mr. Norrell and his younger more daring pupil, Jonathan Strange. Clarke is so thorough and detailed in her storytelling and it interweaves perfectly with the history of England. Truly a captivating and charming novel.

    • It was really long and really hard to get into, but in the end when discussing the book I realized that I liked it more than I thought.

    • Gaya narasi dan humornya masih sangat 'Inggris', plotnya masih suka ngelantur ke mana-mana, dan karakter-karakternya masih banyak yang geblek bin keprettapi sekarang saya sudah terbiasa dengan gaya narasinya, berbagai percabangan plotnya mulai berkonvergen ke arah yang menarik, dan karakter-karakter yang lebih menarik & simpatik mulai unjuk gigi (sementara yang kepret mulai kena batunya). Kalimat terakhirnya whew. Sangat mengejutkan dan bikin penasaran.

    • Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke is one of the best books I’ve read in quite some time. It’s a hefty tome and somewhat daunting at first, I could definitely see how some would find it dry. Personally, I liked the history and the building of the story, which served to immerse you completely in Jonathan Strange and Gilbert Norrell’s world. My only regret in reading this book is that I chose to do so during the holidays and had very little time to really sit and read. At b [...]

    • This is quite an ambitious debut for Susanna Clarke. I was torn on how to rate this book. Most clear in my memory is the last 200 pages, which were very good. But then I think back to the first 600 and just how tedious most of them were. I find it amusing that she describes Mr. Norrell's stories as long and mostly uninteresting, when this is how I find most of her writing. She attempts to write in an Emily Dickenson-esque style, and while I found it off-putting at first, I did learn to appreciat [...]

    • This was a delightful book to listen to (audible), especially since the narrator Simon Prebble made the English characters really come alive. Many reviews have described this book as an adult version of Harry Potter and I guess in some ways it is like that series but I haven't read those books only seen the movies. Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell had many unique characters and neat twists and turns. The use of footnotes to move the story along was especially unique. At many times I found myse [...]

    • This book had stayed unread in my library for years. What a mistake! Susanna Clarke engages the reader from the first chapter in such a way that the length of the book turns from menacing to promising. It features a decorated style of writing but stays amene and light. A deep construction of characters that act naturally in the framework of the story. This is not a simple bivalent story, with Good and Evil; at most,the forces that move the characters are curiosity and fear. But no action or subp [...]

    • Two British gentlemen revive the use of magic in 19th century England, one a grumpy old man, the other a charming, free-spirited young man. Despite their clashing views on magic, they amaze the world with their magical feats, aiding the British army in the war against Napoleon.Unbeknown to them, their use of Faery magic has endangered the lives of two others: A woman they raised from the dead and a butler. Every night, they are forced to attends faery balls in the kingdom of Lost-Hope, leaving t [...]

    • I really with Susanna Clarke would write another novel. As soon as I finished this, I ran out and got The Ladies of Grace Adieu, her collection of short stories. They're also very good, but what I like best about Clarke's writing is the way she uses it to construct and sustain a universe that you want to immerse yourself in. I think this is why so many people compare her work to the Harry Potter novels. But Clarke's world (and her writing) is better, and you want her to continue in novel-sized p [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book, though it leaves me wanting more (yes, more). I would love to see a sequel that focuses on Arabella and Lady Pole and maybe Flora as the new wave in English magic. Granted, I wouldn't mind if the sequel were a bit less voluminous.I, who seldom read books this long, managed to get through the slow parts by listening to the book during my commute to/from work - then I would pick up the physical book when I got home and be motivated to keep going.

    • Good gravy, what an epic tale this is. It took me years (literally, years) to finish this book because I have zero attention span and at times, I just didn't have the will power to attack this book with the steadfast devotion it deserves. Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell would spend long periods of time unopened on my bookshelf solely as penance for being so. damn. LONG. But it was all worth it in the end. I'm a sucker for a well-planned ending.

    • Painfully slow. Normally, I like glacial pacing; here, it didn't work. Also, a more boring cast of characters cannot be found anywhere.

    • Buku kedua akhirnya saya memutuskan bahwa saya adalah Mr. Norell in real life. haha dalam artian 'that moment' when he gave books to Mr. Strange. Okay, beberapa waktu lalu hal tersebut 'saya banget' tapi sekarang sudah lumayan berkurang, karena buku tidak mencapai tujuannya jika tidak dibaca kan. Namun itu bukan salah asuh tapi hanya satu dari karakter, jelek atau tidak, saya kira tidak. hahahaSaya semakin tertarik dengan footnote, anehnya kisah menarik lebih banyak saya temui pada footnote. Sep [...]

    • The story in this book is set during the early 19th century in England during their war with Napoleon. Although magic hasn't been performed in England for hundreds of years, there are theoretical magicians who spend their time philosophizing about magic. Gilbert Norell emerges as the only practical magician actually able to do magic and is successful in disbanding almost all theoretical magic in his attempt to be the only magician in England. Eventually he is joined by Jonathan Strange, yet anot [...]

    • I really enjoyed this book. How could I not? It involves two magicians trying to reinvigorate Britain (and elsewhere) by repopularizing the use of magic in the early 1800s. It is creative, witty, laugh-out-loud funny, and has just enough darkness to keep things interesting. There is love, war, celebrations, and even research involved in the storytelling.So why didn't I give the book a perfect score? One reason really. It is written in an older style. It reminded me of novels such as "Great Expec [...]

    • Sebelum membaca novel ini, saya banyak diperingati teman bahwa saya tidak akan menemukan keseruan yang meledak-ledak dalam novel ini. Ternyata pernyataan tersebut tidak terlalu benar, karena rupanya novel ini berhasil membuat saya berdecak kagum. Berbeda dari novel pertama yang hanya mengisahkan konflik-konflik minor dengan latar tempat yang hanya sebatas di Inggris, jilid dua ini padat akan konflik dan Susanna Clarke akan membawa kita ke banyak medan peperangan–di antaranya adalah di Portugal [...]

    • ARABELLAAA!Dibanding jilid pertamanya, jilid kedua ini lebih ‘variatif‘. Di bagian awal memang agak lamban seperti plot jilid pertama, tapi makin ke belakang makin seru. kalau jilid pertama fokus pada Mr. Norrell, jilid kedua ini fokus pada Jonathan Strange. Kalau di jilid pertama, aku bingung mau bilang Mr. Norrell ini baik atau jahat di jilid kedua, aku bisa bilang kalau Jonathan Strange itu jahat. Seharusnya dia tetap menjalin hubungan baik dengan Mr. Norrell. Seharusnya dia lebih memperh [...]

    • It took me a long time to get through this 1000 page novel. It actually took the amazing dramatization of the book on BBC TV to send me back to the half read volume and finish it. This is a very courageous book, which must have been a mammoth task. It is arranged to read as if read at the time (the early nineteenth century) and takes real events and explains them with magical intervention. At times it seemed to be going nowhere, but then, I'm used to crime fiction and the tightly executed plot. [...]

    • This book is steeped in Victorian flavor. An in depth fascinating read. My favorite parts are the King's Roads (magic mirrors). The cone of darkness that follows Jonathan Strange all about a lost version of Venice where mournful bells ring, dark waters lap at the quays and people disappear. But still he fights, using powers he scarcely understands against overwhelming odds and often without hope he presses on, alone against the darkness.This is a wonderful and unique triumph of the imagination a [...]

    • This book is weird, strange, crazy and interesting all at the same time. What's more, its highly believable; the story is so well crafted, that you find yourself having to think, "did that really happen?" It took me a while to read the book because it is huge and there is so much information and detail that you have to take a moment to digest it all. When I finished the book I felt like I had completely a series! The book is about magic and magicians and the battle to keep it hidden or to let th [...]

    • This is a very good book with a great idea behind it and an ingenious plot and story. Its a pretty long book and the footnotes get kind of tedious after a while but its still an amazing book, I watched the tv series just after it and it portrayed the characters directly as I imagined them. Despite the footnotes the book is a must read, its pretty hard to get through, slightly like lord of the rings. But none the less the immense complexity of the story, the intricacy of the Characters. ALl of th [...]

    • Técnica, ejecución e imaginación no tienen que enfrentarse, en absoluto.- Género. Narrativa fantástica.Lo que nos cuenta. En una Inglaterra decimonónica muy parecida a la de nuestra Historia, con la salvedad de que la magia existió realmente en el pasado, los magos actuales son teóricos del tema y amantes de los libros sobre el asunto. Cuando uno de ellos, el reservado y poco dotado socialmente Sr. Norrell, muestra que él sí puede usarla, las percepciones al respecto de la magia comien [...]

    • Melinda and I are kind of bookish, so when we got married, and went on a honeymoon to a rugged carribean island, we brought books. I quite enjoyed this book, but read it at a time that 1) I don't remember the book well, and 2) I may have a biased opinion.It's a bit of magic and fairies, and the rivalry of an apprentice and teacher. Set during the Napoleonic wars, but not dwelling heavily on them, it utilizes the language of the time for the narrative, to give that certain atmosphere. I do rememb [...]

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